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Beneath the Surface by M.A. Church



TITLE: Beneath The Surface 

AUTHOR: M.A. Church 

PUBLISHER: OmniLit / All Romance eBooks, LLC 

COVER ARTIST: Erin Dameron-Hill 

LENGTH: 37,000 words 

RELEASE DATE: April 01, 2016

BLURB: A whole different world exists beneath the surface.

The last thing Nisha expects while patrolling his territory is to find his mate, but his instincts tell him the handsome human diving into the surf is the one meant for him. Two bites and Kannon will be joined to him forever. But when Kannon’s father disrupts the mating process, Nisha releases his claim, hoping beyond hope his mate will one day return.

While free diving with his father, Kannon is bitten by a seductive merman. Although he swore to never go near the ocean again, the pull to return to the water and his mystery man remains strong. Finally, after fifteen years away, an impromptu wedding brings Kannon back to the Seychelles, and his destiny.

Kannon only plans to stay on the island for a week, but this time Nisha won’t let his mate go without a fight. Merfolk and human culture collide as the embers of Nisha and Kannon’s mate bond ignite, and Nisha must complete the mating before it’s too late.


A whole different world existed under the sea—lighting, sounds, even the feeling of otherworldliness. No matter how clear the water, it still played tricks, even on experienced divers.

The colorful tropical fish, artifacts, and the remnants of history buried beneath the waves—along with a mysterious landscape mostly untouched by humans—always gave Kannon a thrill. Parts of the reef weren’t very deep, so he had no trouble freediving.

This year for vacation, Kannon and his dad rented a boat and guide to take them to the reefs around the Seychelles. This was by no means the first time he’d gone snorkeling. Growing up along the California coast guaranteed Kannon was comfortable in the water.

The guide had warned them to stay together, but Kannon had other ideas. Besides, he wasn’t going that far off. After investigating the colorful reef fish and interesting coral formations—and seeing his dad was distracted—Kannon slowly but steadily wandered off on his own. An outcrop of rocks covered in algae caught his eye, and he went to investigate.

Many of the multihued native fish swam past him, curious as to what he was. It was funny how they circled him. Kannon held his hand out. A few braver fish darted in, nibbled at his fingers, and then swam off. God, what a rush it was. Nothing was better than this.

He drew closer to the outcrop, surprised it was much deeper than he’d first thought. Huh, not an outcrop, but the mouth of an underwater cave. Cool. From a distance it appeared to be nothing more than oddly shaped rocks. Peering inside, he was unable to see past the murky blackness within.

Curious, he reached his hand out, stretching toward the mouth of the cave. His scalp prickled. A tingle washed through him. The water around him caressed his body as he hung weightlessly, staring at the cave entrance as his dick swelled in his trunks. What the…?

It wasn’t as if he made a habit of getting horny while diving, so what the hell? Torn between desire and unease, he hovered in the tropical water. Chills chased up his spine, and goose bumps broke out over his body.

His heart rate sped up—not a good thing underwater—and the feeling of being watched crept across his nerves. Something was in there, and his mind screamed at him to get away even as the urge to reach inside nearly overwhelmed him.

Kannon’s body swayed dangerously closer. His nipples ached as the water flowed past, and he had to force himself not to whimper as need struck him. He jerked back. There’s something waiting for me, just waiting for me to reach in so it can... what? So it can do what?

Jesus, he needed to get a serious grip on his imagination, and crap, he had to surface too. Lack of oxygen made the decision for him. All this panicking on his part had used up his air—stupid of him.

He surfaced and shook the hair out of his eyes. Wow, is that our boat way over there? Oh man, Dad’s going to kill me. Worried about the fit his dad was going to have, he was totally unprepared for the strange guy who popped up next to him, although “guy” might have been overly nice.
Kannon yelped, but the dude across from him just smiled. The androgynous, fey face wasn’t quite human. The long pointed ears were a good indication, as was the glimpse of sharp little teeth.

Oh, and the gills at its neck.

Azure blue hair floated in the water around shapely shoulders and cobalt blue eyes stared back at him. It was a visage that was hauntingly beautiful, otherworldly, and a tad disconcerting. The creature smiled slightly as if he agreed. It—whatever it was—scared the bejesus out of him.

Then it reached out and dragged Kannon under the water.



M.A. Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector. Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far-off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles. It’s a full time job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it!

