Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wednesday Briefs. Demon Part Five

Hi there. I've  been busy busy with three books and an anthology released this year, it's all go. Tell me, how on earth do you keep the momentum going when you have so many releases? Not that I'm complaining, of course. Anyway, the prompt I chose was

It seems like only minutes ago I was arguing with Jandra about seeing the demon, and now he is here, in my chambers. But he is not a demon. He is an angel. He sits primly besides me with his eyes closed. I wonder what he’s thinking. The expression on his face is one of utter contentment. I hope that is the case, and he is not assailed by the acid fear that plagues me. True, I am a prince, but my father is king. If he orders the demon to be executed there is little I could do –– other than flee. That is a real possibility and one I am willing for.

Soon, I will prepare a pack – just in case, but at this moment I cannot move, cannot think of anything but the beauty of this creature, this…. My bonded. My beloved. How can it be that until such a short 
time ago I had no idea he existed?

As if a magical force draws me, I move closer and he opens his eyes. Merciful heaven they are beautiful. I had expected him to be fearful, but a sense of peace overflows and calms my anxieties.

I am shocked when the demon – no, not demon, I must remember that – when Tian reaches out his hand and sends tingles through my body when he cups my cheek. I have never been touched like this by any but my mother, and she never awoke my body as he does.

My breath catches in my throat as Tian’s thumb caresses my face, while his fingers bury deep into my hair. Without volition, I close my eyes and surrender to the touch that sets my body on fire. My lips part to catch my breath and something brushes them gently. His thumb slips into my mouth and I suckle. It seems so right.

Tian shifts closer and removes his thumb to run his hand down over my shoulder. Delicious shivers raise the hair on my arms. I open my eyes to find him inches away. Oh. By the Gods he’s going to kiss me.

It is my first kiss. Although I am well past the time when it is usual to first explore the mysteries of another’s body, I have been somewhat secluded, both by my delicate health and my position. On occasion, my mother has attempted to introduce me to suitable young women, but I have never been interested. I had thought it was my age and constitution, and that my pleasure in watching my father’s men train was nothing more than an interest in the martial arts. How wrong I was.

Tian’s kiss is deep and tender. His tongue explores my lips and the cavern of my mouth. No one told me this is how it’s done and, at first, the touch of his tongue startles, even repels, me. But the touch is electric and I want more.

As Tian deepens the kiss, his hands rove my body, and I find myself compelled to touch him too. His hair is soft, but matted and I dislike its feel. I allow my hands to roam until Tian’s slips between my legs, to caress the most private part of me. Whilst the sensations are heady and uniquely exciting, it is too much.

Sliding out of his embrace, I get to my feet and hold out my hand. “Come. You must bathe and we don’t have much time.”

Tian seems disappointed and that pleases me. However, he rises too, without taking my hands, and follows me to the bathing chamber.

It seems he has never seen a bathing chamber before, as he gazes around in wonder. It makes me smile.

“Here,” I say, pointing to trays laid out on the marble slab that runs the length of the room. “Eat while I fill the bath. I don’t know when we will next have a chance.”

“You eat in your bathing chamber?”

“It is the coldest room. When we eat the fruit of the sea it is kept in here lest it go bad too soon. The kitchen staff will remove it soon and set out supper in the living chamber.” The thought catches in my chest. Will I be here for dinner tonight? Will I eat dinner here ever again?

Tian selects a morsel and raises it for inspection. It is one of the curious fish that change to such a beautiful pink colour when they are cooked. Their tails are curled unlike other fish that are flat or filleted. It has a much different taste also. I wonder if Tian will like it.

“My brothers and I often catch these on the far shore of the lake. There are deep pools, separated by rock, and live there among the reeds. I was not aware there was a lake nearby.”

“Those come from the sea.”

“Ah.” Tian bites into the morsel and his eyes widen in surprise. “They taste very different,” he says thoughtfully. “Yes, I detect a hint of the sea. We, too are very different, are we not?”

“Very different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn.”

While the water fills the tub, I move close to Tian. He has made no move to take anything more from the plate and I am glad because now it is my turn to possess his mouth. A slight flavour of seafood lingers an adds to his unique tang. I know I will never have enough of tasting him; my demon.

A strange ringing sound startles me and I sigh. “Watch that the water does not overflow,” I caution, then remove myself to the next room where a large screen on the wall flashes. I am pleased to see it is my best friend, Alorn.

“Have I got news for you,” I say as his cheerful face fills the screen, “but we must be brief as I believe I am about to have my first attempt at intimate relations.”

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