Saturday, 14 January 2012

Day Four?

I'm so proud of myself that I am continuing to update and improve my blog. There ahve been so many things to think of and to do, so many profiles and friending and pages and reviews and interviews to think of. Publicity is HARD.

Having said that, this blog in particular, has been fun. I'm not even sure, now if it is day four or five or what :) I think maybe it's time to stop counting days.

Things are going well, I think. The books are up there, the paperbacks are coming and there are more projects in the pipeline. Hell... :)

In some ways it's been a real struggle. Although I only work part time, there's a reason for that and that reason is catching up on me more and more. There is only so far the adrenalise caused by sheer euphoria can take you and I'm beginning to pay. My energy level is fast approaching zero and I am swinging from excitement to panic to tears way too easily. Physically, too I am finding myself getting more and more tired with less and less energy and various bits and pieces which are shouting at me that I need to slow down. Not that I want to, of course, but I think I've overdone it.

That's my mantra of course - all or nothing :) There could be a worse one.

So - to summarise.

Books doing well
Publicity doing well
Nephy, not so good :)

Need rest now so I will leave you with another installment of my story Special to keep you going until I get back.


  1. Don't exhaust yourself dear. We all need you healthy and in good spirits.
    Much Love babe, S.