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Conversations With Faery

Conversations with Faery

by Zahdi Folley-Regusters

Skye by Maria Korte

“Do you ever feel wings on your back?”

What is Faery?  Is it real?  And if so, what is the connection between Faery and this world, the material human world?

Excellent questions to ask in this shifting time.  The hidden is coming into light, and the unspoken of is being revealed more quickly with each passing day.  Now is a time for answers, for enlightenment on long taboo subjects, and for discussion on the “obvious” that is shrouded in folktale and legend.  So what is Faery? …Faery is the Grey.  It is the in-between place.  Faery is a realm with which all humans were once very well acquainted.  Search deep into yourself and you will feel that there is so much more to this world than what we usually acknowledge as a whole.  Perhaps you’ve had strange feelings, dreams, and memories of things too bizarre to speak aloud, yourself?   

Skye by Maria Korte

Faery is a realm full of conscious beings, of all sorts – benevolent, malevolent, unfeeling, pure feeling, light, dark and everything else.  In a time before time, this world touched ours, melded with it to form one coherent whole.  This was a time of balance.  When the frequencies of the worlds shifted, the balance was upset.  The worlds fell out of harmony with one another and most of Faery was separated from the others.  What Faery is, is the place where light dwells.  Light is what gives all things energy and life, ultimately.  Energy flows, from light to plant to animal.  Light is what fills us with a connection to the Source or the Divine.  Consider how one “glows” when they are in love.  Love (unconditional love for all) brings you closer to the Source.  Those who dwell within Faery are those who control the flows of light in the world… and ultimately the flows of the world itself, filling this place with light and, in turn, with love.

So, is Faery real?  And if so, then what is the connection between Faery and this world, the human material world?  Faery is very real.  It is a realm that supports this one.  Faery is intrinsically linked with the material plane, and with the other two planes that linger out of balance with us.  The efforts, actions and events within Faery affect what happens here, sometimes within days, a cause and effect of positive and negative.  However, the same applies the other way.  Everything that we do and that happens or is attempted here has an effect on Faery.  So, in a direct way, there is a continual link between the planes.  Another link must be considered as well, that of the “lost ones.”  When the imbalance came that shifted the worlds from each other, most of Faery – those who were of this plane – was cut off from this world.  But not all.  Some were here, and became stuck here, entering the human life-death-rebirth cycle when they could not return home.  They were “reincarnated” as people.  Each of those people, but not people, whose energy vibrates at a frequency that does not match this plane, aches and searches for their home plane, for the frequency which they can no longer touch or interact with fully.  They can only see ghosts of that plane, fleeting visions of what was, and still is.

All of this you can learn more about through connections with Faery and those of the world who are here.  The denizens of the Grey reach out to us, all of us here.  They miss the connections and the freedoms that we once shared.  They desire a cooperation.  They are troubled by the negligent actions of humans, disconnected from the planet, and deaf to the screams of the world.  They reach out to us all with open arms.  For those who were trapped here, their hearts ache and pull them to the Grey Lands.  They cannot be dissuaded… they “know.”  Now is the time.  This is a time of reconnection and remembrance.  When you feel the Faery Folk coming near, welcome them with open arms and mutual respect.  Listen to them and ask them to listen to you.  Reach into the shared collective and let the knowledge pour in.

Zahdi Folley-Regusters is a spiritual guide and healer hailing out of Hilo, Hawaii.  Her work portal can be found at

“For the Divine in each of us”

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday Briefs. The Accident

Well, here we are at Wednesday again. We've said goodbye to Rune and Luke and left them in peace for a while at least and here is a new morsel to tickle your buds.

The prompt I used was "You want me to do what?"

