Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday Briefs - Breathing Space


It's that time of the week again. I'm flashing my briefs so, if you haven't run away in terror at the thought read on to find out what Rune and Luke have been up to this week.

The promts I had to work with were.

"Spring fever or hay fever, I don't know...."

or the alternative prompts:

"Love is in the air"


use: octopus, Vienna sausage, Rice Krispies.


"Just a spoonful of  (fill in the blank) makes the medicine go down"


it's laundry day and your character hasn't a thing to wear!


"Yes, we have no (fill in the blank)"
Given that I'd already written the story and I had to insert one of the prompts afterwards, I chose 'Love is in the Air' because it was the one I thought I could slot in without it being too obviously an afterthought.

Breaking the look finally, Rune stretched out on the bed and stared at Luke, with a clear invitation in his eyes. He writhed on the covers, arching his back and raising his hands over his head; putting on quite a show for Luke, who could hardly breathe as he watched. He had never seen anyone dance while lying in bed but, effectively, that was what Rune was doing and Luke was entranced. He was itching to reach out, but, every time he tried Rune batted his hands away until, finally, Rune gasped. “Touch me, Luke.”
Eagerly, Luke reached for him, stroking his naked body, watching it come to life under his hands, as Rune’ breathing quickened and his hands clawed at Luke’s back. Rune’s eyes were closed and there was a look on his face that might have been pleasure and might have been pain.
“Are you alright?” Luke asked.
“Oh God, yes,” Rune moaned. “Yes. I want you, Luke. I want you so much it hurts. I want you to make the pictures go away.”
Luke raised himself on one elbow and looked down at Rune, stroking his belly and idly toying with his cock, making it bounce and Rune squirm.
“What pictures?” Rune went still and bit his lip. “What pictures?” Luke repeated.
Rune turned his head away. “The pictures in my head - of what Rio did to me.”
Luke laid his hand against the side of Rune’s face and turned it gently back. “I know it’s hard, especially after today, but you must understand two things. First, those days are over. I’m here now, not Rio and I’ll never treat you like that. And second, what he did to you was wrong only because you weren’t willing. There’s nothing in what he said that disgusts me or makes me feel less for you.”
“There isn’t?”
“No. Maybe, when you’re better, you could show me some of the things you didn’t hate.”
Rune’s eyes widened. “You’d…?”
“Hell yeah; if you want to.”
Their lovemaking was soft and gentle. Neither felt the need to posess or control. Rune was a primal force, totally relaxed with Luke for the first time. He smouldered: he teased; he played Luke’s body like a musical instrument.
“Oh God,” Luke moaned, as Rune licked his way up his cock for the third time. “Please… don’t do this to me. I can’t… I can’t bear it. I need to…”
“Ssh,” Rune hummed against his throbbing dick head. “Just a little longer. Be patient.”
“I’ve been patient. I’ve been patient for hours and now I don’t want to… Ahh.”
Rune’s teeth grazed the skin, as he slid his finger between Luke’s buttocks.
“I’m warning you, Rune. Do what you’re thinking of doing and I’m going to blow, big time.” Luke groaned, no longer able to speak, as Rune slipped a finger tip inside him.
Releasing Luke’s cock, Rune went to work on him in earnest, preparing him for the finale. Luke couldn’t speak, couldn’t control the trembling in his body, the tension building in his belly and almost came right there and then, when Rune finally slid carefully into him. It was easy to relax for him, to savour every moment of his slow penetration and to be drawn totally into the wonder of his beautiful face, rapt in concentration and ecstacy.
Agonisingly slowly, but steadily, Rune raised Luke to the point of no return synchronising slow thrusts, with a firm massage of Luke’s cock. In all that time, Rune never lost control, not once and, if Luke had been thinking coherently he would have wondered about that, wondered if it was something he’d been ‘trained’ to do. But he wasn’t thinking clearly, he wasn’t thinking at all – he was merely reacting. His hands were fisted, clutching at the bedclothes, his body writhing, covered with a sheen of perspiration, aching and straining towards release.
Finally, neither one of them could postpone the inevitable any longer and Luke roared out, as he arched his back and was taken over completely by the mindblowing convulsions of an intense orgasm.
As if Luke’s release had given him some kind of permission Rune lost himself in his own pleasure and it wasn’t long before he followed Luke into a silent climax that had him collapsing across Luke, gasping for breath, with his heart hammering so hard, Luke could feel it vibrating through his chest.
“Rio was right about one thing.” Luke gasped.
“He was?”
“You are a slut.”
Rune smiled. “Only when I want to be,” he whispered against the side of Luke’s mouth, as he teased his bottom lip with his teeth and ran his tongue over and into his mouth. Rune sure did know how to kiss and, if he hadn’t been before, Luke was lost.
Finally, he raised his head and looked down at Rune. He looked exhausted but triumphant, his hair like a cloud around his head and his beautiful eyes glazed with passion. His lips, swollen from the kiss were parted and curved in a gentle smile.
“What are you smiling at?” Luke asked, stroking Rune’s face.
Rune sighed and closed his eyes, the smile widening. He arched his back and snuggled closer to Luke. “Feel good,” he murmured, sounding sleepy. “Thank you.”
“Thank me? For giving me the best experience of my life? Thank you, Rune. Rune the magnificent. Rune the sexy. Rune the… beautiful.” His thumb brushed Rune’s lips and he opened his eyes, as he kissed the thumb and sucked it into his mouth.
“I’ve never… You make me feel like no one else has ever done. I… don’t know how to…” He frowned, a dull, tired look creeping into his eyes.
“Love is in the air,” Luke teased, trying to make the smile come back.
Rune’s eyes brightened and Luke lowered his head to kiss him.
Before their lips quite met, they were startled away from each other by a thunderous hammering on the front door.

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