Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wednesday Briefs. Demon, Chapter Eight

It seems like ages since I last flashed Lots of things have been going down, mostly life. Had some great times in the recent past and lots of exciting things coming up. In the meantime lets have some hot demon sex

Today I chose the prompt - have a character lick their lips

My beloved’s whimpers, tickling my chest, cause my cock to jump, and I have to shift my hips to ease the pressure on my tight balls. I want nothing more than to bury myself in him, but I have to be careful. He is untouched and I will not have his first time sullied by my lack of control. Our bodies are slick with soap, so it’s easy to slide around until he is on top of me. He raises his head and licks his lips. The tip of his tongue running over the plump rosiness enchants me, and steals all thoughts but those of kissing him. Thrusting my hand into his wet hair, I draw him close and kiss him fiercely.

My prince returns the kiss as passionately as it is given and his breathing quickens, to hitch when I again slide a soap–slicked finger inside him. His body trembles and I know it is because he is fighting with himself – with all the instincts that scream at him to pull away. They scream louder when I work in a second finger. Pulling away from my lips, my beloved buries his face in the crook of my neck and whimpers piteously, his body squirming of its own accord. When I thrust with much greater force, he coughs and bites me.

The burst of pain in my shoulder, rather than reducing my ardour kicks it to another level and I manoeuvre us onto our sides, sending water splashing onto the floor. The air turns acrid as candles hiss into oblivion. Using the buoyancy of the water, I raise one of my beloved’s legs, and before he can question or complain, allow the water as a natural lubricant, to assist my entrance as I work three fingers in as far as I can. He clings to me and moans, until I probe far enough to make him keen.

I soothe him with kisses, while I continue to explore as deeply as I can, gauging his unconscious and increasingly fevered responses. He is hard against me, as I am against him.

My prince is liquid in my arms, his body loose and malleable. I know I can take him in any way I want, but I fear for his life in the bathing pool. Already he has slipped under twice, and although his coughing serves to tighten the muscles around my fingers, I believe the soapy water will do him no good should he take it into his lungs. I therefore release his body, after ensuring he is balanced not to fall, and climb out of the bath. He watches me with hurt, confused eyes, until I scoop him from the pool and carry him, kicking and laughing, to the bedroom, where I lay him gently on the silky soft bed.

I could stand here for many hours, simply watching his chest rise and fall, the perfect nipples stand in moist pride against the pearly wetness of his pale skin. His hair is spread in wild abandon and his perfect, rosy cock still stands proud and prepared. I know we have little time, so I waste none of it.

Falling beside him, I take up where I left off, and he writhes beneath me, his leg clamping around my waist as I probe him firmly, penetrating further with each thrust. His moans are becoming more heated and demanding. “More,” he moans.

“More what?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know. Please, I can’t stand it.”

Changing positon I pause, finding myself on the edge of a cliff. If I enter him I will fall, claiming him as mine and foreswearing against all others. Does he even know? Should I tell him? Even as I ponder, he claws at my back and thrusts his hips, demanding satisfaction in a way that makes me smile. In so many ways my love is innocent and sweet, but he is every inch a prince. Soon he will know that I have power too. Perhaps I do not command a country, but I command powers far more than mere men and arms. I should speak to him of this before I claim him. But there is so little time, and I must take him now if we are to have any chance of surviving what is to come.

“Forgive me,” I whisper as I manipulate my member, pressing against his entrance. A flash of 
confusion flickers through his eyes at my words, but it is soon gone, blasted away by the force of my entrance. I thrust deep within and his channel clenches around me, a velvet sheath that holds me firmly and draws me in. When I would pause to give him time to adjust, he claws at me and thrusts his hips against mine. Guttural grunts rumble in his throat and his whole body is thrown into the lovemaking. He moves smoothly, his body rising and falling with mine. For someone so small and frail looking, his strength is incredible. Although he is trembling all over, so badly it worries me for a moment, he doesn’t miss a beat, his body synchronizing perfectly with mine.

I am surprised by the speed at which my body rises towards climax. True, I have not united with another for some time, but even so, I would have liked to prolong the even further, but perhaps the intensity would have proven too much for him if we had taken too much longer.

“What…what’s happening?” he cries into my shoulder.

“Hush, my love. Ride it out.”

“But. I. Oh Gods.” He has barely enough breath to speak and what he had was exhausted when his body starts to shake, deep tremors transferring from him into my cock and balls. Taking hold of his penis, I begin to stroke in time with my thrusts and he unravels completely. Incoherent sounds tumble from him and he twitches uncontrollably, all attempts to synchronise his thrusts to mine abandoned.

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