When not writing, she’s on the back porch tending to the demanding wildlife around the pond in the backyard. The ducks are very outspoken. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two grown children.

She was a finalist in the 2013 Rainbow Awards, runner up in the 2015 Rainbow Awards, and is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.


Winner’s Prize: $5 Amazon GC


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Jonathan's Promise by Hans Hirschi



jonathans promise
TITLE: Jonathan’s Promise 

SERIES: Jonathan Trilogy: Book Two

AUTHOR: Hans M. Hirschi

PUBLISHER: Beaten Track Publishing

COVER ARTIST: Natasha Snow

LENGTH: 214 Pages

RELEASE DATE: March 31, 2016

BLURB: Jonathan made Dan a promise - a promise that will affect the remainder of his life. But what does he have left to live for?

When their grandson Parker and his fiancé Cody move in with him, the three of them embark on a journey to shed light on Dan's roots.

A heart-warming sequel to Jonathan's Hope, Jonathan's Promise deals with aging and the ultimate consequences of wedding vows. Are we entitled to a second shot at happiness? When is 'for worse' too much to handle?

In this trilogy:

Jonathan's Hope (Book 1)
Jonathan's Promise (Book 2)
Jonathan's Legacy (Book 3) 



“Yes, Hon, what is it?”

“I’m tired.”

“I know. Just rest. You need your strength for tomorrow.”

“I’m not sure I want to...”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just not sure it’s worth it, Jon...” Dan started to cough. Jonathan rose from his chair at his husband’s bedside to offer him some water, gently lifting and holding Dan’s head while he took down the cool, soothing liquid.

When the coughing eased, Dan patted Jonathan’s hand. He waited until Jonathan was seated before he spoke further. “Thanks. I’m old, hon. And I’m tired. I’ve lived a long and rich life, and you know what the doctor said. There’s only a very small chance the surgery will help. The tumor’s already metastasized, and even with chemo I’ll die sooner rather than later. Maybe it’s better to just get it over with.”

Jonathan began to cry, tumbling forward in his despair. His head came to a rest on his husband’s chest. They’d been a couple for so many years―six decades. How would he go on without Dan’s strength? How could he survive without the man who’d saved his life?

“Hon, don’t worry about me. I need you now, probably more than ever. I need to know you’ll stay strong for the kids. They need you.”

Dan’s words began to slur and his eyes closed. Even talking took so much effort. When he was sure Dan was asleep, Jonathan left their bedroom and went downstairs, out to the back patio, where he left the crisp, fresh fall air to dry the tears on his face. He was tired, too. Dan’s cancer had come back. They’d thought he’d beaten it, but the last screening showed the dark shadows in his bones and his lungs. After three years of clear results, it had come completely out of the blue, and the doctor said that it had also spread to other areas of the body.

That was just a few days ago, and Dan had accepted the news with equanimity. He had made peace with himself and the world around him when the cancer had first been diagnosed in his prostate. Back then, there was still a sparkle in Dan’s eyes, a determination to fight this, a will to survive. But at ninety years of age, Dan was tired, and Jonathan knew―or rather he felt―that his husband was done. And he understood, but that did not diminish the pain, the despair. Yes, he’d be strong for the kids, the grandkids, but who’d look after him? Who’d make sure he survived?   



Barnes & Noble

What can I say about this wonderful book? It was a roller coaster from start to finish. I started to in the first chapter and was still crying at the end, although it wasn't constant; there were a fair few lighter moments to enjoy.

The book starts with Jonathan's husband of almost sixty years, Dan, dying of cancer. It was not the maudlin or morbid event it could have been, and wasn't dwelt over. It was a necessary beginning, as well as an ending and it was handled very well. Before he died, Dan made Jonathan make a promise which he reluctantly does.

After the funeral, when all is settled, Jonathan's grandson, Parker and his fiancee, Cody move in with him to begin their life together. I though this was a lovely bit of juxtapositioning - one journey ended and another beginning.

Speaking of journeys, one thing Jonathan has always wanted to do is travel, but Dan wasn't keen, so when looking at what to do with the rest of his life, travel features large. Jonathan persuades Parker and Cody, without too much trouble, to join him on an amazing journey, first to locate Dan's family, what's left of it, and then on a round-the-world cruise. It was on this cruise that Jonathan's life changes yet again.