1 The Accident

The weather was appalling. Rain lashed against the windscreen and it was almost impossible to see in the lightless lanes.
“Shit. This is fucking nuts. Where are the houses? Where are the people?”
Lukas laughed. “You’re such a city person. This is the countryside, Pasha. Miles and miles of empty space and crazy, unlit country roads leading nowhere.”
“How can you stand it?”
“I love it. I’ve never been so happy.”
“No. You’ve never been so happy since you moved here… with Anna. You’re sickeningly in love.”
Lukas looked over at his younger brother and smiled. He wasn’t wrong. Anna was perfect. She was an angel, the best thing that had ever happened to him and…”
“Holy fucking shit!!”
His head snapped forward at Pasha’s scream, and a flash of white light blinded him. Moments later the car hit something and skidded out of control, eventually coming to rest in the hedge.
“Jesus. Pasha, are you alright?”
“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine, I think.”
“What the fuck was that?” Lukas unstrapped his belt and massaged his shoulder.
“I don’t know, lightening?”
“Could have been, but it wasn’t a bolt of lightning I hit.”
“No.” The brothers stared at each other, frozen. Finally, Pasha shook himself and unbuckled his belt. “You know we have to check. May as well get it over with.”
“Pasha, what if… What if I hit someone?”
“Then we deal with it. Come on.”
Lukas got out of the car and squinted into the driving rain. Pasha had a little more trouble because he had to squeeze through the hedge.
“Right, you take the left side and I’ll take the right.”
Slowly they worked their way back along the road until they saw something large and white. It was surely too big to be human, and the wrong shape. Taking heart, they hurried forward.
“What the fuck is it?”
“I don’t know. It looks like some kind of a bird.”
“It’s too big for a bird.” Pasha crouched down and touched the white feathers. They trembled. “Well, it’s alive whatever it is.”
“Can’t we just drag it to the side of the road and…”
“No, we can’t. At the very least we have to see if it’s hurt.” Ignoring his brother, Pasha hurried around to the other side of the bird and pushed at the wings, raising them to see what was underneath. The bird groaned, just as a flash of lightening lit the sky, lighting up the pale face and mass of golden hair. Pasha dropped the wing and skittered backwards.
“Help me Luke,” he gasped scrambling up off the road. “We’ve got to get her into the car.”
“You want me to do what? Put a big, wet and possibly dead bird in my new car? I don’t think so.”
“It’s not a bird, Luke. It’s not a fucking bird. For Christ’s sale help me.”
Alarmed by the edge of hysteria in his brother’s voice, Lukas hurried to his side. “What the hell’s going on?”
 “Luke, this is going to sound as crazy as hell but… but I think… I think we might have killed an angel.”
“What the fuck? Don’t be ridiculous.” Crouching down, Luke pushed back the wings and let out a yell of shock. The long, pale body jerked under his hand and eyelids rose over colourless eyes.
“What are we going to do?”
“Get her into the car. We’ll take her home, warm her up and see if she’s hurt. Maybe we can patch her up and…”
“And what? What if she…? She might not be grateful. I mean, considering we hit her with the car and all.”
“Well, maybe she’ll be pissed. Maybe she’ll smite us or whatever angels do. But I’m not going to leave her lying here at the side of the road to die.”
“No, we can’t do that.”
“Help me.” The angel’s voice wasn’t like any voice they’d ever heard. It seemed to resonate on more than one frequency at the same time.
“Of course we’re going to help you. Are you hurt. Can you stand?” The wide eyes stared at him but there didn’t seem to be much comprehension there.
“Never mind.” Together, they hauled the angel to its feet. She couldn’t stand and passed out again with a moan of pain.
The two brothers exchanged glances but were committed and so they dragged the angel to the car and, somehow, stuffed her into the back seat. This was not easy at all because the wings were big, incredibly heavy and not at all manoeuvrable.
“How far is the house?” Pasha asked anxiously, as Lukas pulled the car onto the road.
“About another fifteen minutes. How’s she looking?”
“Big, wet and unconscious.”
“Jesus, I’ve never seen anything like it. Do you think that flash in the sky was…”
There was no more talking and, in ten minutes flat they were pulling into the yard of Lukas’ renovated farmhouse. The light from the windows spilled out onto the gravel and turned the little stones golden.
It was a lot harder to get the angel out of the car. The feathers resisted and they didn’t want to break any more than they had to. Half way through, the angel woke and screeched.
It was an inhuman sound that caused the glass in the windows to vibrate.
“Fuck. Ssh… ssh angel. We’re trying to help you. We want to get you warm and dry. You have to get out of the car. Please… we’re trying to help you.”
Big blue eyes oriented on him and the screeching stopped. Something in them made him shiver.
With the assistance of the angel they managed to get her out of the car, and Pasha put his arm around the slender waist to help support… “Oh.” Scanning the angel from the crown of its head, over the inhumanly beautiful face and along the length of the pale, perfect body, he realised with a jolt that it was most certainly not a ‘her’.

