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Wednesday Brief - In the Arms of an Angel Ch 33 The Night of our Lives Part 2

As we come round to Wednesday again I look back on the week as the best I've had in a long time. Mainly because it had last weekend in it to be sure. Last weekend Efan, my son, and I went on a day trip to London to see 'The Making of Harry Potter' at Warner Brothers Studio. If any of you have the opportunity to go do so, it was an amazing experience.

So, back to the point. I chose the picture below as this week's prompt, for obvious reasons. There was supposed to be an Easter theme but hey...

Uzzy had never looked so beautiful, spread out under him, feverish and trembling. His back was arched, his skin slick with peach flavoured sweat. The little squeaks and whimpers that slipped from his lips drove Pasha insane, as did the taste of Uzzy’s weeping seed on his tongue.

Pasha felt privileged to know this wonderful man and even more privileged to have him helpless and moaning under him.

“More. More.” Uzzy groaned and Pasha took him further into his mouth, sucking harder and harder, making Uzzy’s hips rise from the bed.

“Oh fuck, oh hell, stop. Stop now. I don’t want….”

Immediately Pasha responded to his lover’s wishes and began to lick his way back up Uzzy’s heaving body. 

“Hell lover, if that’s what it’s like not to come, I don’t think I’ll survive orgasm tonight.” Uzzy gasped.

“You’ll survive. You’ve survived worse and haven’t exploded yet.”

Uzzy smiled his bright, beautiful smile. “I’m tired tonight.”

“Then rest and let me do all the work.”

“That’s not fair.”

“You’ve done enough for me, for everyone. Relax.”

Silencing Uzzy with a soft kiss, Pasha lay beside him and Uzzy turned to face him.

“Close your eyes,” Pasha whispered and when Uzzy complied, Pasha kissed him, while his hand roved over his side and hip. Uzzy sighed with contentment. “Do you like that?”


For a few minutes, Pasha kissed Uzzy, moving from his lips to his neck and over his shoulder, while his hand caressed his curves and ran the tips of his fingers of the soft skin of his belly. With a loud moan, Uzzy rolled over and arched his back, seeking more contact on his sensitive abdomen. Pasha smiled slowly and lowered his head to swirl his tongue around Uzzy’s belly button eliciting a moan as a shudder rippled through the muscles of his abdomen.

“I love you,” Pasha whispered against his skin and continued to kiss over his belly and upwards to suck on his nipple. Uzzy squeaked and Pasha laughed running his hand over Uzzy’z twitching belly, over his hip and around his thigh. Uzzy’s hips thrust upwards. “Easy,” Pasha whispered and teased the sensitive skin of his inner thigh.

Uzzy’s breathing was hitching and he grunted, with a deep shudder, when Pasha gently gripped his balls. 

“Pasha, I can’t stand it anymore. Please.”

“I thought you wanted to take it slow.”

“I changed my mind. Oh God please. Please do it. Harder.”

“Seeing as you asked so nicely.” Pasha pressed himself against Uzzy’s side, rubbing his erection on his mate’s leg as he stroked long and slow.

“More. More.” Uzzy thrust into his hand and Pasha started to tremble, his own groin aching with desire as Uzzy tossed and moaned, his hips twisting and thrusting, seeking more…more…more.

Uzzy’s whimpers were coming thick and fast and he was trembling violently. The end was close and Pasha sealed his lips over Uzzy’s as he squeezed a little tighter and….

“My Lord, I—. Oh. Oh shit. I’m sorry. I…I’m so—.”

“What the hell do you want? Don’t you ever knock! Why can’t you leave him alone for one night, just one night?”

“I…I’m s…sorry, My Lord but…but there’s news, news from home.”

Uzzy sat up, not bothering to try to cover himself. “What news?”

“Insurrection, My Lord. The Council’s fallen.”

“But who…? By whose hand?”

“No one knows, My Lord but… they’ve sent a request for you to join them for discussions in Eden.”

“You can’t go,” Pasha said immediately. “It’s a trap.”

“I have to.”


“This is it. This is what we fought for. Whoever brought the Council down is powerful and we can’t fight something we don’t know. If they’ve asked to speak to me, I have to go.”

“It’s a trap.”

“Maybe, but I can at least get information back that will help the others fight.”

“The others wouldn’t be able to fight their way out of a paper bag without you.”