One of the criticisms of this book is that, on occasion, the dialogue was a little stiff and didn't always flow well. The other criticism I can't go into too deeply without a major spoiler. Suffice it to say, I think things moved too fast in certain places. Whilst I appreciate the need for it, both in the confines of the writing and the situation in the story, I think the emotional side of it snowballed way too fast. Having said that, both criticism are minor in the scheme of things and certainly shouldn't prevent anyone reading the book.

All in all Jonathan's Promise is a bit of a rollercoaster, but in a gentle way. It's a heartwarming story that spans generations, with enough surprises to keep it interesting and a consistent, cohesive story. I read the book in one sitting and it was easy reading. I got completely lost in the lives of these wonderfully real people. I laughed with them, cried with them and sat on the edge of my seat with them.

The ending was perfect, though bittersweet and definitely satisfying.

I can heartily recommend this story to those who want an easy read, heartwarming story about families, adventures and love in later life.



I’m an author. I write books. I write about things that are important to me: family, parenting, children, our environment, our world. Contemporary, fresh fiction with happy endings. It’s what I like to read myself. I write because I don’t have a choice. There are so many stories in my head, constantly forming, constantly trying to get out. Feel free to have a look on the other pages to learn more, listen to me narrate from those stories, and – if you like what you see or hear – follow the links to buy the books. I’d greatly appreciate that, as this is how I try to make my living.

I’m an author. But I’m also a forty something male who clings to the illusion of still being twenty-seven, despite my body’s daily reminders to the contrary. I’m married to the most amazing man, and together we have a beautiful son, Sascha. I consider myself a citizen of the world, having lived on two continents and traveled extensively through another three. I have friends all over the world. When I’m not writing, I like to do public speaking or training (where I have my professional background) to actually earn some real bill-paying money. Not sure this author thing is ever going to get me there…


Winner’s Prize:
5 e-copies of Jonathan’s Promise (Book 2) / Jonathan’s Hope (Book 1) –- Winner’s Choice


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Tawny by Chris Quinton

Tawny 600x900 Author Name: Chris Quinton

Book Name: Tawny

Series: Melusine’s Cats Book: Two Can be read as a standalone

Release Date: March 1, 2016

Pages or Words: 62,000 words Categories: Contemporary, Fiction, M/M Romance, Mystery, Paranormal 

Publisher: Kouros Books

Cover Artist: Meredith Russell 


Melusine, a deity of rivers and seas, long ago lost the Battle of the Betrayal and is imprisoned in a nexus centred on the source of the Lynn River. She can only travel in the flowing water of her river, and cannot set foot on her banks. Her cats are not so bound. Neither pets nor familiars, they move freely between the realities, her agents among the humans who live along the Lynn. When Melusine's enemies come to the valley in search of revenge, she needs to rebuild the war band she has lost over the centuries. Her cats are the keys to this. Each one is a guardian, and formidable in its greater avatar. A guardian, along with two chosen warriors, form a triad. All three must come into the triad willingly, and as willingly give their oaths of loyalty to her. But Melusine is both prisoner and prison-keeper, and now must gather triads to guard that other dungeon at all costs.

 Hal Rayner enjoys his job at Greenlynn's Black Dog pub. He gets on well with the locals, and has been adopted by the usually standoffish pub cat. Then the dreams start, a red-headed stranger turns up, and before he knows it, Hal is caught up in other-worldly danger and weirdness. The cat, Tawny, is right in the middle of it, and Hal can't understand how a common or garden mog can become something out of a prehistoric nightmare.

 Gryffyth, the son of Nodens Silverhand, has been released from long imprisonment, and despite the unhealed wound given to him by Melusine in that distant battle, the years haven't blunted his hunger for revenge. He is still loyal to Gronw, and when Morgan sends for him, he willingly gives his aid. Gryff is determined to find and free his imprisoned liege lord. Then he meets Hal and Tawny, and suddenly the rules have changed.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Ceili by Moriah Gemel

Ceili 1600px COVER (RGB) - Front Author Name: Moriah Gemel

Book Name: Ceílí

Release Date: March 17, 2016 

Pages or Words: 200 pages

Categories: Contemporary, Fantasy, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Romance, Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Interlude Press

Cover Artist: Design – CB Messer, 

Cover art by Ari McFarland 

Blurb: The Los Angeles music scene has not been kind to Devon Caelin. He struggles to fit in and has a streak of bad luck the length of the Sunset Strip. One rare rainy night, he drowns his sorrows from bar-to-bar, until he stumbles into an alley club called Céilí. He discovers that it’s home to a small community of mystical people making their way in the human world, and that he found it only because he is Fae himself.