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Will Someone Please Explain...

I've recently become fascinated with the rash of people who've been offering me followers in exchange for various favours. 'Follow me and I can bring you 1000 followers in a day' 'Follow ME and I'll bring you 5000'. Whoa.

I just about refrained from having a party when I hit 1000 and I'm planning to sacrifice my son at 2000, but to have 5000 wow, wonderful, amazing, incredible but...

What do followers actually DO?

Well yeah, of course they                                                                      but what exactly does that mean? What do I want it to mean?

I have three expectations, no call then desire from twitter

1. To meet interesting people, have fun and make new friends.
2. To meet interesting people, promote my work and gain sales for my books/greater recognition as a writer
3. Promote other people who may very well become rich and famous one day and will remember who helped then get there... not really, just to help promote others because we're all in the same boat and that's what we should do for each other.

This is where the idea of the 'instant followers' confuses me. What purpose do they serve. Whilst there may well be many interesting and useful people in there, what are the odds that I'll actually get to meet them. I certainly won't be checking out all their blogs like I do now, so how will I find the interesting ones?

Well 5000 followers are going to promote my books at least right? Well, I'm not so sure about that either. Building up slowly as I am now, I'm getting a 'feel' for my followers, people I like, people I can have a laugh with, people I admire, those I share a (slightly sick) sense of humour and even those I flirt with (Gods forbid). 

Although I try to read everyone's blog and promote all of my followers that clearly isn't possible. So who do I promote? The people I know and like and am interested in and have spoken to or admire or seek to emulate or are just crazy fascinating interesting guys (and gals) The key point is, and this has been brought home to me recently making lists, that I actively promote the people I know, and promote progressively less actively those I don't know, haven't spoken to and haven't had anything particularly outstanding to knock me off my feet.

Consequently, I spend a lot of time and get a lot of pleasure from promoting from a fairly fluid and comparatively small group of people. I don't just re tweet, I read blogs, leave comments now and again and exchange words with other authors, artists, musicians, nice people, strange people, poets... well... people.

Even now, with 1150 followers I don't, and can't promote them all and I am certainly not promoted by all of them because presumably they have the same methodology as me... promote who I know or what I like.

With 5000 new followers in 1 day surely what will happen is this

1. My 'pool' is diluted so it's harder to see the people I'm really interested in.
2. Everyone else's pool is diluted so it's harder to see me.
3. I'm not going to be able to get around to reading 5000 new blogs so i'm not going to get to know any of the new people so they're not likely to get promoted much if at all. 
4. None of the 5000 are really going to know me and, if they've been 'acquired' then they're not really going to be interested in me. Okay maybe i'll get 5000 shout outs but if no one's listening what's the point

Right now my preferred method is the chipping away... or filtering through... one. I get new followers in a small but steady stream enabling me to at least look at the blog of each new follower, make at least one post in support and add to my lists anything that interests me. That way I'm keeping control of my pool and i know everyone who's in it.

If there really is some hidden benefit to the follow five thousand then please let me know because right now I really can't see it and I can't see how the mere number rather than the quality of the followers is really of much assistance at all other than to make you feel good when you log in.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Briefs - I'm Free

Here we are at Wednesday again, and here's the latest installment of Rune and Luke. I think it might be the last installment because, unless you think otherwise, I can't really see where else they can go. I could end with a bang... literally ;) but that feel gratuitous to me. I could show Rune on stage with the band which would also be a good end I guess but this just feels like a good place to stop. Let me know what you think.

