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Perfect - M A Church

Of course M A Church is close to perfect but today we're looking at a different form of perfection. Her new novel 'Perfect' and I am honoured to host her today

What would happen if Cupid were human? What would happen if the was hit by his own arrow and fell in love with a human? What would happen if Zeus really wasn't happy about it? Read on and find out.

Over to you :-

Hey everyone! Today I’m taking over, hehehe, to talk about my upcoming release… Perfect. What do you have when the God of Erotic Love hears a challenge he can’t ignore, the Fates keep dabbling in Cupid’s life, a jaded human who doesn’t believe love is for him, and the God of all Gods who is determined to stop a budding love affair?

And lets not forget the secret Cupid hides, either. How far is Cupid willing to go to claim the one he wants. And is the human…

Sequel to Priceless
The Gods: Book Two book trailer for Perfect


Jaded billionaire Jeff Mayfield loves only what his money and power can buy, but the Fates have plans for him. First a player in Jeff’s casino hits a huge jackpot and things turn hectic. Then, in the middle of the chaos, Jeff lays eyes on the unbelievably sexy Cam Smith—Cupid in his human form.

Seized by lust, Jeff makes a move, only to find himself on the receiving end of a blistering wave of sexual intent. Cam disassembles Jeff’s self-image and puts it back together upside down. But Jeff isn’t the only one struggling with control. Cam’s alter ego is Jealousy, and if he loses his composure, the consequences will be deadly.


Jeff returned to the office and was reading over reports while he waited for night. Zygi was with him. After reading the same paragraph for the third time, he gave up and slammed the report down.
“I hate to do this, but I want you to run Cam.” Jeff leaned his head back against the leather chair. “I have a meeting to attend. I’ll check back with you after it’s over.”
“That may not be enough time.”
“You can give me what you got.”
“This thing’s getting serious, huh?”
“Yes, it is. He may be the one, Zygi. I feel like a heel doing this, but….”
“After Brad, I think it’s a good idea.” Zygi settled a hip against Jeff’s desk.
“Maybe. I’m almost scared to see what, if anything, you find. And it doesn’t seem I’m the only one with a love interest. What about Cam’s friend—Mo? Do you think he’ll come to you?”
“I don’t know. I’m going to give him a few days. If he doesn’t show up here, I’ll go after him.”
“Well, that sounds… vaguely threatening.” Jeff grinned as he poured himself a drink.
Zygi grunted. “I wanted him to come to me, but he may be too shy. But that’s okay too. If Cam checks out, I may enlist his help.”
“Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance.” Jeff chuckled as he gathered up the papers he needed for his meeting. “But take it slow. Mo seems really unsure of himself. Plus you are a big dude and a bit intimidating.”
“Big, hairy, and scary.” Zygi rolled his eyes. “Isn’t that what Garrett said all those months ago when Randy ran away?”
“Huh, yeah. I’d forgotten that. Okay, I’ve got to go to that stupid meeting. I’ll check back with you in a couple of hours.” Jeff stood staring off into space, not moving.
“What’s up?”
“Oh, just remembering something else Garrett said.”
“He said that since he had fallen to Cupid’s arrow, you and I would be next. I told him I was happy being a playboy bachelor and fully intended to stay that way for a long, long time. Looks like I’ve changed my mind.”
“Got no comment.”
Jeff snorted as he walked to the door. “At least you didn’t claim you’re happy with things like they are now, like I did. And by the way, we’re going to throw a small party for Garrett and Randy when they get back from vacation. I’m taking Cam, and you can bring a date too.”
“Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Jeff left and Zygi turned to his computer screen, Jeff’s words echoing in his head. “One thing’s for certain, I haven’t been burned like you have. Okay. Let’s see what there is to see.”
Several hours later Jeff still hadn’t checked back. Zygi ran his hand over his bald head, a habit he had when he was annoyed. He had checked Cam up one side and down the other: bank accounts, tax records, high school and college records. He had found two speeding tickets from Texas where Cam used to live, and he even found an old library card. He had all the information Jeff wanted. And it was too simple and much too clean. He hadn’t had to work for it, and his computer hacking skills were impressive. It was all just there, waiting to be found, all nice and easy. He didn’t trust easy. Something was fishy about this, but there wasn’t really anything Zygi could point to; all he had was a feeling.
The problem would be telling Jeff what he had found or, actually, not found. “Bullshit, there’s nothing to tell. I’m not buying that. Everyone has something they want to hide, some skeleton in the closet. No one is perfect, not even this guy. I don’t care what his history says.”
Annoyed, Zygi picked up his coffee. Something on one of the view screens caught his eye, so Zygi swiveled around for a better look.
“Oh fuck me running.” Swearing violently, he picked up the in-house phone, praying he wasn’t too late. Another image showed up in the viewing screen and Zygi actually broke out in a sweat.
“Dammit Jeff, answer the phone! Oh shit, no good can come from this.” Zygi again tried to call Jeff.