“Maybe so. I’m still going.”

“I’ll go. I’ll test it out, see if it’s safe.”

“And have them hold you as hostage if it is a trap? That would be even more dangerous.”

“I’m coming with you.”

Uzzy paused, then nodded. “It’s safer if we’re together.”

“Give us a minute to get dressed.”

“Yes, My Lord.” The flaming faced angel disappeared and Uzzy collapsed back onto the bed. He looked so tired, pale with dread.

“I’ll be with you.”

Uzzy smiled and nodded but Pasha could see the reassurance didn’t give him much comfort.

Ten minutes later they were standing in the square. “My Lord, at least take a guard.”

“If their assurances are genuine I won’t need them. If not, a guard won’t save me and we’ll lose men we need for the fight. Pasha and I will go alone.”

“How will we get there?”

“The way we always do.” He turned to one of the advisors. “Do you have the co ordinates.” The elderly man nodded and handed something to Uzzy, which he held tight in his hand. Holding Pasha’s in the other he looked at him nervously, then nodded. “We go up.”

Pasha nodded and unfurled his wings, as Uzzy did the same. Following his mate Pasha shot straight upwards. Suddenly a blazing light surrounded them. He felt a strange sensation, as if he was being turned inside out, then the light died and they were… somewhere else.

Spread out below their feet was the streets and houses of a great city and Uzzy was descending towards it fast. Pasha had little time to look around before their feet touched the pavement in front of an enormous pair of doors set in the wall of a towering building, faced in white marble.

Holding tight to each other’s hand they exchanged glances and were about to move forward when the doors opened. A bright light shone out and all they saw was the towering shadow of an angel, his wings spread wide and a flaming sword in his hand.

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Guest Interview - David Swykert

Today I have the great pleaasure of talking to David Swykert about his new book 'The Death of Anyone'

First of all, would you like to tell us a little about yourself and your work. 

I’m a blue collar person from Detroit. I’ve worked as a truck driver, dispatcher, logistics analyst, operations manager, and ten years as a 911 operator, which was the very best job of all of them. I write stories like you’d watch a movie and put them down on paper. I have written in different genres; crime, romance, and The Death of Anyone which is essentially a mystery/suspense story with romance and science in it. 

The last sentence in my writing bio is always: He is a wolf expert. I am not a biologist. I raised two arctic hybrids, had them for eleven years, and have written two books in which they join the other protagonists.

1. How much of the people and places you knew when you worked 911 appear in your work? Do you ever find yourself writing about someone or somewhere you think you've made up and suddenly realise you've been drawing on your memory rather than your imagination?

They say write what you know, so I set my story in Detroit, where I grew up and lived for a long time and can authentically describe the city and places for the scenes in my story. When I make up a character I usually visualize someone in my head and then give them the characteristics I believe suits the character in my story. I wrote a story about a thirteen year old girl trying to save a pack of young wolves from a bounty hunter. In my mind I visualized Maggie Harrington as Jodie Foster in an old film, Taxi Driver, where she played a thirteen year old prostitute. I used Jodie’s image to describe the girl and my own feelings for animals to impart her emotions concerning the wolves. This is how I generally develop a character.

2. Your protagonists have somewhat maverick tendencies and sometime skate close to the line between legitimate and illegitimate areas of investigation and evidence gathering. In you writing, as opposed to any actual situation how far down the road would you be prepared to go before you'd consider the end no longer justifies the means and the actions of your characters could not be defended?

I don’t have a pat answer for this. I think it would depend on the nature of the crime. In the case of a violent rape I’d have a different threshold than for a car thief. 

3. Your story involves a new and controversial method of identifying a perpetrator through DNA testing. Would you like to give us an indication of how it works and why it's controversial. 

The test procedure is the same as any DNA search. What is controversial in a Familial DNA Search is you search DNA that is similar to the crime scene DNA, but not the actual DNA at the crime scene. Then you investigate people with similar DNA to the crime scene DNA, which will be most often a relative of theirs. This is how The Grim Sleeper in California was caught. The crime scene DNA was similar to his son, whose DNA was in the database. When they investigated people related to the son they found out his father was the actual perpetrator of the killings. The controversy arises from unreasonable search and seizure. Since Lonnie Franklin’s DNA was not at the crime scene, there is no “direct” evidence that linked him to the crime when they began investigating him, which the defense attorneys will claim make his investigation unreasonable.