I'm Free

Rune picked himself up from the floor and walked away from the door. Rio was still hammering but it didn’t bother him anymore. Calmly, he sat down at the table and picked up his sandwich.  In a while the hammering stopped and silence fell.
Rune put down his untouched sandwich and rested his head on his arms. The silence wrapped itself around him and his shoulders began to shake as a jumble of emotions bubbled out of him as sobs. He wasn’t sliding in his resolve. He wasn’t backing down. He wasn’t even thinking about what had happened and what was going to happen next. He was just… crying.
When he finished, he washed his glass, threw away the rest of the sandwich, tidied the kitchen, went to bed and fell into an exhausted sleep.
“Rune? Rune, are you alright?” Rune opened his eyes to see Luke’s anxious face hovering over him. He smiled.
“I’m fine. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I just… Rio… Rio’s car’s outside and…”
“What? Still?” Rune was a bit surprised, but not particularly bothered. “I thought I’d made myself clear.”
“You…? Made…? Clear…? To Rio…?”
“Make whole sentences, Luke.” Rune smiled and stroked Luke’s face. “Rio came to visit and I asked him nicely to go away and never come back.”
“You did?”
“Well no, not exactly. I wasn’t very nice at all. As I recall, I spat in his face and kicked him in the balls.”
“You did what?” Luke’s eyes went wide with shock.
Rune chuckled. “You’d have been proud of me, Luke. What do you think of this? He tried to drag me out to the car but, I don’t know… something snapped in me and I had to… I knew if I went with him that would be it. I wouldn’t leave him again. He… had me against the wall and I spat in his face to get him away from me. Then I kicked him in the balls and told him to get out of my life and never come back, then I closed the door, tidied the kitchen and came up here to lie down. I had such a headache.” He grinned. “My headache’s gone now,” he said softly.
“God, Rune, you’re full of surprises. I was so scared when I saw Rio’s car. Then, when I came inside and you didn’t answer, and you were… I thought he’d hurt you.”
“He did… but it’s okay. He won’t, ever again.”
“Too right he won’t. I’ll make sure of that. I’ll—“
“No, Luke. I’ll make sure of that. I feel… stronger. I’m… free, Luke. I don’t know if it makes any kind of sense, but I feel free now. Free of him. He’s not in here anymore.” He took Luke’s hand and laid it over his heart. “I love you Luke. It’s what I needed. I needed to love someone, truly love them and have them love me, so I could see what a twisted version of love— if it ever was love— I had with Rio.”
He sighed deeply. “I feel battered and bruised, but I’ve had worse, and it’s only on the outside. On the inside… I feel good, Luke. I feel really good. Come make me feel better.”
Luke searched his face, then he laughed. “You’re a wonder, Rune. You amaze me, humble me. God, I love you.” He lay down and took Rune into his arms. Rune winced, even though he tried not to. “What’s the matter? That bastard hurt you again, didn’t he?”
“He hit me. It doesn’t matter.”
“Of course it matters. I going to—“ Luke half rose, but Rune pulled him back.
“You’re going to make love to me, Luke. That’s what I need. I need love not revenge. Be gentle with me.”
“Rune, I…”
“I know, but Rio’s not important now. We are. Please. I need you.”
Luke softened and lay down again, stroking Rune’s face. “You’re beautiful, Rune. Inside and out. The most beautiful person I ever met. It would be my honour and privilege to make love to you.”
Rune sighed and closed his eyes, as Luke gently worked his hand up under his tshirt and stroked the soft skin of his belly, making it tremble and raising goose-bumps.
“Tell me if it hurts, okay?” Luke whispered.
Rune moaned. “Luke will you please stop worrying about hurting me. The only way you’re hurting me is by holding back. Please, just get on with it before I explode.”
“Wouldn’t want that, would we,” Luke murmured and bent his head to kiss Rune, while he slid his hand further up under his shirt, to brush then tweak his nipple.
Rune gasped and jumped off the bed. “Oh fuck, yeah,” he moaned. “That’s better.”
He moaned again, with a different tone, when Luke withdrew, but smiled when he stripped off his tshirt. Hurriedly, with no concern to tease or tempt, Rune fumbled with buttons to scramble out of his jeans and underwear. He hesitated for a moment before taking off his shirt but… what the hell. Luke knew the score.
When he was naked, he lay back and stared up at Luke, his eyes roving over every inch of his body. To Rune, it was perfect. If only his own were the same. A flush of shame washed over him and he felt exposed.
“What’s the matter?” Luke asked, laying down beside him. Rune shook his head. “Don’t lie to me,” Luke said, stroking Rune from throat to belly button, making him shiver.
Rune lowered his eyes and scanned his body. To him, it was ugly, disfigured by bruises and scars. He looked away, but Luke had seen.
“Don’t,” Luke said. “Don’t ever doubt you’re beautiful.” His finger followed a silvery scar over Rune’s hip bone. You have battle scars. So what? Wear them with pride. You beat him. You’re free.”
“Yes,” Rune whispered, a smile creeping over his face, as Luke’s hand dipped between his legs. “I am free.”

