Monday, 30 January 2012

Featured Book - Wraeththu Chronicles by Storm Constantine

This is my favourite author and my favourite book EVER. I also attach representations of some of the characters. These are pictures obtained from the web. If you recognise your artwork let me know and I will either take it down or big you up bigtime.

The Stories
The books are set in the future when a new race (Wraeththu) arise from humanity and take over the earth. Apart from the first (Theide) they are incepted from young male humans by the exchange of blood.

The Wraeththu are androgynous, with the outward appearance of young males. They are able to reproduce among themselves and are all but immortal, having various 'abilities'. 

At first a rag tag bunch of tribes eking a living from an unfriendly world, they gradually form themselves into organised societies, each very distinctive and very different from each other.

The story follows various characters, telling individual stories, but taking the reader on a journey towards the uniting of the tribes into not just a series of separate tribes but one people with all thier individual flavours.

In many places dark and brooding, the books will make you laugh and cry, gasp with horror and sigh with relief. They will introduce you to characters that you will never forget. Sex plays a large part in the books which is essentially m/m although, of course there is no division of the sexes, so it can't be :)

Cal and Pel