Friday, 28 October 2016

Hump in the Night - a Paranormal Anthology for Halloween

Terrible Name
Great Book

Five stories of paranormal love between unlikely partners.

This is the fourth peep at the stories in this anthology. On the eve of the final battle between good and evil one angel and one demon would rather make love than war

The first post that gives you a taste of "That's Where He Died" can be found Here The Second, Dance With Me is here and Lone Wolf here

Son of Angels

Dema’s claws dug into Meri’el’s shoulders, pinning him to the bed as he took the last thrusts that sent his hot cum shooting deep inside the screaming, writhing angel. Then, with a grunt of satisfaction, he roughly withdrew and collapsed across his shuddering and whimpering lover.
For a time Meri’el continued to gasp and cry out, as Dema’s sperm burned him and sent sharp slivers of intensely pleasurable pain into his gut. Dema stroked his face and hair tenderly as he watched his feverish thrashings. The first time he’d released inside his angel, Dema had panicked, thinking he was dying, that he’d irreparably damaged the seemingly fragile body of his lover. When Meri’el had suddenly and violently recovered and gave him the fucking of his life, he realised that he’d done him no lasting harm at all, but provided him with an intense experience that was as much a drug to him as his semen was to Dema, albeit in a very different way.
And so Dema waited patiently until the shuddering eased and the breathing evened and the heart stopped racing. Then, he leaned down and teased Meriel’s lips until they opened to receive him, and Meri’el’s arms reached up to encircle him, gently holding him.
“Feel good?” Dema murmured.

“Oh, yes,” came the breathless response.

Dance With Me

That's Where He Died

The Curse

Lone Wolf

The final story "The Curse" will be shared in full on Sunday

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