4.  The very same method of identification is currently being tested before the court. Do you think the currency of the issue is likely to impact on the success of the book particularly if the outcome of the case differs to the conclusions you draw?

I think the trial of The Grim Sleeper will bring attention to my story either way. My own personal feeling is the court will allow the Familial DNA evidence in. This ruling will then be tested in the higher courts, most likely all the way to the Supreme Court. There is already another case in Colorado that’s being appealed, where the killer confessed based on this type evidence, and his attorneys are asking to overturn his confession based on the idea he shouldn’t have been investigated in the first place. The case is still in the appeal stages.

5. Apart from the DNA testing what's the most interesting method of investigation you've utilized, whether or not it's been used in the book.

Despite popular CSI television shows, most crimes are still solved the same way they have always been, by a tip from someone. I worked a couple of bomb threats a few years ago. We set up tip lines and offered rewards for information. The calls we got were some very unusual ones, including one who threatened to bomb the tip line.

6.  Clearly you get some of your inspiration from your past work, what else inspires you to write or what you write about?

I like to write about subjects I have a strong belief in. I have a great affection for animals and respect for the hardship they have to endure and like to use animals in my stories. Neil Jensen, one of the detectives in The Death of Anyone is an animal rights activist.

7. Do you have any little foibles connected with your writing, for example a favourite chair, pen, font etc.

I’ve moved around a lot in the last decade, so I’ve written in a variety of places. I use a laptop, so I can write wherever I am. I most recently wrote a flash story sitting up in bed on the 21st floor of the Revere Hotel in downtown Boston. I was in Boston attending the AWP Writer’s Conference.

8. What projects do you have in the pipeline for the future.

I am working on a story about a retired soldier/cop who has retreated to a mountaintop cabin attempting to regain his zest for life after his wife dies. He begins feeding a pack of young wolves and one morning meets a suicidal younger woman who’s husband has left her. This is as far as I’ve gotten.

And finally, now that we're all desperate to run out and get your book, please tell us where we can find it and maybe give us a little taster/excerpt to whet our appetites.

Chapter Two

Benham arrived first, no sign of Russo or Jensen. She got a table and told the maitre de to send them over when they arrived, and that there would be a third party, a Detective Lagrow. As he seated Benham, the maitre de informed her, “The show starts at about 12:30 pm. We have a couple of new dancers.

Benham screwed up her nose, gave him a curious eye. “Dancers?”

The maitre de nodded. “Yes, belly dancers. We have a new one I’m sure your friends will appreciate. She’s very good-young, friendly.”

Benham just shook her head. ”I’m sure they will,” she said as she sat.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

Whoa, the brake in her head told her. You know you, you know your history. You know what a slip can do to you. Doctors, psychologists, treatment, rehab, counselors, AA, each and every one of them flashed across her head as her mind absorbed the offer. “Just a coke, or, actually, would you just bring me a black coffee.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Benham sipped her coffee and looked through her brief notes of the case. They were very brief, there was little to put in them. A young girl, perhaps ten, dead, strangled, almost for certain assaulted, lying in an alley for a few hours. And it had only been a few hours—Pierangeli seemed pretty sure she hadn’t been there long. She was found at around nine-thirty am, so she died maybe around eight am. She lay there, choked, defiled, beautiful, and dead, and nobody was looking for her. She had to have been taken pretty early this morning, so it’s been about five hours she’s been gone, and nobody loves her enough to miss her. Benham could feel the anger rising from within, from the source where feelings come from, from deeper but inclusive of the stomach, from the birthplace of emotion.

A hand touched her shoulder and startled her. “Me and Jensen are here, bring on the dancing girls,” Dean Russo bellowed, joyous almost, and that irritated Bonnie a little. There was nothing to be happy about this day.

“You’ll get your wish. The belly dancers will be here in a few,” Benham said, with a bit of obvious disdain that Russo picked up on.

“You picked the place.”

“Yeah, I know,” Bonnie answered, feeling a little sorry now she sounded so disapproving. “Yeah, I picked it. Didn’t think about belly dancers, but, hey, we’re here, and I love pastitio, and they have the best. Sorry if I sound pissy, it’s only because I am. Once you see the girl you won’t be dancing in the street either.”

Russo quit laughing. “How long you been in homicide, Benham?”