With mentoring from the pub’s proprietor, Eldan—a powerful Fae Lord protecting his kind in the city—Devon unearths his past and discovers his magical abilities. His life appears to be back on track—until a member of the Faerie Court is murdered and the secret of their world is threatened to be revealed.


 “This is where we’ll do the spell,” Eldan says. “I can open the channel easily enough, but I’d like you to assist in keeping it open. Stand behind me when I tell you to, and put your hands on my shoulders. If we’re compatible, I’ll be able to take some of your energy to bolster mine, just enough to maintain a stronger connection than I would on my own, all right? You might get a little dizzy, but I promise you’ll be okay.”

 “I’m not afraid, Eldan.” Devon is excited to see this magic performed, to see the Queens. What will they be like, these women that Eldan is wary to speak of?

 “No. You aren’t, are you?” Eldan smiles. “Well. Best get on with it then. Stand nearby, please?” 

Devon settles himself just behind Eldan, and Eldan nods. Then, he pulls a little vial from his pocket and shakes it. “Here we go.” He uncorks the bottle, and Devon smells something almost metallic. Eldan walks to the first corner of the table, to the right, and pours a drop of whatever’s inside the vial over the little pile of dirt. “Cré.” His hand hovers over the bowl, and the dirt spreads and forms a flat plane under his palm. Eldan smiles and walks on.

 He walks to the back right of the table and pours a drop into the empty bowl. “Aer,” he says and his hand hovers. The bowl trembles, and the dust motes in the air within it coalesce and spin. He walks on.

 The third bowl holds sticks, and Eldan pours the liquid on them before hovering his hand, causing them to burst into flames. “Tine.”

Devon can’t help but push his breath out and shake his head. This is cool. All this magic, it’s really real. He thought it was a story for children, but magic is real, and he’s a part of it. He never thought much about fairytales but now he wishes he had, because it would make this moment so much better

Finally, Eldan pours into the fourth bowl, filled with water, and his hand hovering creates little waves that splash on the sides of the bowl gently, as though upset. “Uisce,” he says and then he walks on.

He circles the table counter-clockwise three times and, when he reaches the head of the table once more, he nods to Devon. “Now.”

Devon steps up as Eldan turns away and puts his hands on Eldan’s slim, strong shoulders. Immediately, his palms tingle, as Eldan waves a hand. The mirror in the center of the table stands up, reflecting them. Eldan presses a palm to the center of it. “Oscailt agus a léiriú,” Eldan says. Devon wishes he knew what the hell he was saying, but it’s pretty, in any case. Celtic? Gaelic? Something.

Na Ríona I Talún Samhraidh.” The mirror clouds, and Devon licks his lips and stands on his tiptoes to see over Eldan’s shoulder. Nothing happens, though, for long moments, in which Eldan’s breathing comes quick and loud. Devon squeezes his shoulders, and Eldan whimpers faintly. But he slows down, and Devon keeps squeezing, staring at what he can see of Eldan’s face, staring at the delicate line of his jaw, his high cheekbone, the flutter of an eyelash, the jut of his nose, which is freckled and fair. But then the clouds part, and there they are.  

  Buy the book:
Interlude Press:

  Meet the author:  

 Moriah Gemel has developed a dedicated following for her realistic, sexually-charged stories over twelve years in online fan communities. Moriah is passionate about diversity in fiction, as well as realistic depictions of BDSM and sex education. Her first novel, Load the Dice, was published as a serial in ten parts. Céilí is her second novel. She lives with her husband, young son, and two cats.