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I've been asked to explain what it's like to be a Druid. What are Druids? What do they do? What do they look like? What do they believe?

Well, just as if you asked the same question to a Wiccan, Christian, Buddhist etc the answer is going to vary from person to person. There are as many different paths, beliefs and approaches in Druidry as in any other religion, philosophy or organisation.

The first thing that needs to be said is that most Druids don't feel that Druidry is a religion or a belief system, it's more of a philosophy, a way of looking at life, of framing experience and belief.


In ancient times, Druidry was the religion of the Celts. More than that, it was the seat of political power among them. No one was more powerful than the Druids, not even the Kings and Princes. They were inviolate, even during battle. This is why, when the Romans arrived, the Druids had to go. The Romans realised two things that doomed the Druids from the start. Firstly, the Druids were the true political power. Take them down and the establishment falls. Second they had the hearts of the people. Discredit and replace them and you're in control.

Later on, Christianity had the same idea and many ancient Celtic/pagan festivals and sites have been taken over and re-framed.

For example. St Michael's chapel on Glastonbury tor. This was an ancient site believed to be a gateway into 'the otherworld'

After the advent of Christianity a church dedicated to St Michael was built on the summit and an abbey on the plain below. It was said, by the early Celtic Christians, that a cutting from the sacred thorn was brought to Glastonbury by Joseph of Aramathea (sorry about the spelling), and planted in the gardens of the Abbey. It's also said in local legend that Jesus visited the area in his youth. I have no idea if there is any truth in either of those claims but it shows that a site that was holy and powerful to one culture and belief system can be adopted and considered to be just as holy and powerful by another, in re-framed terms.

The Three Stages

In ancient times Druids had a long path of learning. They went through three stages in their education which are mirrored in most training establishments, courses and practices today.

The Bard

In ancient times there were no instant means of communication. The only way news was passed was by word of mouth.This is why Druids were inviolate at battles. They were the battle correspondents. The Bards witnessed the events, wrote poems about them-- and these poems were truly epic and could sometimes take hours to recite-- then travel the land reciting them and passing it on.

The Bard was taught of the sacred connection between music and the voice of 'God', or the Source of life. The energy stream that creates, enlivens and sustains... etc. It sounds esoteric and 'new age' but in essence it all comes down to the fact that everything is made of energy. It vibrates faster in liquids than solids and in gasses than liquids and maybe even faster still or on different frequencies for other things.

Light, sound, colour, radio waves, microwaves etc etc all pass through solids liquids and gases, so does music. In the spaces between the atoms everything is connected.

So the Bard was the musician, poet, journalist, storyteller and physicist.

A very strict kind of poetry form was developed to ensure the integrity of the information passed and variations of this are still used in the poetry competitions at the National Eisteddfod and Urdd Eisteddfod (see later)

These strict forms, which were likened to Haiku in the strictness of its form but much longer and grander in scale, ensured that they were passed on word for word with less likelihood of corruption on a 'chinese whispers' basis.

