Monday, 3 October 2016

What Am I Doing?

I'm sure there must be at least one person out there who's wondering what I'm getting up to, at least after reading this first sentence,

Well, as usual, I have about a dozen things on the go with not much getting done on any of them. I'm really trying to be good and narrow my focus, but I'm just not good at it. Not as bad as I am at business, marketing and promotion, but I'm trying hard to be better at those too. It's a case of groping in the dark but hey, when has groping ever been wrong, right? Well okay, sexual harassment is wrong but APART from that....

This is an update of the main things I'm working on


If you're as curious as Silver is about what the heck is going on in his world, read on

Enigma I is complete and won't be changed, other than being cleaned up a little bit.

Enigma II Fighting the Man - The new cover has been completed and we're due for a cover reveal very soon. Red has outdone himself and the cover is awesome.

Enigma III Friends and Lovers - This is complete and with Red for formatting. Red has started working on the cover but I haven't seen it yet.

We're looking to do a cover reveal on Enigma II in November with both I and II available free for a week/two week period before the release of III so everyone can get hold of the first two books before III hits them between the eyes.

For anyone who knows Silver and his friends, Book III will be more of the same but bigger. Ariel is getting into all kinds of trouble - most of which he brings on himself. River is getting things wrong, as usual, but at least he's trying. Ben is being a typical adolescent, and it backfires - big time. And Silver is...just being Silver.

Books IV and V are completed and will be coming in the New Year. Silver won't leave me alone and I'm already planning another book in which he goes on his first holiday and has a shocking phone call from his former Master.

New Releases

I have had one acceptance from Wayward Ink of a submission I made a while ago, which I hope will be released in the New Year

Angel's Heart is slightly different to my usual in that it is an outright romance.

Angel is a homeless whore with a bad heart
Sam is a feisty policeman who despises whores
When Sam is set to protect Angel from a murderer sparks fly.
Sam's open disgust slowly changes to something more as he learns to see past his own preconceptions and prejudices. When Angel meets and befriends a local teenager is Sam's anger really just about Angel's safety, or could it be jealousy.
As the murderer closes in, Sam's professionalism slips as he finally faces his feelings for Angel - but can Angel's heart take it?

I love Angel. He's a sweet boy with a big heart. It's a shame he's living on borrowed time with a heart condition he refuses to acknowledge. I can't promise he survives the book, but I'm sure he'll light your life before the end (of the book)

Current Projects


I'm almost finished revising an m/f  and m/m paranormal romance that I wrote some time ago. It's about vampires and angels, and is the first of a trilogy (at least it's expected to be). I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it when it's finished. I might go on to work on Book II (which has been written and completed) and Book III which has a lot of work to do and is about half finished.

Pretty Little Thing

Part I of a two part, young adult, contemporary romance series. This is finished, polished and ready to go.

This is one of my favourites. Not only are the characters endearing but I've explored all kinds of unconventional relationships.

Cammy is a small package of huge personality who wears silver hotpants to "wear your own clothes" day at school
Thorne is the ultra conservative son of an eminent politician who's about to make the big time with his goth band.
Rainbow (Bow) is an autistic boy with mental health issues who it is simply impossible not to fall in love with.

The three of them form a close bond and unusual relationship on a commune in Wales, while dodging bullets (literally) from Thorne's father who most certainly does not approve.

Callista is Cammy's mother who is in a relationship with, and has a child by, Luke, the leader of the commune. She also has a relationship and a child with Starchild, Bow's brother and a Rock Superstar. She also has relationships with two other men each with a child (one of which is Cammy) These relationships are ongoing and "the fathers" as they are collectively called are all fully aware of each other (and in some cases casually involved with each other)

The whole thing could be a complete mess, but I think it works.

In Book II, which is three quarters written, Thorne's band, The Forsaken are on the rise, touring with Cosmic Explosion, Starchild's band. This takes Thorne away from his boyfriends which takes a toll on Bow, who still won't move past kissing and cuddling even though "only sixteen" has now become "only seventeen" This time is is The Forsaken's drummer, Avon who provides the drama

Willow's Way

A young adult fantasy trilogy. This is a trip into fairyland that really allowed me to let loose my imagination. From flying green panthers, to shadow assassins and demons, to scarred princesses, two headed snakes and a mad (or is he) skink wizard. Book I is complete, Book II is almost complete and Book III is sketched

No idea who I'm going to sub with because it's mixed m/m and m/f


This year will be a collaboration with Stephanie Danielson, and so far we have two MC's, a small supporting cast and the bones of a story.

Sky is a drag queen, Travis is a welder working at his father's garage. Trav's brother doesn't approve but his girlfriend (who may now be his ex)  is on a mission to bring them together.

There are other things in the pipeline but I really should be confining myself to these for the moment. Of course I won't because that plot bunny is just waiting to pounce and another "next great thing" is waiting on the horizon. I hope that at least some of this list will be finished before then


  1. I will get round to all your books at some point darling Nephy, do you have any recommendations as to which should be next. I adored Project X and I know it was a while ago, but I need to read more. Love you Nephy x

    1. It depends on what you're looking for, they're all very different. I think you'll like the Enigma ones. Wait until they're free and you can get a taste of my Silver. I also think you'll like Lab Rat, which is based on a similar premise to Project X and also Hostage which is a sci fi adventure. See how you go with those

  2. Wow, I'm so impressed! Good luck with them xxx

    1. Thank you :D I can be prolific when I get started :D

  3. Wow. You are a busy bee! I'm so looking forward to reading all these books and hope your success is magnificent!