Monday, 17 October 2016

Hump in the Night - A Paranormal Anthology for Halloween

Terrible Name
Great Book

Five stories of paranormal love between unlikely partners.

This is your second peep at the stories in this unique anthology. Last time we had a ghost, this time a vampire, who knows what might be next.

The first post that gives you a taste of "That's Where He Died" can be found Here

Dance With Me

Kia’s nipples are already highly sensitive, aided by desire and the chemical stimulation, pumping through his veins, but when Aster first blows on them, then flick them with the tip of his tongue, Kia squeals and bucks. Aster bites him and he squirms.
“Oh, God,” he gasps. “Yes… yes.”
“Would you like me to pierce one for you?”
“What?” Kia is too lost in pleasure to comprehend, let alone answer the question. Aster smiles and his fangs descent. Needle sharp, they have no difficulty sliding right through the nipple without Kia really being aware that it has happened. He’s aware, though, when Aster closes his mouth and tugs.
“Ah fuck, fuck. What the hell--?” Moaning, he flings his head about and his fingers clutch at the soft velvet of the bead-spread.
Aster withdraws his fang and moves quickly to Kia’s lips, sliding up his body like a great snake. He kisses him deeply, as Kia’s hands claw at his back. Lapping with his tongue he teases Kia, who writhes under him, arching his back and raising his hips so their erect cocks engage in something between a fencing battle and a dance.
“Ssh now, we’ve a way to go yet.” Aster leaks a drop of enzyme into his mouth and Kia gasps, going completely still. “Lie quiet now, relax. I will make it good for you; I will make it all good for you. Just a little to begin with. If you want this to stop then tell me and I will. We have time. We have all the time in the world.”

Lone Wolf

That's Where He Died

The Curse

Son of Angels

 More snippets to come, with a full story at the end. Keep tuned

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