Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wednesday Briefs - Demon Chapter Four

Another Wednesday, another meeting with our prince and his demon. Things are moving fast and I'm getting quite excited about what will happen now they are alone together. Maybe next week they'll get friendly

I chose this prompt

I hear when my bones snap and pain like I have never imagined washed over me. It is all I can do to prevent myself from vomiting. I thought I was prepared for this but I was a fool to think it. Tears blind me but I must not cry. I must not.

I hear voices but I cannot concentrate on what they are saying. It is enough to concentrate on breathing.

And then…. And then….

Golden light pours into me and washes away the pain. I breathe deeply again and as the light heals me, it brings something more. A knowledge. An understanding. He’s mine. He has accepted our bond and fully opened to it, and now he is healing me. I didn’t think it would happen like this. I didn’t think it would be this easy.

And then the truth hits me. She called him brother. Oh dear Mother, he is the prince. How can this ever work? No. I will make it work. I must.

When the healing ends I open my eyes and gaze into the face of an angel. The sun behind his head forms a halo and his caramel eyes are golden. I smile and he returns it. It blinds me.
The angel draws back and I feel bereft. Then I realize he is holding out his hand to me, and I take it. 

Our connection zings up my arm and initial wariness disappears as I get to my feet, without pain.
She, the princess I now suppose, is glaring at me, but I sense curiosity as well as hostility in her gaze. I bow to her. “I apologise, Lady, that our meeting should be this way. It was not what I intended. I did not think my appearance would be so…offensive. Had I realized by approach would have been more cautious. My name is Tian. I am of the Lowland Lakes tribe. My father is head man of our region, and I have come in search of my bonded.”

I glance at my prince and his face lights up with a joyous expression. It gives me great pleasure that I have brought pleasure to him. I must do so at every opportunity I have.

The princess seems surprised. Did she think I would not have learned their language well before I started my journey?

“Well…if you’re going to present him to Father, you’d better get him cleaned up. Stay close to me.”

Still with his hand in mine, my prince leads me through the high grass toward the castle, which looms, grey and square against a darkening sky. Fear flutters in my stomach. What if soldiers come? 

If previous events are anything to judge by they will not simply stand aside and let me pass. Will my companions be able to save me? I doubt it.

I wrack my brains as to why I have received such a reception. I know that relations were strained after the war, and this is why we keep ourselves aloof in the mountains and hidden valley. I did not expect my reception to be warm, but this…. They call me demon.

We reach the wall of the castle without incident, and pressing close to the cool stone we skirt it until we come to a tall tower. A steep incline falls away to my right, and the smell of death rises from it. I am glad that the sun is fading toward darkness and deep shadow marks the pit, if pit it is. I can divert my eyes and concentrate on my prince.

We come to a small door in the tower wall, and the princess does something that makes it swing open to reveal a set of stone stairs that strike upwards at a steep angle. Sandwiched between them I am hustled up the stairs to another door.

“Wait,” she hisses and slips through the door.

“Where are we?”

“In my tower. My apartments are close, and once we are inside you will be safe.”

We wait in silence. I should be afraid, but I am not. His hand in mine steadies me and the strength of our connection feeds my soul. A place within that has been cold for such a long time warms at last.

I am startled when the door opens and the princess beckons us through. We emerge into a richly appointed passage, and when the door swings close behind me I am surprised to see that it bears an intricate painting. When closed it is indistinguishable from other painted panels along the length of the corridor.

We arrive at another door, which looks like what it is, and my prince presses a hand against a lighted panel at the side. It changes from red to green, and the door swings open.

 Have never seen such luxury. The room is bigger than the meeting hall and is richly furnished with pieces that look soft and sweet to the touch. My prince throws himself onto a soft couch and motions 
me to follow, which I do.

The cloth beneath me is soft as moss, and sinks with the weight of my body. I lean back to find the support just as soft. For a moment I close my eyes to properly accept the experience and thank the Mother for her bounty.

“Give your pet a bath,” the princess growls. She sounds angry. “I’ll see what I can do about introducing him to father. Don’t leave the apartments. I’ll return as soon as I can.”

“Thank you,” my prince says softly. She shakes her head, her lips compressed in anger, then she turns on her heel and leaves the room. For the first time, me prince and I are alone. Through the window I glimpse a bright moon break from behind the clouds. The gods favour me. I pray to the Mother they continue to do so. I need all the help I can get.

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