Friday, 19 July 2013

Blog Nominstion

My blog has been nominated by . I'm not entirely sure what I've been nominated for but I'll follow the instructions and see what happens.

First I have to tell you seven things about myself

1. My son has recently been diagnosed autistic and I'm up to my neck in research

2. My mother tried to talk me out of going to university. She thought it would make me 'big headed' and it wasn't for 'people like us'.

3. I'm allergic to aspirin

4. My favourite colours are black and purple.

 5. I am in love with one of the characters I created, although I have a suspicion that I didn't create him at all but he presented himself to me from some other dimension where he actually lives. It that dimension Silver is definitely straight and I'm only 25.

6. I'm bisexual and have uber crushes on Jonny Depp, Nicole Kidman and Helena Bonham Carter

7.  I'm disabled after having broken my back in 1997. I can walk but not far and I'm in constant pain. maybe that's why I torture my characters so much :)

Now I have to nominate other people.

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