Bonnie could see she rubbed something, “A couple of months.”

“You were in narcotics?”

“Yeah, I was in narcotics. I was in it and it—I was narcotic.”

There was a pause. Jensen looked across at Russo, glared a little, trying to shut him up with a look. And out of the corner of his eye let Bonnie know he saw her, too. He wanted her to keep this cool.
But it was a little late, and Bonnie was a bit volatile. “You know fucking well I was in narcotics. And you fucking know why I’m in homicide. I got myself transferred out for becoming more narcotic than narc. Quit beating around the bush. What’s your point?” 

So where can we buy this awesome book?

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Wednesday Briefs: In The Arms of an Angel - The Night of Our Lives Pt 1

Here we are at Wednesday again. It's been a strange week, lots of ups and downs, but basically okay.

Anyone who read me regularly will know that i'm usually struggling to fit the prompt into my story but this week I started with the prompt and wrote the story around it. I chose a picture prompt

Uzzy seemed so sad as he sat staring at the shimmering white city, Pasha put his arm around his shoulder. Uzzy turned and rested his head on Pasha’s chest. “The truth is,” he said, “I’ve no idea what it’s like there now. The whole place is in turmoil. All kinds of factions have come out of the closet. Discontent is widespread and the shit is hitting the fan everywhere to coin one of your colourful human phrases.

“The last time I was there it was chaos. That’s how they got me. Gabri’el was—.” He broke of and shook his head, his face still resting on Pasha’s chest.

“Did they hurt you very much?”

“Yes. I thought I was going to die. I wanted to die.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.” Pasha’s voice was soft and gentle but he burned with anger on the inside, that anyone would hurt his beautiful and gentle mate. He’d forgiven Gabri’el after his act of self sacrifice but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be angry with him. Gently, he lifted Uzzy’s head and kissed him.

Uzzy smiled up into his face, his eyes looking slightly dazzled. “So am I,” he said, breathlessly.

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes, but it can wait.”

Pasha smiled at the tone in his voice. “Wait for what?”

“First, I want to eat you.”

“Oh no you don’t. Once I get you into bed I don’t intend to let you get out again. This wouldn’t be the first time you skipped eating because you fell asleep after sex. I’m going to make sure your tummy is full before I lick it.”

Uzzy shivered and gave him a blatantly dirty smile. Sucking in his bottom lip, he danced away from Pasha and picked up a peach from the table. Taking a big bite, he closed his eyes and let his head fall back, ignoring the juice that ran over his chin. Taking another bite, he squeezed the peach so juice fell on his face. Pasha shivered, clenching his fists to stop himself grabbing Uzzy and taking him there and then.

“Full tummy,” Uzzy, or no playtime.” Pasha said, trying to sound severe.

Uzzy took another bite of the peach, then lifted his shirt and rubbed the juicy fruit over the tight skin of his belly. He circled his belly button, then worked lower, nudging the band of his trousers downward as he descended.

Pasha licked his lips, his self control wobbling wildly. He was getting hot, hard and distinctly uncomfortable. He was about to snatch the peach out of Uzzy’s hand and force meat between his lips when Uzzy changed tack and moved upwards instead. When he started to rub the peach on his nipple Pasha could stand it no longer. Eating the distance between them in two steps Pasha swept his mate off his feet, with a low growl. Uzzy laughed and threw his arms around Pasha’s neak.

“You wanted to lick me so I made me sweet and sticky for you.”

“You’re always sweet and I have my own ways of making you sticky. But you are not going into the bedroom until you’ve eaten.”

Holding Uzzy tight against him, Pasha sank onto a chair, keeping Uzzy captive on his lap. With Uzzy laughing and kicking, Pasha grabbed a piece of meat and fed it to his squirming mate.

“Keep still. If I drop you I’ll sit on you. you’re going nowhere until you’ve eaten.”

“You too,” Uzzy said, pouting and selected a grape, popping it into Pasha’s mouth. Pasha rolled it around, letting first the grape, then his tongue appear between parted lips. Then he leaned forward and pressed his lips against Uzzy’s which opened to accept the fruit. Before the grape had passed between them, Pasha bit and it burst into both mouths.

Uzzy moaned and impatiently swallowed the grape to free his tongue to lap at Pasha’s lips before plunging deep into his mouth. He squealed with disappointment when Pasha withdrew and offered him another piece of meat.

