Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Blog Awards

WOW, I've received my first Blog Awards.  Didn't even know they existed. Thank you so, so much Dawn So, I have to give you seven facts about myself and then pass the awards on. Hmm

1.  I went grey early and, underneath it all, it's really white in places. However... NO ONE gets to see underneath it all, except where I want them to. My hair tends to change colour a lot. At the moment it's turquiouse and black. I have stayed pretty close to this colour for a while, because I like it.

2.  I don't like labels and I won't be fitted inside any boxes, personally or in my writing.

3. My daughter is gay and I am very very proud of her. As a result of this, and the experiences of many of her friends I campaign for gay rights, as well as writing gay literature. I think that young gay people, looking for strong, varied stories with little or no sex, are woefully under represented and so I decided to try to fill up the holes a bit.

4. I make really good home made shepherd's pie but terrible pastry.

5.  I am a family law solicitor and use my experience with clients, the courts and other professionals, in my stories

6.  My favourite authors are Terry Pratchett and Storm Constantine. If you haven't read their work (especially Storm's then I would VERY strongly recommend you do, especially if you like extraordinarily well written dark fantasy)

7. I really really really like writing, painting and meeting new people... well I like people in general.

Now, as to passing on the blog awards. Truth be known I am not familiar with THAT many blogs so... here goes.

First at foremost.

Red Haircrow - Songs of the Universal Vagabond My friend and publisher of my first EVER Ebook... my absolute favourite story, with my beautiful, beautiful boys Enigma

Michael Offutt for being my first interviewer Little Chat With Nephylim

Romance First  my publishers for The Unfairness of Life. What more can I say... they have GREAT taste :p

Julie Hayes For being a fabulous editor and running around in her briefs on a Wednesday.

LM Brown Got pipped at the post for being my first interview but was the first to agree to do the job. Also for getting me hooked on flashing.

Even though Dawn beat me to it, I HAVE to give an award to this one because... well just because I really like the blog and, let's face it, anyone into vampires has to be cool :) Blaze McRob's Tales of Horror

Last but not least, someone I have a lot to thank for a lot of things.  Cia


  1. Thanks for the award, hon, I'll pass it on!

  2. Awww, thank you. Smooches! Life is a two way street and you're always willing to help others. Besides, we all know I only bug authors I beta/edit for because I want sneak peeks of their work! LOL

  3. Thank you for these awards, sweet lady! I will post my goodies on my blog tomorrow and try to make things interesting for you. Mediocrity sucks!


  4. You are really setting the world on FIRE, you! Good for you!

  5. So I am really slow on the blog awards and only just found them. I am clearly blind as a bat. Thanks again. I'll be passing them on some time next week when I have had time to think about seven facts about me that won't put people to sleep.

    Oh and totally with you on Terry Pratchett - I love his Discworld series, though have fallen behind on it somewhat in recent years. So many books, so little time.