Where to find the author:

Twitter: @moriahgemel
Goodreads Link:

Tour Dates & Stops: 17-Mar: Book Lovers 4Ever, Elisa - My Reviews and Ramblings, BFD Book Blog 18-Mar: Happily Ever Chapter, Divine Magazine, Unquietly Me, Wake Up Your Wild Side 21-Mar: Outrageous Heroes, Nephy Hart, Inked Rainbow Reads, Velvet Panic 22-Mar: The Hat Party, Rednecks and Romance, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words 23-Mar: Wicked Faerie's Tales and Reviews, Alpha Book Club 24-Mar: MM Good Book Reviews 25-Mar: Full Moon Dreaming 28-Mar: Kirsty Loves Books, A.M. Leibowitz, My Fiction Nook 29-Mar: Havan Fellows, The Novel Approach 30-Mar: Love Bytes, Bayou Book Junkie, Molly Lolly     a Rafflecopter giveaway

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COVER REVEAL Home by Donna McIntosh

Home Banner


LAPD Detective Sean Hennessey has one person he’s repeatedly tried to arrest and bring to justice: his nemesis, Mitchell Yates.
Yates has been in and out of trouble for years, always skating around the edges of LA’s underbelly; however, Sean can never pin anything on him.
But one night all of that changes.
Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, instead of arresting Yates, Sean is rescued by him and taken to Yates’ home—a satellite high above Earth. There, Sean discovers a world he thought possible only in Science Fiction.
Everything he believed he knew about Yates is turned upside down, and Sean must make a decision: to remain with the LAPD or join Yates and work toward intergalactic peace.

Home Donna McIntosh Cover

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DETECTIVE SEAN HENNESSEY entered the underground parking facility at his apartment complex and spotted a familiar face. “What the hell is he doing here?” he muttered into the darkness. He pulled up a short distance away from the other vehicle and cut the motor. “What are you up to now, you son of a bitch?” He scanned the area for any sign of trouble, while keeping a careful eye on his old nemesis, Mitchell Yates, who sat in a car two rows over.

Most law enforcement officers with any length of duty had one particular suspect who always seemed to get away. Sean’s was Yates. Over the years, he had been unable to pin anything on Yates to secure his arrest; no matter how many times the man had been either directly involved in or skated around the edges of a crime. Yates managed to slip away at the last moment, or, if caught, always had a solid alibi. Yates was dirty; Sean was sure about that. He was determined to find something on which to bring the man in, and make it stick.

Yates’ presence set Sean’s gut churning. Something had to be up, but he couldn’t see anything, and he couldn’t stay in his car all night. After another quick scan, he opened his door and warily stepped out of his vehicle. Shots rang out. Before he could draw his gun, it felt like someone had slammed him in the shoulder with a burning sledgehammer. He fell back against his car, then hit the cement floor. More shots were fired. Fighting a wave of pain, he heard running footsteps coming his way. Someone tugged on him, pulling him to his feet.

“Come on, Hennessey. Get up. I can’t carry yo.” More shots rang out as Yates hauled Sean to his car, shoved him to the floorboard of the front seat, vaulted over him into the driver’s seat, and keyed the ignition.

“What’s going on and what the hell are you doing here?” Sean demanded, grasping his shoulder in pain as bullets pinged off their vehicle. The windshield burst into a million pieces, showering him with glass. “Who are those people and what do they want?”

Book Trailer

About the Author

DONNA McINTOSH was born in Elmira, New York, grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, married a Texan and has lived all over Texas for the last thirty-plus years. Donna has four children, ran a Day Care Center for many years and has written fan fiction since she was thirteen.
Donna loves long walks so her mind can ramble. She loves reading and her tastes run from Historical novels, to Sci-Fi, Westerns, Classics, all the way to WWII and biographies. In short, anything that catches her eye.

Donna loves total quiet, very little TV, occasional movies, wildlife, beaches, birds, cats, newborn babies, flowers, and great big smiles. Oh, and hugs!
She hates flying, total darkness, people who talk endlessly about themselves, intolerance, and bigotry.
Donna’s biggest asset?  Her wild and endless imagination.
Her biggest flaw? She’s a Libran and simply cannot make a decision!

DONNA McINTOSH can be found at her website:

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Stuck on Rewind by Dianne Hartsock

stuckonrewind_800 Author Name: Dianne Hartsock

Book Name: Stuck on Rewind

Release Date: March 15, 2016

Pages or Words: 10,308 words

Categories: Contemporary, Erotic, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Romance

Publisher: Pride Publishing
Cover Artist: Emmy Ellis 

Blurb: Ashton has been in love with his best friend for years, watching him grow from a pretty high school boy to the gorgeous erotic dancer at the club where they both work. The problem is that Lance enjoys the attention of a variety of men while Ashton wants him for his very own.

 After a day spent denying his attraction for Lance, standing by while their friend Trey openly flirts with him, Ashton decides it’s time to make his move or risk losing his man forever. Once Lance knows how he feels, he’ll realize they should be together. Or is it already too late?