“It’s not fair. Don’t start if you’re not going to follow through.”

“Oh, I’m going to follow through but not until you’ve eaten.”

Grumbling, Uzzy subsided and allowed Pasha feed him meat and cheese. When Pasha picked up a couple of peaches Uzzy groaned. “I’ve eaten enough.”

“Oh, these aren’t for eating,” Pasha said, his voice husky.

Uzzy’s eyes lit up and he slung his arms around Pasha’s neck and kissed him. “Carry me,” he demanded.

“You’ll have to get off and let me stand first.”

“Nu huh.”

“I’ll drop you on your arse if I have to.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Try me.”

“Oh…” Glowering at Pasha, Uzzy got to his feet and allowed Pasha to stand.

Pasha laughed at him. “Oh dear, is the big bad leader of the revolution pouting because he isn’t getting what he wants?”

Uzzy glared, then grinned. “Yes,” he said, “so give it to me, now.”

“Oh, I’m going to give it to you alright.” Pasha handed the peaches to Uzzy and scooped him up again.
Pasha carried his mate into the bedroom and dumped him on the bed. Before Uzzy could complain Pasha threw himself on top of him and kissed him.

“Mmm,” Uzzy said, squirming. “You’re squashing the peaches.”


Wriggling down, Pasha, nudged up Uzzy’s shirt and, crushing one of the peaches in his hand, rubbed the flesh into Uzzy’s skin. Uzzy moaned and arched his back. He moaned again when Pasha started to lick the sticky juice. Squirming, Uzzy whimpered. “Lower,” he begged.

Pasha slipped Uzzy’s trousers down over his hips and Uzzy kicked them off. Pasha took the remaining peach and held it to Uzzy’s lips. Uzzy raised his head and took a bite. He chewed the juicy flesh, giving Pasha a hot look and licking his lips. The look dropped off his face and he fell back with a deep moan, when Pasha dribbled peach juice over his cock and began to lick.

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Upstaged One - Opening Act Re Release

You can buy at

Upstaged Two - Waiting in the Wings 

Released today!!!!

You can buy here

The adventures of Erik, the American lead singer of The Von and his snarky and enigmatic British boyfriend continue. The Von are making it big but, with all the excitement of their first record deal and tour, they don't appreciate the dangers of leaving their lovers behind and travelling half way across the world. When someone starts taking snaps of Erik and Billy in compromising situations (with each other and others) and sending them to Asher and Vince, things really head up and it looks as if the relationships are broken beyond repair.

As if that wasn't bad enough a buried terror from Asher's past bursts suddenly into his present and turns it upside down. What results is a terrifying series of events that leads to Asher and Erik in the hands of a sadistic abuser while their friends resort to desperate measures to rescue them.


Frowning, on edge, and distinctly nervous, Erik watched as James tapped the laptop, bringing the screen to life.  

"Jesus Christ!!" 

It was Asher. But Asher as Erik had never seen him before; Asher as he never wanted to see him again. It was obviously a long time ago. Asher looked much younger, much different. His hair was shorter— shoulder length, and without the blue streaks—  and his face was clean of makeup. Only his beautiful violet eyes were the same, as they stared out from the screen, almost as if he was reaching out, begging for help. 

He lay on a bed, absolutely naked with his arms secured behind his back, and he was crying. There was something strange about the cries. They were hopeless, frantic, almost hysterical, but somehow directionless... blurred. 

James appeared, also naked. He lay down on the bed next to Asher, glancing up at the camera. Again, Erik had the spooky feeling that he looked at him

"Ssh, Asher. Ssh, darling. I'm here now, I'm here." He gently stroked Asher's hair and the frantic sobbing subsided to heart-wrenching, pathetic weeping.  

"James? Help me, James. Please, James, please. Help me. Don’t let me die. Please, don't let me die." 

"Hush now, darling. No one is going to die." 

"The... the darkness, James." 

"The darkness won't touch you while I'm here, darling. Be a good boy and I'll save you. I'll keep the darkness away." 

"Please, James... Please...." 

"Say you love me, Asher, beautiful boy." 


"Tell me you love me, Asher, or I'll have to go." 

"No..." Asher's cry was wrenched from him. He was terrified, and Erik suddenly realized what was going on. 