Zeus was pleased with how things were progressing. He had let it be known through Morpheus, God of Dreams, that he was not happy with what Cupid was attempting. He had expected Cupid to approach him immediately and ask permission to take the man called Jeff as his mate.
“Mate a mortal? Does Cupid really think I’d turn a blind eye to such a thing?”
But Cupid hadn’t approached him. Oh no, he just went on about his plans without a thought to anyone but himself. Cupid had been warned, and he had ignored the warning. How dare Cupid think that he, the almighty Zeus, would take such an insult and not respond?
“Ah, Cupid, soon you will know what my response is.”
Zeus nudged Ares, God of War, as they watched. Ares had been very helpful in setting things up. Humans, especially humans like Brad, were so easy to manipulate. Things were indeed going according to plan.

Cam sauntered across the lobby, heading toward the elevators. He had a surprise for Jeff—tonight he planned to spend the night. If Jeff was as receptive as before, well, maybe the night would end with them making love. He needed to tell Jeff the truth about who and what he was, and he needed to do it soon. Cam had no idea how Jeff would react when he found out that Cupid was real, Mount Olympus did exist, and the gods were often closer than humans thought. Of course, there was that other issue too.
“He loves me, even if he is questioning what he feels.” Cam stood in front of the elevators. “Tonight I’m going to tell him I love him, will always love him. Please let this work.”

The conference had ended and Jeff sat in his chair. His private line kept beeping, but he ignored it. All through the stupid meeting, his mind had been on Cam and what Zygi might find. If he found out Cam had been playing him—Jeff shook his head. He’d bet his bottom dollar Cam was what he appeared to be: a nice guy trying to make a living. Unless he was another Brad, Jeff was sure Cam wasn’t looking to score. Loosening his tie, he stood up and left the room. He wouldn’t have any peace until he knew what Zygi had found when he ran Cam. He didn’t really expect Zygi to have found anything, but after Brad, his ability to trust had been damaged.
The elevator doors opened, and Jeff couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
Speak of the devil.
“What in the hell are you doing in my casino?”
Brad glanced away and fiddled with his sunglasses. Jeff barely resisted rolling his eyes. Brad was wearing sunglasses in a casino at night, for crying out loud. If he was trying to go incognito, he had failed. He was surprised Brad hadn’t been mobbed by his adoring fans.
“I-I…. Please, Jeff. I need to talk to you. Please?”

M.A. Church

M.A. Church lives in the southern United States and spent many years in the elementary education sector. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two children. Her hobbies are gardening, walking, attending flea markets, watching professional football, racing, and spending time with her family on the lake.

But her most beloved hobby is reading. From an early age, she can remember hunting for books at the library. Later nonhuman and science fiction genres captured her attention and drew her into the worlds the authors had created. But always at the back of her mind was the thought that one day, when the kids were older and she had more time, she would write a book.

By sheer chance she stumbled across a gay male romance story on the web and was hooked. A new world opened up and she fell in love. Thus the journey started. When not writing or researching, she enjoys reading the latest erotic and mainstream romance novels.

Twitter @nomoretears00


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