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Finding Shawn Phil Marcelo


Title: Finding Shawn
Author: Phil Marcello
Series: Dangerous Lives of High School Athletes, Book One
Genre: Young Adult, Gay Romance, Contemporary
Length: Novel
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Shawn and Alex have been friends since first grade.
Alex, the rock star quarterback, appears to be basking in the limelight of his success and his new romance with Pam.  But appearances can be deceiving.
Shawn is the key man in the football team’s solid defense. He’s also the senior class’ most eligible bachelor. But Shawn has no time to get involved with a girl—at least, that’s what he tells his friends.
In reality, he does have a love interest… Tony Valito.

Finding Shawn Cover

Side-by-side, the relationships between the two couples blossom.  One in the open. The other in secret. That is, until Shawn’s world erupts when the rumor that he’s gay gathers momentum.
In trying to find Shawn, perhaps his friends will end up finding themselves. And everyone will discover how dangerous are the lives of high school athletes.

Unique Excerpt

Later that day and well after school, a black Firebird sat perched in the parking lot of Buster Bill’s fast-food joint.
Shawn manned the bird’s control. Tony was his wingman. Food wraps and paper cups were strewn atop the dash. They were feasting on a healthy dose of hamburgers, fries, and chocolate shakes.
Shawn chomped on a bit of burger and swallowed. “So. Tony. This is my last free night for a week. Where do you wanna go?”
Tony shrugged. “We could go to my place. I got a bunch of horror movies we can watch.”
“Yeah. Horror movies. Hmm. I don’t know. I was thinking, maybe we could do some wrestling.”
“Yah. No way. I wouldn’t have a chance.”
Shawn winked. “What if I let you win?”
Tony stuffed several fries in his mouth. They were hanging half way out. He gave Shawn a French fry grin.
“Gross.” Shawn reached over and fingered Tony in the side, right below his elbow.
Tony jumped, knocking a pile of loose fries into the air. His mouth was still full and his words came out garbled. “Shawn, I’m going to stuff French fries up your nose.” He forced a swallow. They both laughed. Shawn took another bite of his hamburger.

Book Trailer

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Prize: $4.99 WIP Gift Card

About the author

PHIL MARCELLO started writing as a boy in the sixties. Growing up in the projects wasn’t easy, but reading and writing were a couple of healthy vices he picked up along the way. Life happened, but Phil never entirely lost his interest and over the years, he started, but never finished, over a dozen stories.

Fortunately, he saved them all and now has the time and desire to complete them. Phil knows it will take years, but as he enjoys writing and views it as his art form it’s a labor of love he gladly undertakes.

PHIL MARCELLO can be found at:

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Rebirth by Dusk Peterson

rebirth6x9 Author Name: Dusk Peterson

Book Name: Rebirth Series: The Eternal Dungeon Volume One

Release Date: February, 2016 

Pages or Words: 130,000 words

Categories: Adventure, Alternate Universe, 

Historical Publisher: Love in Dark Settings Press

Cover Artist: Dusk Peterson


"'This prisoner deserves special treatment.' The hooded man looked over at the young man again." 

Elsdon Taylor, a prisoner accused of committing a terrible murder. Layle Smith, a torturer with a terrible past. Their meeting in the Eternal Dungeon appears certain to bring out the worst in both men. Yet neither man is quite what he appears.

As the prisoner and his torturer begin to be drawn toward each other, the ripple effects of their meeting will have a powerful impact on other inhabitants of the Eternal Dungeon: Layle's faithful guard, struggling to contain his doubts. A younger guard determined to take any shortcuts necessary to ensure that his life follows the path he has already chosen. An old love from Layle's past, still sorrowing. And most of all, a prisoner who has not yet arrived at the Eternal Dungeon, but whose fate will depend on how Layle handles Elsdon Taylor . . . and on how Elsdon handles Layle Smith.

 A winner of the 2011 Rainbow Awards (within the "The Eternal Dungeon" omnibus), this tale of love and adventure can be read on its own or as the first volume in The Eternal Dungeon, a speculative fiction series set in a nineteenth-century prison where the psychologists wield whips.