What kind of fucking monster are you? What did you do to him? He looked between the screen and James's face and tried not to show his horror, his disgust at what happened in the video. He failed. “What the fuck did you do to him? What was he, maybe fourteen? He was just a child! What the hell did you do? What have you done to Asher?" he demanded, his eyes ablaze with anger. 

James turned to him and smiled. "Enjoy the show, Erik. Take a good long look at what Asher was— and is— namely, mine. He’ll always be mine. No matter how far he tries to run, how hard he tries to hide, I will find him. He's mine and he knows it." He turned to look at the screen and gently stroked the boy who used to be Asher with his finger. "My baby," he crooned. "My whore. Beautiful, wasn't he? So fucking perfect. Is he still beautiful, Erik?" 

Over my dead body he's yours. He's supposed to be mine! "Actually he's developed a horrible ogre-like twitch, ugly as hell. I don't think you'd go for him now for whatever little sick games you liked to play with a child. He's not anybody's. He's totally independent." 

James smiled. "Yes, he thought that then, too. He was such a bad boy. Did you know that? Got in with the wrong crowd. He was on the run from the police when I took him. I bet you didn't know that. Darling little Asher, so sweet and full of fire. He fought me—in the beginning. Fought like a tiger." He ran his finger over the screen again. "But he didn't have a chance, not for a moment. No matter how hard he fought me - he couldn't fight the darkness." 

Erik rolled his eyes. "I knew all about it, actually. I was like that too as a young kid, got in trouble all the time. He's a fighter again, you psycho. You didn't drive it out of him. You sure the fuck won't drive it out of me either, if that's your sick little goal. You're just some sex-crazed pedophile who had to take a little boy and make him your own, or try to. Next time, get a hooker, you freak!" He wished he could punch or kick that all too perfect face. It annoyed the hell outta him. 

"Erik. Oh Erik, how naïve you are. You're not listening to me, not at all. Trust me, Asher is mine, body and soul and I will have him again. I should never have let him go. And you." He turned and laughed aloud. "Do you really think I'd want you, when I can have him? Oh, I'm sure you consider yourself to be quite a catch, but you're not my type, not at all." 

"You're hardly my type either. I don't go for psychos. You brought me here as bait, obviously. Well you're wasting your fucking time. Asher and I aren't even speaking, so I doubt he'd waste his time looking for me at all. Your little trap is one big fat failure, Jimmyboy. So how about you just let me go, and we'll get on with our lives, capisce?" 

James laughed again. "But that's where you're wrong; very wrong. By now, Asher will know you're here; all your little friends will. And he'll know who's here with you.  I'd be very surprised if, when he saw my face, he didn't react rather badly. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he didn't rush in like the bloody hero he always believed he was, and save you from the jaws of... well... me." James grinned his feral grin and regarded Erik through blazing eyes. "Don't doubt for one single moment that Asher will come for you. He'll have to. And then he'll be mine again. This time I won't let him go. I'll never let him go." 

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Wednesday Flash. In the Arms of an Angel - Going Home

Another Wednesday rolls around and I'm exhausted. As usual, I'm taking on more than I can chew, in work and out of it and my writing has ground to a halt under the weight of it. Fortunately this little flash can be relied on to kick my ass and I'm back :)

The prompt I used this week was 'all that glitters is not gold.'

After saying goodbye to Anna and Lukas, they went straight back to headquarters, hoping for some time to be together. However, as soon as they arrived they were met by someone with a problem. Uzzy was whisked away to solve it, leaving Pasha alone and at a loose end.

That was the pattern for the next few days. Someone would come with a problem only Uzzy could resolve and he always went with good grace, leaving Pasha gnashing his teeth in frustration. On the rare occasions he attended meetings with Uzzy he was bored to tears

It was late and Pasha was furious. Uzzy had been gone for hours and the meal he’d spent ages preparing was all but spoiled. He was almost at the stage of pacing when the door opened and Uzzy slouched in.  After one glance Pasha’s anger dissolved. Uzzy looked exhausted, his skin grey and his eyes sunken. A twinge of guilt shot through him that he’d been angry with his mate for being late for a meal, when he’d been somewhere leading a fight for freedom.

