Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Interview

Can't believe I forgot to publically humiliate :) Thank Michael Offutt for interviewing me.

Check out the interview here


  1. Aww. You're welcome. My blog is always open to the diva of all things gay, all things dark, and all things that drain your will to resist.

  2. Great interview Nephy! You did very well.

  3. The interview was great. I love that you've gotten so much more confidence in your writing. You've always had this sureness about who you are that I admire and yet you had this huge blind spot as to how great your stories are. I'll always be honored you lead me read for you and be a part of your creative process. I hope you never stop writing because the fact that you are good enough to be published was always a foregone conclusion in my mind.

  4. Your interview with Michael Offutt went splendidly, Nephy! I'm seeing a lot of that humour that I missed for awhile.:)
    I just finished "Enigma" and cannot WAIT for books 2 and 3. In the meantime, my next treasure search is leading me toward "The Unfairness of Life". :)