Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wednesday Briefs - Demon part 6

Today I use the prompt "You make my heart beat faster, and it scares me

When I first looked around the bathing chamber I thought it was opulent but small. Then I realized it was for one person, and I was both surprised and awed. In my home the men bathe together and only the wealthiest women have chambers of their own. And then there was the food. In the bathing chamber. This above all else brought home to me how different his world is than mine; how different he is.

A strange sound calls him from the room, and I follow him, after savouring the delicious fare laid out on the tables. He is speaking to a face on the wall. The face responds and my bonded laughs. It takes a moment to realize the screen is a communication device. We do not have such large devices. Most of ours are small enough to carry easily. It remind me that mine was taken from me. Perhaps I should ask for its return.

Understanding the screen’s purpose discomfort takes possession. My bonded is speaking to another man; a man with whom he laughs easily. He speaks of me with mirth and the man responds likewise.

Anger flushes my cheeks and I must exert strict control to remain in the shadow of the doorway while my bonded makes light of our bond with the interloper.

As my bonded laughs about something the interloper says about me, fury flashes and my bonded winces and spins on his toes to gaze at me with wide eyes. His confusion flows through me until understanding lights his features and he smiles with gentle fondness and calm descends.

“I’m sorry,” he says in his sweet tones. “Go get in the bath and I’ll join you shortly. I won’t be long, I promise.”

I was reluctant, but I am aware time is short. It was my bonded who reminded me this, so I must trust that he will come soon.

When I sink into the scented water I almost forget my disquiet. It encloses me with a gentle caress, warm and fragrant. Steam rises lazily as I breathe deeply and close my eyes feeling the filth lift from my body and residual aches and pains melt away.

I open my eyes when I hear him enter and our eyes meet. My body tingles, and as he walks toward me my body heats so much I would not be surprised were the water to boil.

Slowly, step by step, my bonded closed the distance between us, his eyes heating my blood with a glance that is both hesitant and hungry. When he reaches the rim of the bath I cannot help but reach for him. At first he draws back, appearing startled and uncertain. And then he drops his eyes as a delicate blush warms his cheeks.

It seems he unable to look at me, as he turns his face away before fumbling with the clasp of his tunic. I did not ask him to join me, but he knows what I want, as I know his mind. Piece by piece his clothing falls away to reveal golden skin covering a body that is perfect in its proportions. I have to avert my eyes, lest his beauty blinds me.

Without clothes he appears vulnerable and shivers under my gaze. Again, he hesitates then takes my hand and allows me to guide him into the warm embrace of the water, and into the circle of my arms.

The touch of his skin electrifies me, and I run my hands over its softness. His shiver is joyous to me and the darkening of his eyes lights fire within me.

“I…,” he whispers.

I hush him with a finger on his lips. He does not need to tell me this is his first time. I know it as surely as I know it is not mine.

“Hush,” I whisper, eliciting a delicious shudder as my fingers trace the bumps of his spine, to rest on his hip.

“I don’t….”

“There is nothing to fear. I will guide you, and I will never hurt you.”

“I trust you.”

I know he means what he says. Our bond allow me to feel what he feels when we are as open as we are now. Our souls touch as he finally relents and moulds his body to mine. He is slides against me, his slender body weightless, and his hardness bearing witness to his arousal. He steals my wits and I surrender to him as I have never surrendered to anyone in my life.

Burying my hands in his luxuriant hair I draw his face close to mine and claim his lips, possessing him, as he possesses me.

The scent of the water and burning incense make me dizzy. Or perhaps it is his kiss. It is slow and shy; the sweetest kiss I have ever experienced. He moans and it is the most glorious sound that has ever met my ears. I must take him.

Almost without conscious design, my hands rove his body to cup the perfect globes of his bottom, caressing them and slipping my fingers between the mounds, roving the valley, careful not to touch his entrance.

My sweet prince moans and shivers, his head falling to my shoulder. Although he trembles in my arms he does not pull away or speak words of hesitation.

“Is it good with you if I proceed?”

“What…. What are you going to do to me?”

“I wish to enter you, so that our bodies become one, as are our souls.”

“I hear it will hurt.”

“Perhaps a little, but I will take the greatest care. How could I hurt a body that is so precious to me?”



“Yes.” He sounds fearful, but resolved. “You make my heart beat faster, and it scares me. And yet I feel safe in your arms.” He hesitated and I feel his heart beat fast against my body. Then he raises his eyes to mind. “Take me.  I am yours.”

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