Pasha had to admit he didn’t understand the politics Uzzy was so passionate about. He had very few memories of his time as Passa’el, the angel of death, soulmate to Uzzi’el, the angel of mercy.. He knew they came from a place called Eden, where they lived in a great white city on a cliff overlooking a fertile valley. Uzzy had talked about lush terraces of olive groves and flower gardens, but he didn’t remember them.
Uzzy had talked about a lot of things, and always with such passion. Half the time Pasha was too caught up in the beauty of his eyes or the brightness of his smile to really listen to his words, and when he did he didn’t understand them.

Apparently, Eden was ruled by a Council who had absolute power. Uzzy, and those who followed him, believed they were corrupt and out-dated. They ruled every level of society with an iron fist, backed by the fearsome Host, their army of warrior angels which used to be led by Micha’el. Pasha had shuddered at the thought there might be more like him, but had no real understanding of what it would be like to face and army of them.

Uzzy was fighting for freedom, for a new Council of honourable men who had the interests of the people at heart and not the acquisition of personal wealth and power gained at the expense of the populace. In all honesty, Pasha had no idea if this was a just fight or purely the idealism of a disenchanted sector of society.
The fight for Earth and humanity had been a ‘cause’ that had been taken up by the rebel angels but, again, Pasha had no idea how legitimate it was, or how significant in the grand scheme of things. Uzzy had spent hours patiently explaining and Pasha had listened with only half an ear.

One thing he was sure of, however, was that Uzziel believed absolutely in the cause and threw himself at it tirelessly. He was very proud of his mate and it hurt him to see him so exhausted and dejected.

Despite his obvious exhaustion, Uzzy’s eyes lit up when he saw the feast Pasha had prepared for him and threw himself into his arms with a cry of delight. Gasping from the kisses Uzzy showered over him, Pasha laughed and held him back a little so he could look into his beloved face.

“It’s the least I could do, my love. You work too hard and you need to be taken care of.”

“Oh, but it’s half spoiled and you worked so hard.”

“Not as hard as you. If you’re not careful you’ll be too exhausted to lead once we get back to Eden.”

Uzzy sighed. “I know, but what can I do? There’s so much to take care of.”

“Then delegate others to take care of it.”

“I’d love to but you’d be surprised how quickly people disappear when there’s a chance they might be asked to do something and those who stick around are as busy and tired as I am.”

“I wish I could be of more help.”

“Do you have any idea how much you already help, just being here? You’re never going to be a great politician but that’s fine, because I am. Your skills lie in different places.” He highlighted his words by pressing his body against Pasha’s.

“Oh so that’s it,” Pasha said, a laugh taking the sting out of his words. “I’m to be a play toy for the mighty leader, spending all my time making sure everything is just so for him when he returns after a hard day saving the world.”

The smile disappeared from Uzzy’s face. “Is that what you think?”

Pasha was about to say ‘no’ when he paused. “No-oh, not really, but I do feel kind of out of place and redundant.”

“Redundant? That couldn’t be further from the truth. I need you Pasha. I need you so much and you’ll find your place when we get home.”

“Home? You mean Eden. It’s not home to me, Uzzy. I don’t remember ever being there. I don’t even know what it looks like.”

“Oh, I forgot.  Come here.” Uzzy dragged him over to the table under the window. He took a flat tablet out of his pocket and laid it on the table. His fingers flew over its surface and Pasha saw strange golden glyphs appear and then, suddenly, the image of a mountain in 3D. On one side it fell in sheer cliffs into a beautiful valley and on the other it meandered more gently in a series of terraces. At the top of the mountain was a great city that gleamed in the bright light, brilliant white.

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” Pasha breathed.

“Hmm. It seems that way doesn’t it. But don’t be deceived, Pasha my love. Remember, all that glitters is not gold.”

Now, please go read the rest of the wonderful flashes.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wednesday Brief - How Can I Leave You Now

First, many apologies if you find missed capitals as my Shift key is playing up. I hope I've caught them all :)

Here we are at another Wednesday Flash and this time I have chosen... She ran in...

“What do you mean? What happens with us? We go on. We learn. We live. We love. We become one as we were always meant to be.”

Uzzy took Pasha’s hand and looked into his eye. “But we are not as we were. You know nothing but your earthly life. You have ties now that bind you to the earth, and I…. We have not won the war, Pasha, my love. We have won a battle only. A great battle it’s true but the real war is in Eden now. Micha’el is gone but the host is still there. I have an army to lead.  

“I have to leave earth, Pasha and I may very well never come back. I can’t ask you to leave your family, your friends and everything you’ve ever known and follow me into a war that isn’t yours.”

