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GIVEAWAY Buchanan House Series - Charley Descoteaux

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featuring all five books in the Buchanan House series!

Series Blurb:

Buchanan House, a queer retreat on the Central Oregon coast, welcomes everyone under the rainbow. A diverse group of characters touch each other’s lives—sometimes to stay, sometimes just while they’re needed—enjoying good food, friendship, and the chance for love. In a Buchanan House love story, family doesn’t always mean blood and everyone deserves a happily ever after.

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Being a witch doesn’t mean one can beat the devil forever.

Jeffrey Overton, unemployed IT professional turned poker player, pushes his luck once too often and runs afoul of the host of an illegal card club. The man sent to escort Jeffrey to a “meeting” about his supernatural winning streak arrives at Jeffrey’s crappy North Portland apartment, lock-picking tools in hand and a charm to block Jeffrey’s magick.

Head muscle for said host, Mike Wells, is a Daisy from Daisyville. He isn’t a witch. What he lacks in magickal talent he makes up for in brawn, so he doesn’t expect the guy he’s after to overpower him. But once Mike renders Jeffrey helpless, he’d rather seduce him than bring him in.

Jeffrey and Michael ditch the “meeting” and end up hunting some of the same people they ran from, trying to get Jeffrey back into his own body. And that’s only part of the adventure. The pair travel halfway across the country on the quietest road trip in history and find missing people, empire-building witches, and maybe even the families they’d both thought lost to them.

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Charley Descoteaux is the author of the Buchanan House Love Stories. Book One was a USA Today Must-Read Romance.

Charley has always heard voices. She was relieved to learn they were fictional characters, and started writing when they insisted daydreaming just wasn’t good enough. In exchange, they’ve agreed to let her sleep once in a while. Charley has survived earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods, but couldn’t make it through a single day without stories.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Why Writing Fantasy Is Awesome

I have never really thrown myself into the world of high fantasy. I've tended to focus on contemporary reality, even when including paranormal elements. In many ways my books, even those involving



have been rooted very much in reality with the paranormal elements weaving themselves into everyday life, or at least as every day as you can get with the fey or shifters or vampires.

I've thought about writing fantasy for a long time. I love to read it after all. I hate the thought of being one-note in my writing and love to experiment with everything from setting to point of view to genre. I've dabbled in sci fi and toyed with paranormal but never committed myself all the way.

Then, an idea came to me and I ran with it. The result is not yet fully crafted but has been contracted with eXtasy as my first series.  I have a well-formed idea for three books, with possibly a fourth bubbling away in the back of my head. It's so new that, although I have named each book, I have no idea what to call the entire series. I'm hoping it will come to be soon.

Creating a world is, in itself, an exciting project. "Fairyland" is such a huge concept and has been written about so many times, it was a challenge to come up with new things. Thankfully, my twisted imagination and experience of living for more than fifty years in my own world, has come in handy in that department.

As usual, I started in the "real world" with a very ordinary sixteen-year-old boy and his ordinary friends, who are in the middle of their school exams. Tay has plans. He's going somewhere, although the last place he expected to go was Fairyland. This is a new take on the old trope of "Fairy prince sent to the human world to hide from demons". Tay takes his ordinariness into the other world, along with his best friend Caleb who's possessed by the very demons Tay was unknowingly hiding from. From there, he dodges assassins, makes powerful friends and tries desperately to come to terms with the fact that his parents were never his parents and his true family are fairies, people he's never met who expect him to slot into the role that should have been his. He's so lost he needs a map to find his way around his own head.

We follow as the strange new world unfolds, and my imaginations does crazy things to everyday animals and even inanimate objects. Feathered flying panthers, amphibious foxes, double-ended snakes and buildings that turn out to be sleeping dragons.

This is one of the places featured, where Tay meets the feathered panther with Wisp.

With images like that to work with, it's easy to let your mind go crazy about the wondrous creatures that might inhabit this place. Other things, like the skink wizard, are just plain crazy

The biggest challenge I've come up against is what the heck to name the series. I have names for the individual books - Willow's Way, Tay's Trials and Cale's Cunning, but what to call them all together?

Look out for Willow's Way coming soon (hopefully by the end of the year) from eXtasy to find out what I finally chose as the series name.

Monday, 5 August 2019

COVER REVEAL: V. J. Allison Away to Me

Hi everyone! V.J. Allison here. I’m so excited to show off the cover for my new book, Away to Me, which is Book 1 in the Tri-Town Series. It will be published by eXtasy Books later this year, so keep watching for it!

Many thanks to eXtasy Books/Devine Destinies cover artist Martine Jardin for her amazing work on the perfect cover. It’s so Nova Scotian, which is exactly what I wanted. I adore it!

The town in the background is Lunenburg, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home of one of the most famous schooners in Canada – The Bluenose II. The couple represents Neil and Kelsey perfectly… It’s amazing seeing them come to life for the first time. I’m so happy!

Before we do the big reveal, here’s some information about the book:

What would you do if you found out your late spouse wasn’t the biological parent of your stepchild as they had led you to believe? Would you let it go, in hopes the child wouldn’t go looking for their birth family, or would you help them in their search?

This is the dilemma Neil Falcon faced when he first discovered his late wife, Rita, wasn’t the biological mother of his teenage stepdaughter, Rikki.

His decision to look for her roots puts them on a path that leads them to a part of Neil’s past, one he thought was locked away forever.

Away to Me is about family, overcoming one’s troubled past, and finding that one special person to love forever.

Here it is, the gorgeous cover for Away to Me, Book 1 of the Tri-Town Series.

Away to Me
Book 1 of the Tri-Town Series

Tagline: Sometimes you have to go back to move forward…

“What doesn’t lie? The evidence.”

The evidence in front of Neil Falcon proved that his late wife wasn’t the birth mother of his stepdaughter, Rikki. If Rita lied to him about Rikki’s roots, what else did she hide from him?

The confused pair begin a search that leads them down a road that makes an unexpected backwards turn, to Neil’s past, and the woman who once held his heart.

Kelsey Wagner is shocked to see the man she once adored appear on her doorstep with claims that Rikki may be her biological child. After finding out her daughter wants her to be a part of her life, she agrees. With Neil’s help, Kelsey settles into the role of helping him raise their daughter.

Amidst the confusion of raising a teenage daughter and dealing with the antics of a mischievous corgi, the old feelings resurface.

They know their daughter wants them to become a family, but can they make it work?

Coming soon from eXtasy Books!
(Book 2 is currently “under production”, keep watching for updates on my blog!)

About the Author

V.J. Allison was born and raised in southern Nova Scotia, Canada, and her work reflects her strong Maritime roots. She is a stay at home mother to a son on the autism spectrum, married to the love of her life, and “mama” to a rescued Maine Coon cat named Marnie.

She has been writing various stories of novel length and short stories since her school days, and sees writing as a vital component to her life.

When she isn’t writing, she loves to read romance and science fiction novels (notably Star Wars); listen to music (heavy metal, rock, alternative); watch various crime and forensic dramas; watch science fiction television shows and movies; and spend time with her large family and many friends.

This self-proclaimed geeky rocker chick is a warrior and advocate for various chronic illnesses including Occipital Neuralgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Diabetes, Migraines, and Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia. She is also an advocate for the prevention of animal cruelty and is a voice for Autism Awareness.

Her first book, Stricken, was released by eXtasy Books on March 17, 2017, and has garnered positive reviews.

*Special Thanks to Maggie Blackbird, Denise Wheatley, Cheryl Headford, and Taryn Jameson for doing the cover reveal for me. Y’all are amazing! Big hugs, and love to all of you!*