The Ovate

The ovate is the initiate, the magician, the witch, the magic user, the diviner.

This is the most difficult part to talk about because people mock and fear what they don't understand. No, I don't put spells on people, no I don't see the future and no I don't have dinner with the devil.

But I do read tarot cards and runes and the Druid's own divination system, the ogham. I do use candle magic to send out positive energy and concentrate my attention on issues and problems that are affecting myself or those I care for. I'm not denying that I use darker magic if I absolutely have to but I do it with full knowledge and accepting the consequences and cost.

Magic is the manipulation of energy and all actions have a reaction. No magic is done lightly or without cost. For me it's an area of my life bound around with far more morality and ethics than any other.

The ovate was also the herbalist and in this I am following. I am a trained herbalist and, although I don't practice outside the home I do treat basic ailments myself with my herbs and potions. I haven't killed anyone yet and my son's asthma responded so well he 'grew out of it'.

Of course, I don't use it on myself which means I haven't got my own problems under control. I keep meaning to do something... tomorrow :)

The Druid

The Druid is the master of ceremonies. S/he takes everything s/he learned as a Bard and Ovate and spins them into rituals and ceremonies.

Why does s/he wear silly clothes? For two reasons. The first one is obvious... to make them stand out. So that people who are taking part in the ceremony or ritual knows who is in charge and who to follow and listen to. Trust me this is important when there are hundreds of people at a public ceremony.

Secondly they/we wear robes to make us feel different, to help get rid of the thoughts and concerns of the everyday, mundane world, to raise consciousness and help us focus on what we're doing/thinking/feeling within the ritual. They make things 'special' and 'magical'

It's all about psychology really.

So we add psychologist to the list of what Druids are.

Okay, so I thought I was going to be able to give an overview of Druidry in one post. WRONG. There's just too much to cover. So I'll split it into a series of articles.

Next time we'll look at the cultural aspect of Druidry in Wales and look at the Eisteddfods, national competitions that draw spectators and participants from all over the world and use many of the original tenets of Druidry in a purely cultural and ceremonial form

After that we'll look at the eight festivals of the yearly wheel, some ritual and ceremonial stuff like... what's the point in drawing a circle around you with a sword? Trust me, there's a sound psychological reason.

Then maybe a peep at ogham, where it came from what it means where it can be seen and how it was used.

Then anything else that might come to mind. If you like the articles and want more let me know or I might not bother to go any further.

Also, if you are a Druid and want to add, challenge or comment on anything just email me or comment.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rune and Luke - Without Him

Another week another Wednesday. Here is your latest installment of Rune and Luke. The prompt I used this weeks was... Without you I would be...

