Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wednesday Briefs Cyan Ch 23

We're here on another Wednesday for another installment of Cyan, Things are starting to heat up for the boys.

“Are you my boyfriend again, now?” Cyan asked, gazing at Robin with his bright, green eyes.

“I never stopped,” Robin said. “I just…got lost for a bit.”

Cyan’s beam almost blinded him. “What happens next? I promise I won’t tell anyone, and I’ll try really hard not to be too nice to you in public. In private, though, I intend to be very nice to you. 
Very, very nice.”

Robin grinned. “I’ll look forward to it.” He kissed Cyan softly. “Listen, we’ve got exams in a couple of week, and I don’t want to go through a whole load of crap while I’m revising and shit, but as soon as the exams are over, I’m going do this properly. No more hiding, I promise. I’ll tell the world. It’s only a couple of weeks, okay?”

If Robin had thought Cyan’s smile was bright before, the wattage turned up tenfold. He practically glowed. “Do you mean that? Really?” Suddenly the light dimmed, and he bit his lip. “You must only do it if it’s what you want, Robin. You can’t come out just for me. It would be wrong, and it wouldn’t work. You’d end up resenting me every time something bad happened.”

“I would never do that. I’d never resent you.”

“Yes you would,” Cyan said stubbornly. “If you came out for me, and not for you, you’d doom us.”

“You talk a load of crap sometimes.” Robin tried to draw Cyan closer for another kiss, but he resisted.

“Maybe, but this is how it goes, Robin. Either you come out because that’s really what you want to do, or you don’t come out at all. I don’t want to be responsible for that.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll think about it. I’ll think really carefully until the exams, then we’ll see what happens. I won’t do anything unless I’m comfortable with it, and prepared for the consequences. 
How’s that?”

“Acceptable,” Cyan said with a serious expression which he couldn’t hold, and cracked into a smile.

A tentative knock had them jumping apart.

“Is everything okay in there?” Robin’s mother’s voice asked.

“It’s great, Mam,” Robin said. “Come in and meet my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend is it?” his mother said as she opened the door wide, and beamed at Cyan. “Can’t say that was a shock, although it would have been nice if we’d met in less stressful circumstances.”

“You’re very pretty,” Cyan said. “Like Robin.”

Robin stifled a grin at the expression of shock on his mother’s face.

“Well, I— Thank you, Cyan. It’s always nice to be appreciated. Shame your boyfriend doesn’t do it more often.”

“My mother says it’s hard to see what’s in front of your face. I don’t quite understand because I would have thought that would be the easiest to see – unless you’re long–sighted, I guess. Or is it short–sighted.” Cyan frowned in concentration.

“It doesn’t matter,” Robin said, “because it’s another idiom. It means that when things are very familiar, you stop seeing them in the same way other people do.”

“Oh. I see. She never really explained it quite like that. I see what you mean. Yes, I think you’re right.” He frowned again. “Maybe when I go home I should tell her she’s pretty, too.”

“She is pretty,” Robin said, a little too quickly. His mother raised her eyebrows at him and he flushed slightly. Cyan didn’t seem to notice.

“Anyway, are you two sorted?”

“I…think so,” Cyan said and gave Robin a glance from under his eyelashes.

“I’m not going to tell anyone else yet though,” Robin said quickly. I don’t want any hassle through my exams.”

His mother nodded, but gave him a piercing glance. “Makes sense. You know you’re welcome to hang out here whenever you want,” she said to Cyan. “You can be as gay as you like here, just keep the noise down.”

Winking at Robin she flounced back out the door, then opened it again to poke her head around. The two boys were still frozen, staring at the door in shock. “Will you be down for dinner, or will you be…er…getting back together up here? I can always put your dinner in the microwave later.”

Cyan and Robin looked at each other, then back to the door. “I um…. Maybe we’ll go out for a burger later.”

“Good idea. Or maybe some sausage.” She winked again.

“Mam,” Robin wailed. “Get out.”

With a giggle her head vanished and the door finally closed.

“She’s…um…blunt, isn’t she?” Cyan said.

“Yes,” Robin said. Then he shook himself and turned his attention back to Cyan. “So, it looks like we’re alone and have a whole evening with nothing to do. Oh, wait! Make that a whole evening of you being really, really nice to me.”

Cyan’s eyes went wide. “How nice?” he whispered.

“I though maybe a bit of ‘suck it and see’ might be in order.”

Cyan licked his lips, and Robin was entranced by his moist pink tongue and how moist and plump it made his lips.

“Just making sure we understand each other,” Cyan said. “Are we talking about sex here?”

“We’re talking about anything you want to be talking about,” Robin said, sliding his hand into Cyan’s hair, to massage the nape of his neck. Cyan tilted his head back and half closed his eyes, making a little humming sound that went straight to Robin’s cock.

Cyan licked his lips again and rubbed his cheek against Robin’s palm.

“If that’s the case,” Cyan said huskily, “I’d rather not talk about anything. I think this is one of the situations when actions are better than words.”

“Oh God,” Robin gasped as Cyan’s hand ran over his shoulder, and down his arm to rest on his hip.

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  1. I truly love this story and Cyan is a beautiful soul, but there was one line in this chapter that really confused me. “I though make a bit of ‘suck it and see’ might be in order.” is the line in question. Could you possibly clear this up for me. I just wanna know if my idea of what you meant is really what you meant.

    Thanks, in advance,

    Kathy C.

    1. Good catch. What I meant to say was 'I thought maybe a bit of 'suck it and see' might be in order.' It goes back to the previous chapter where Robin used 'suck it and see' as an idiom for try things out and see what happens, and Cyan took it literally to mean oral sex. That's what Robin's alluding at here. Naughty boys