Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday Flash - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Another Wednesday rolls around and with it comes another installment of 'Angel'. I had a lot of fun writing this one because I wrote it from Micha'el's point of view and he's such a bastard. This week's chapter of Dust and Ash rocked so it eased me into the week with a smile, not that it lasted long with problems in work (as per usual). But, I've made it to Wednesday intact so there's hope for the rest of the week.

This week I chose a picture prompt which kind of fits in.

Michael knelt and stared in shock at the two angels who stood before him like twin stars. Passa’el, with his dark hair and dark eyes, and Uzzi’el with hair like gold and eyes of blue. Not that he could see the colour of their eyes. He wondered if they realised there was a rainbow light glowing from their eye sockets making it seem as if their bodies were merely receptacles for some unearthly being made only of rainbows.

Power radiated from the two angels who stood, hand in hand, silent and still. There was no anger in them, no condemnation. Their faces were calm and their stance relaxed. Blue sparks and little arcs of electricity ran up their arms from their joined hands and that strange, multi-coloured light poured from them, forming bonds that he didn’t bother to struggle against.

“You know you can’t bind me for long.” Michael smiled, his angel smile. “Soon I will be free and you will die. Neither of you has the power to hold me for long and certainly not to defeat me.”

“True,” Uzzi’el said in a voice that was calm and gentle. “Neither of us has the power to defeat you, but both of us do.”

“What do you mean?” Michael laughed at him boldly, certain of his own power, his ability to see this arrogant young fool and his mate crushed under his heel. He’d made a big mistake in leaving their destruction in the hands of others. This time he would take care of it personally.

“You’ve told me, twice. Don’t you remember?”

“Remember what?” His patience was beginning to wane. He hated being confined and he hated even more that his men were seeing him on his knees in the dust. Come to think of it, why weren’t they coming to his aid? Cowards. He’d see them pay for this.

“Once, a long time ago, we stood before you as we are now.” Passa’el took up the conversation with the same gentle tone. “Only that time, we were the ones in chains. You were our judge and executioner. You condemned us for our support of humanity and took it on yourself to carry out sentence without even referring to The Council. You tore my soul from my body and cast it down to wander among humanity for eternity, to witness their excesses and nature, with no power to influence them. I was doomed to wander, unable to move on, unable to return home.”

“My punishment,” Uzzi’el continued smoothly as if they were one being speaking with one voice. “was to suffer his fall through our bond and then the forceful breaking of our connection. You thought it would break me, and it did, for a while. I remember, just before the deed was done, you looked into our eyes and told us that together we were powerful, more powerful perhaps than you, but alone we were nothing and would never be anything other than a whisper in the night.”

“Yes, I remember that.” Michael shivered with delight at the memory of the power he’d wielded over the pathetic, broken angels. Oh how they’d pleaded, begging to be allowed to suffer their punishment together, or to take the punishment of the other to gain reprieve for their lover. He’d taken such great pleasure in tearing them apart, plundering the power of their love. How delicious it had been to watch Uzzi’el writhe in the dirt, screaming out his pain, his loss. The image had stayed with him for quite a time, but in the end he’d forgotten.

“And then, not a week ago, when the probes of your enforcers were still in my brain, you allowed me respite from their torment long enough to torment me yourself with what you were going to do to my ‘pathetic band of miscreants’. You stood before me and said that if only Passa’el were still with me, perhaps I would have had a chance. Of all, we two were the only ones who might have been able to defeat you. Alone, I was an annoying irritation who would soon be nothing more than a mindless drone.”

Micha’el remembered that, too. He smiled at the memory. Uzzi’el, bound and helpless, his eyes wide with pain and fear as the enforcers invaded his mind and took it apart, piece by piece. He should have waited until those eyes went blank forever, but he had been too eager to crush the rebel army.

“It was the sound of Passa’el’s name that freed me, that allowed me to shake off the power of the enforcers and flee. I believed that Gabri’el would be searching from me, but when I couldn’t find him, I fell and couldn’t stop falling. It seems that the seed you’d planted in me when you spoke Passa’el’s name was enough for my soul to find him and take me to him.”

“But how…how did you find your way back?” He addressed his question to Passa’el.

“That is a question I can’t answer. The universe works its miracles and who am I to question?”

“Who indeed? You’re a no one.”

“Indeed, Alone I am no one. I am nothing. But we are together now and nothing will ever part us again. We are one and nothing will stand against us.” He looked at Uzzi’el at precisely the same moment Uzzi’el turned his head to meet him. Their eyes met and an explosion of rainbow light washed over Micha’el in waves of unbearable sweetness.

For the first time in as long as he could remember, Micha’el; Archangel, warrior, leader of the celestial armies, felt fear.

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  1. Interesting to see things through Micha'el's eyes and I just love that Pasha and Uzzi'el together are more powerful than the most evil of angels. :) When good joins forces with good, the results can be amazing. At least, that's what I choose to believe!

  2. I choose to believe it too. It was fun seeing things through Micha'el's eyes. I won't be doing that next time though, might be too traumatic :)I think Pasha and Uzzy have something rather unexpected planned for him. Thank you for your support hun.

  3. Wow, Micha'el sure is a cruel bastard.

    I especially liked your descriptions of the bond, I'm a big fan of colors so the rainbow colors struck a chord with me.

    1. Thank you. I totally agree about Micha'el and can't wait to see what my boys have in store with them. The rainbow came from a prompt. it's so cool that I finally made use of one :)

  4. Good! I like that the sadistic as is afraid! LOL. Great update Nephy!

    1. Thank you Cia. Micha'el is a sadistic ass and completely barking mad. Can't wait to see what my boys have in store. I have a feeling the punishement might fit the crime, and i haven't forgotten Gabri'el either

  5. Hummm, you have me commenting again. LOL The calmness of their voices and stance does not trouble Micha'el but the wave of unbearable sweetness causes him to fear. Interesting. It is also interesting in all of Micha'el's musings and his hatefulness, he actually forgot about the pain he caused. Talk about living in the moment and pish to tomorrow or yesterday. There is something about inflicting pain and forgetting that bothers me. If you go so freaking far out of your way for what you want in the moment, how could you be so arrogant or stupid to forget. I feel like somehow other sadistic self-centered arrogant a-holes might actually get mad at him. All this manipulation and posturing to forget and damn yourself is an oddity. Or maybe it is not. How about divine equalizer or a universal balance. I swear if the smurf pop out I am gonna be mad at you. LOL Unbearable sweetness and calm seemingly should not cause fear, but in this case it could be torture for eternity. Sorta like you reap what you sew or you get what you give. Hmmmm. Fun stuff!!!