“Don’t be ridiculous, Rune. You were never afraid of me. You were too rebellious to have been afraid of me.”
“Really? You truly think I’d have done those things, been with you all these years if I hadn’t been too scared to walk away?”
“You did those things because you loved them and you stayed with me because you’d be nothing without me.”
“Nothing? Nothing without you? Without you I would be dancing right now. Without you I’d be happy. Well, I’ve got news for you. I am  happy and I am dancing. I’m going to dance with the band again and we’re going to make it this time because I won’t have you like a stone around my neck. I’m going to make it with Luke, too. He cares for me, Rio, truly cares for me, something you never did.”
“I care for you.” Rio started to pace. It was something he did when he wasn’t sure what else to do. Rune smiled. He had him rattled, but that was dangerous. He’d have to be careful. Still standing with his back to the wall his arms folded Rune watched him. “I’ve always cared for you. Haven’t I always given you everything you wanted?”
“No, Rio. No you haven’t. All you’ve given me is pain. Don’t you understand? I hated every moment I was with you. I was scared and disgusted and horrified but I had nowhere else to go. Now I have somewhere to go. I have Luke. He loves me. He truly loves me and I’m not going to let him down by going back with you.”
Rune was shaking now. It was partly because of the look in Rio’s eyes but partly, too because he was angry. “Get back in the car, Rio. Get back in the car and drive out of my life because I don’t want you in it anymore.”
Rio moved like lightening and, before he knew what was happening, Rune doubled over, gasping from a blow to his solar plexus. Already battered and bruised from Rio’s previous abuse, it felt as if every bone in his body was screaming at him and he couldn’t catch a breath. Rio hauled him upright by the hair and pressed him against the wall, holding him there with his body.
“Ungrateful little bitch,” Rio hissed. “How dare you, after everything I’ve done for you. Well. Let me tell you this. I will never leave you alone never. You’re mine, do you understand? Mine.”
“Fuck you,” Rune gasped, pushing ineffectively at Rio’s chest. “Get away from me. Get out of my head and out of my life.”
“Never,” Rio hissed.
“Oh really?” Suddenly, a wave of anger washed over Rune, so strong it forced him into action. “Get your hands off me, you bastard,” he yelled and spat in Rio’s face. When Rio pulled back with shock, Rune took his advantage and twisted away from him. Rune was no fighter, but he was a dancer and it wasn’t hard to dodge when Rio lunged at him.
Rune felt as if he was in a bubble that isolated him from the rest of the world, from help. But he didn’t need help, not this time.
Rio lunged again and this time Rune didn’t try to stop him. Instead, he brought up his knee, catching Rio squarely in the groin and dropped him like a stone. Rune kicked him over onto his back and put a foot on his chest, pushing him back every time he tried to get up.
“Like I was saying, Rio I’m not afraid of you and I’m not going to be a victim anymore. You hurt me, Rio, hurt me in so many ways and if you come anywhere near me again I’m going to pay you back for every bruise, every lash and, especially every bone you’ve broken. I swear to God, Rio, if I have to I’ll kill you.”
“But… but you love me. You’ve always loved me.”
“Maybe in the very beginning I did, but for as long as I can remember I’ve hated you but been too afraid to do anything about it. You had me mesmerised, hooked on you like a drug addict but I’m over it now. I feel clean and the touch of your hand dirties me. I’m not going to have it anymore. So just get up, get in the car and get out of my life.”
“But, Rune…”
“Get out of my life Rio.”
Rune took away his foot and backed up, allowing Rio to get to his feet.
“You’re nothing without me,” Rio spat. “You’ll never make it on your own and Luke won’t be around forever. Once he knows how sick you are he’ll be out the door and where will you be then? You’ll come crawling back to me. You always do.”
“No, Rio, you’re the one who keeps coming back. I’m perfectly fine without you. And as for Luke… maybe he’ll stay with me, maybe not, but if I have to I’ll do okay alone. I’ve been alone, Rio. You keep leaving me alone, coming back when you want someone to abuse. No more. You’re out of my life for good. Live with it.”
Before Rio could say or do a thing, Rune turned, walked back into the house and closed the door. As soon as he did so he turned and slowly slid down to sit on the floor, his back to the door. His ribs hurt, his lungs burned and his head ached. He felt he should be crying but there were no tears left, not for Rio. In fact he didn’t want to cry at all, he wanted to laugh. He’d been so scared and now…
He jumped when Rio started to hammer on the door, but that was just because he was startled. He wasn’t scared anymore. Rio was out of his life and he’d do just fine without him.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I'm Not Going Anywhere With You

Here we are at Wednesday again and time to flash our briefs. The prompt I used this week was "I never told you that..."

