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Wednesday Briefs - In the Arms of an Angel - Oh God; We're God

And we get to Wednesday again, Another week survived. This week has been a holiday week. I've had the whole week off as it's school holidays. The week didn't go exactly to plan - well not at all to plan but I'm celebrating the fact I survived it.

The prompt I chose this week is 

“I get the feeling you’re talking about more than just a three way bond,” Gabri’el said, his eyes glowing with suspicion.

“Yes. We always ensure we leave a three way bond in charge when we leave a seeded planet.  A Trinity is more than that; much more. It actually exists within each of you. Human genes, our genes and something that represents the union of the two that creates something more. Usually, the three way bond is nothing more than the union of three angels creating a special energy that is more powerful than that created by a two way bond. With a Trinity, you’re transcended beyond that, to a state which has less to do with being human that I am. It happens very occasionally when the balance of DNA is equal. In effect, that requires an overdose of our genes. That’s why it’s so rare. It requires a pretty drastic mistake.”

“Why does it not surprise me that you made a drastic mistake?” Uzzy said with some fondness in his voice.

“What does that mean for us?” Gabri’el snapped.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” Ariel said with a sigh. “Trinities are so rare we haven’t really been able to study them, especially as they’re only ever created immediately before we leave. Occasionally, one of the senior scientists are sent back to study them but not much information has been gathered so far.”

“What information do you actually have? What have you done to us?”

“I don’t know.” Ari said, a touch of irritation in his voice. “Haven’s I just told you that?”

“Is it going to harm us?”

“Oh no, it won’t do that. All the Trinities so far have been stable, some for centuries. We’ve had no reports of it affecting the participants negatively. Quite the opposite. As you’ve been given far more of our DNA than the ordinary angels you’re far more powerful.”

“In what way?”

Ari sighed. “Have you not listened to what I’ve been saying?  I don’t see there’s much point repeating a question to which you know there is no answer. It’s something you’re going to have to work out for yourselves as you go along.”

“You’re going to help us though,” Pasha asked, rather alarmed by the way the conversation was heading.

Ari looked uncomfortable. “That’s another thing I’ve already told you,” he said. “We only create the three way bond immediately before we leave. Therefore, it’s a reasonable assumption I expected you to make, that I am about to leave.”

“Not until you’ve taught us what we need to know,” Gabri’el snapped. ”You can’t just drop all this in our laps and walk away.”

Gabri’el seemed on the verge of going for Ari’s throat. Ari shrugged. “It’s the way it happens. You have to find your own way and if I stay I’ll affect that, pollute it. I’m not of this world; you are. Uzzy has already shown he’s more than able to use the equipment.” He tossed his hair. “Better than me, in fact. He was always meant to be the leader and he can guide you better than I can. Uzzy is the leader, Gabri’el is the protector and Pasha is the mediator. It’s the way it always is. At least I got that bit right.” Suddenly, Ari’s face lit up. “I did get that bit right, didn’t I? And I created a Trinity. I might just pass this after all.”

“That’s all you care about? Passing your bloody exam? You sit there and tell us we’re some kind of super beings and that you’re imminently going to leave us in charge of the whole planet, and all you care about is passing your exam?”

Ari looked somewhat embarrassed, but simply shrugged.

“You can’t do that.”

“I have done that. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry isn’t good enough.”

“It’s all I can give you.”

“At least show us how everything works,” Pasha said, suddenly feeling alarmed.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have time.”

“What do you mean? When are you leaving?”

“Um Nowish.”

“Nowish? What does that mean?”

“Nowish. Now. I have time to show you The Core and after that I have to go.”

“What’s The Core?”

“It’s what powers all this and gives you the ability to be anywhere and everywhere at once.”

“I wondered how that was done.”

“I may be God but I’m can’t split myself into that many pieces. The Core…. Well, come see it.”

Numbly, the three angels followed Ari through corridors and the weird sliding doors.
Pasha realised something as Ari laid his hand against a wall panel and the green glow spread between his 
fingers. “How are we going to get through the doors?”

“Once The Core recognizes you, you’ll be able to work all the panels and equipment.”

“Uzzy was already able to use the equipment.”

Ari stopped. “He was, wasn’t he? I wonder if that’s one of the things The Trinity can do. Try.” He stepped aside and indicated a door panel. Startled, Uzzy stared at it. “Go on. Try.”

Hesitantly, Uzzy laid his hand against the panel. Instead of a green light the rainbow light they’d already experienced between themselves, sparkled and shimmered. The door opened. Uzzy turned to them, delighted. “You try.”

Both Gabri’el and Pasha were successful in opening the doors and Ari acknowledged it sulkily with a huff. He then continued to lead them through the corridors, deeper into the complex. “You can explore later. Most of the rooms are empty.”

Finally, he paused in front of a door that looked the same as all the other doors. With a flourish he opened it and they stepped into The Core.

It was beautiful, amazing, breath-taking. It was…a room full of nothing, but a nothing that contained everything. The air was full of it.

“Damn,” Ari said. They knew what he meant. They were surrounded by a familiar rainbow energy. “It’s never done that before.”

“Oh God,” Pasha said, breathless. “We’re God.”

“Absolutely. And I’m retired.” Ari grinned at them.

I think our story is drawing to an end. another couple of chapters and our boys are on their own. I'm considering a hot threeway to end. What are your views? Do you think it would be gratuitous or just the thing to round things off and bring it to its climax with a bang?

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  1. Loved this Chapter.... As to your question of a three way scene, if it would be gratuitous or perfect for the story. I think it would be perfect for the story, all through the chapters you've kept the bond with Pasha and Uzzy with some beautiful love scenes, so having a love scene with Gabriel included would not only follow the story line but it would also complete the bond between them. And truth betold with your artistic touch with a love scene it would be sexy and hot as hell. Yeah I know not the best description for angels but so very Nephy..So my vote is most definitely a three way would be perfect.

    1. What Daithi said. Couldn't have said it better myself!


    2. How could I argue with that. Some sweet loving coming up. Watch this space :) Actually, I was thinking it might be just the way to end the story after Ari leaves and the boys start to come to terms with everything that's happened. They may be God but they're still our boys and they still have all the same doubts and insecurities and will really need each other in the days to come, I think. I hadn't thought of what Daithi said about cementing their bond with Gabri'el but I agree it's fitting that he is properly brought into the relationship :) Thanks so much for your comment, and so quick!!

  2. I'm finally up to date :D And I love these guys and the world you've created, Nephy. It started out so simple, a man running over a strange something, and has developed into something fantastic. It's going to be sad to see them go. You've even managed to make me warm up to Gabri'el (and I was quite suspicious of him for a while). Okay, what the heck, I love him too. I love all of them- I even like Ari and his obsession to pass his exam*g* Anyhow, let me not get too carried away. I agree with what Daithi said: let's see that scorching scene!

  3. I've spent the past hour just frantically reading through your flashes. I'm absolutely in love. :) It's such a great story.