 The Eternal Dungeon series is part of Turn-of-the-Century Toughs, a cycle of alternate history series (Waterman, Life Prison, Commando, Michael's House, The Eternal Dungeon, and Dark Light) about adults and youths on the margins of society, and the people who love them. Set in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the novels and stories take place in an alternative version of America that was settled by inhabitants of the Old World in ancient times. As a result, the New World retains certain classical and medieval customs.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Monday, 14 March 2016

Law by Jess Buffet

law-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-finalimage Author Name: Jess Buffett

Book Name: Law

Release Date: February 29, 2016

Pages or Words: 63 pages

Categories: Bisexual, Contemporary, M/M Romance, New 
Adult, Romance 

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer – Simply Defined Art


Law: Being in the internationally successful boy-band Right Time had been everything I had ever wanted and more. Well, except for one thing, or should I say one person? But I had long ago acknowledged that I couldn’t have both the life and the person and I should be happy with what I had. That worked until he showed up in my life again. And then nothing made sense.

Byron:  For years I had pretended I didn’t care. Ignoring my feelings had become second nature to me. That was until my niece begged me to take her to see her favorite boy-band, Right Time, for her birthday, and I came face to face with him. In all fairness, she had no idea the can of worms she’d be opening. And to tell the truth, neither did I.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Beastly Businessmen and Guitar Gods



Fairytales and Myths for the Modern Gay
The modern age is devoid of magic.
Or is it?
How else could a stolen guitar or a lost shoe lead to love?
What but magic could spark romance at a workplace assessment?
Or turn a mean-spirited monster into a man?
Six fairytales and myths are given a contemporary MM twist in this collection of stories, proving that sometimes the mundane can be magical too.

When Theo’s landlord steals a prized guitar in lieu of rent owed, he informs Theo he will return the instrument on one condition: he wants a date with Theo’s twin sister.

LOVE’S CODE (Ariadne and Theseus)
Andre must pass the examination if he wants to keep his job.
However, he is distracted by his unspoken love for fellow programmer, Eren.

Beasty Businessmen cover

GUESSING GAMES (Rumplestiltskin)
Sasha told a little white lie in his job interview and it won him the role.
Only now he is faced with a pile of work he doesn’t know how to complete.

ASSIGNATIONS AND ULTIMATUMS (The Strange Elopement of Tinirau)
Hunter and Ross are in love, but Ross’ father keeps trying to set him up with undesirable, yet powerful, older men, the latest of whom happens to be Ross’ boss.

LOST AND FOUND (Cinderella)
Cillian is dreading the work masquerade ball, but once there he finds himself romanced by a dashing stranger, only to flee when he discovers the man’s identity.

A DEBT IS A DEBT (Beauty and the Beast)
Dunstan Griffin is not a man to let a debt slide, so when debtor Alfred Siskin offers the EA services of his son, Wynn, in lieu of payment, Dunstan accepts.

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ONCE UPON A time the world was a place of magic and fantasy. People believed in fairy realms, healing potions, and true love’s kiss, and witchcraft, spells, and curses were accepted as fact, a part of life. Once upon a time…. 
But those days are long gone. The world has changed, magic replaced by technology, wonder by disillusionment, and fairytales and myths reduced to the purview of children, bound within the pages of a book or on the screen, no longer real but pure make believe.
Or are they? 
Let us, dear reader, travel together to a place where all is not as it seems. Come with me to London’s financial district. Hand in hand, we will enter the imposing yet innocuous office building of DunGriffinCorp. It doesn’t look like much at first glance, I grant you. No different from any other firm here in the City. But take the time to peel back the layers and you may be surprised at what you find. For within these walls magic and romance still abound. The employees of DunGriffinCorp don’t know it yet, but several of them are about to have their lives changed forever.


About the author

NICKI J. MARKUS was born in England in 1982, but now lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband. She has loved both reading and writing from a young age and is also a keen linguist, having studied several foreign languages.

Nicki launched her writing career in 2011. She published works through Wicked Nights Publishing and Silver Publishing before both companies closed their doors. She is now self-publishing some of her works, including the novella Time Keepers and the fantasy novel The Ragnarök Chronicles.
Nicki also writes M/M fiction under the alternate pen name of ASTA IDONEA and has had several short stories published by Wayward Ink Publishing. She is currently working on her first M/M novella.

Nicki works as a freelance editor and proofreader, and in her spare time she enjoys: music, theatre, cinema, photography, sketching, and cross stitch. She also loves history, folklore and mythology, pen-palling, and travel.

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