He looked so sad, so scared that Pasha couldn’t help but smile. He cupped Uzzy’s face in his hand and lifted it to gaze into his eyes.

“What ties I had are meaningless beside the ties I have with you. You’re my mate Uzzy, my soulmate and I would follow you to the ends of the universe. All I ask is time to speak to my brother and explain, then I will follow you wherever you go.”

Tears sprang to Uzzy’s eyes and he smiled a smile that dazzled Pasha. “I love you, my mate. I have always loved you, but never more than I do in this moment.”

“And I love you, my mate. I forgot you for such a long time and I want to re learn every little thing about you. I want to know what makes you laugh, what makes you cry and…” he kissed Uzzy deeply and whispered, “…what makes you scream.”

“Oh, you knew how to make me scream,” Uzzy said breathlessly.

“And I will again. How soon do you have to leave?”

“We can afford to take a few days. Others will begin to pack the camp for our return to Eden. Would you like to spend some time with your family?”

“You are my family and I would like to spend as much time as I can with you. We have a lot to learn about each other.”

“Re learn.”

“Oh yes. I’m sure it will come easier as time passes. The re learning that is.”

Uzzy smiled shyly. “Can we begin to re learn very soon?”

“Can we visit my brother and say goodbye. After that I’m all yours. No ties but you.”

“Give me half an hour to get things moving here?”

“As long as you want. We have all the time in the world.”

“I only wish we did.”


Lukas looked shocked when he opened the door, but he only hesitated a moment before throwing himself at his brother and taking him into his arms.

“Dear God, Pasha, we’ve been so worried. I honestly thought we’d never see you again.”

“Trust me Lukas, there were times when I thought that too.”

“Pasha!” Anna nudged past Lukas and hugged him too.

Pasha gently pulled away and smiled at her. “Aren’t you going to ask us in?”

“Of course, of course. Come in.”

Anna hurried Pasha and Uzzy into the living room and fussed around them. Lukas simply sat and watched. When Anna had gone Pasha began to feel uncomfortable with his scrutiny and silence.

“You’ve come to say goodbye, haven’t you?” Lukas said at last.


“Will I ever see you again?”

“it’s not very likely.”

“You’re going with him then? To… wherever angels come from.”

Pasha nodded. “Yes.”

“Will they let you in? A human?”

“Well… that’s the thing. It seems I’m not exactly human at all.”

“What do you mean?”

Pasha exchanged glances with Uzzy who nodded, knowing what he was asking and what he was intending  without even a thought.

Getting to his feet, Pasha stretched out his arms and concentrated. The great dark wings manifested and spread from his shoulders. Lukas yelped and drew back. There was a crash and, when Pasha turned his head it was to see Anna in the doorway, the tray of tea at her feet amidst broken china. Pasha turned towards her and the tip of his wing knocked an ornament off the fireplace. It smashed against the hearth.

“Shit. I’m sorry.” He immediately de-manifested his wings and hurried to help Anna clear the mess. She stood still and stared at him, looking frightened. Pasha took her hand and she flinched. “Don’t be afraid of me, Anna, please. I’m just the same as I always was.”

“How can you say that? You have wings.

“Yes, but the wings aren’t the important part. My heart’s what’s important and that’s just the same as it always was, it loves you just as much.”

For a moment Anna continued to stare, then she threw her arms around him and held him close. “Oh dear God, Pasha, I love you and I always will, no matter who you are or what you become. I always said you’re an angel.”

Pasha smiled and hugged her back. “Thank you,” he said.

“So… are you two… together now?”

“Yes, very together.”

“Then I’m happy for you.”

“He’s leaving,” Lukas said dully.

“Well of course he’s leaving. This is no place for an angel.”

“We’ll never see him again.”

Anna smiled sadly. She ran in to embrace her husband. “Maybe not,” she said, “but he’ll always be close, won’t you darling.”

“I’ll always be thinking of you and I’ll always hold you in my heart. I swear. And if the opportunity ever arises I will come back to visit.”

“I won’t hold my breath for that.”


Suddenly, Lukas sniffed and grabbed Pasha dragging him into a tight embrace. “Take care of yourself.” He looked up at Uzzy. “Take care of him or I’ll track you down and rip your heart out.”

“He is my heart,” Uzzy said.

After a moment Lukas smiled and nodded.

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