“Of course you have to go to college. Why wouldn’t you? I’m fine. It’s not as if I’m a kid who needs to be looked after. I can look after myself, you know.”
Luke, with his head propped on one hand, pushed the sheets down a little so he could draw his lazy circles lower. “What if I want to look after you, if the only thing I care about in the world is lying her in this bed with me?”
“Then you’ve a very empty life. You’ve got a life without me, Luke and I don’t want that to stop.”
“No. I never told you that I wanted you to give up your life. I want to fit into it. I want to meet your friends and your family, to do the things you like to do, and I want you to share my life, too. I… I’ve kind of been neglecting it but…” He smiled brightly at Luke, more life in his eyes than he’d seen since the first days. “I’m going to be busy today. I’m going to call the band, see if they’re up for some more performances, and I’m going to join a gym, to get fit again. And—“ He looked away and took a deep breath, then brought his eyes back, filled with determination. “I’m going to call my parents. They haven’t heard from me for a long time. At first, when I was with Rio he wouldn’t let me, then… I got too ashamed, but I’m ready now.”
Luke stroked his cheek and gazed at him, so full of love he thought his heart would stop. “I’m so proud of you. After what you’ve been through I wouldn’t have blamed you if you wanted to just curl up in a ball and stay under the blankets for the next ten years or so.”
“I know I’ve been pretty pathetic recently, Luke but that’s not me, honest. I’m so much stronger than this.”
“I know you are,” Luke said, his face serious. He fingered Rune’s soft hair and rubbed his thumb over his beautiful lips. “I  know you’re strong and that’s why I love you.”
“You love me?”
“With all my heart.”
“Tell me again.”
“I love you, Rune.”
Rune grinned and reached up to pull Luke’s head down. “I love you, too,” he said with a grin.
Rune was as good as his word and, as soon as Luke left, he got busy. Two hours later he was sitting at the kitchen table eating a sandwich and feeling more positive than he had in… well, years. He’d set up a gig for the weekend and the band were coming round that night to meet Luke. He’d spoken to his parents and, even thought it had been a difficult conversation, the ice had been broken and he was confident it was going to be okay.
When someone knocked the door, he ignored it. The sandwich was a good one, cheese with spring onion and mayonnaise in seeded brown bread. With a sigh, he closed his eyes and savoured the taste.
The knock came again. He ignored it. The third time it was a huge bang and the fourth it turned to pounding. “What the fuck?”
As soon as he opened the door it was flung open knocking him backwards and, before he knew it he was pinned to the wall,= with Rio’s face inches from his own. “Hello, Rune,” he said.
“No. Get away from me. Get the fuck away from me.”
“Easy, Baby. Don’t want to hurt yourself, do you? That’s my job, after all.” Rio moved away from the wall and, keeping his hand firmly clamped around Rune’s wrist, dragged him from the house. Rune was stunned, numb. His mind couldn’t process what was happening to him.
“No.” Rune dug in his heels and wrenched his arm from Rio’s grip. “Leave me alone. I’m not going anywhere with you.”
Rio laughed. “Of course you’re coming with me. Where else would you go? Here? Are you going to hide out here forever?”
Rune thought it over, rubbing his wrist. His mind screamed that he should go with Rio, that he shouldn’t resist. There was no point resisting and if he went quietly Rio might not hurt him so much. He didn’t have anywhere else to go, anyone else to care for him or… Something occurred to him, quite suddenly, and he wondered why he hadn’t thought of it before. He didn’t need anyone to care for him. Care about him, maybe but he could take care of himself. Fuck yeah.
“No, Rio, I’m not going to hide out here forever. In fact I’m going to get Luke to take me home tomorrow. I’m going to live my own life in my own home in my own way. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do. I’ve called Urban Fantasy and they’re coming over tonight to talk. We’ve got a gig on the weekend and…”
“Don’t be so stupid,” Rio snapped. “Haven’t I told you there’s no point in these pipe dreams. Neither you nor the band are going to make anything of yourselves.”
“Maybe.” He shrugged. “Maybe I’ll never make anything of myself, but I’m going to try, and you’re not going to get in my way.”
“Just cut the fucking crap Rune and get in the car.”
“No. I’m not getting in the car. I’m not going with you. I’m not going anywhere with you, ever again.”
“Don’t make a scene, Rune. You know you can’t fight me and your friend isn’t here to help you.”
“I don’t need Luke to help me,” he said stubbornly, crossing his arms. It was strange but suddenly he wasn’t frightened anymore. He tested the feeling and realised that, although he still felt really nervous and wasn’t quite sure what was going happen next, he wasn’t afraid. “I’m not scared of you anymore Rio and I’m not going anywhere with you.”

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