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Wednesday Briefs - Coming Home

 Wednesday again and her come the flashers. If anyone's interested in Luke and Rune you should be happier about today's installment.

The prompts this week were,

Here is next week's prompt:  use a safe word in your story 

The alternate prompts are:  cherry, innocence, scarf or

"I thought you were .... but you really aren't, you're.... "

or  use any Beatle title in your story or

use: independence, master, control

or make a 50 Shades of Grey reference
I used a Beatles song title. I wonder if anyone can spot what it is.

Rune was very quiet all the way home. After being agitated and tearful to begin with, as soon as the adrenaline rush faded he fell asleep. Luke kept looking over, hardly able to believe what had just happened was real. Rune was here, with him. Everything was alright again. Except that it wasn’t, not really. He had a dread feeling in his stomach, worried about what Rio had been doing to Rune that had scared him so much, and how it was going to affect him.  And it had only been a few days since he’d left the hospital, what if what Rio had done made him ill again? What would he do? How would he cope?
His thoughts whirling in his head, Luke arrived back home to find his housemates’ car in the drive. Great, he was hoping they’d be alone. He pulled in next to the red Mazda and gently shook Rune awake.
“W…what? Where are we?”
“Home. Well, my home. I hope you don’t mind I brought you here.”
“No. No, I don’t want to go back to the house, not yet. I… I know it’s silly but I’m a bit scared. It’s Rio’s house, too and although I know he won’t be there… I’d rather not for a while.”
“I can get some stuff for you.”
“Thank you.” Rune rewarded Luke with such a bright smile the icy feeling in the pit of his stomach melted and he felt warm.
“My housemates are home. They’re a bit boisterous so don’t worry if they tease you. They’re nice guys really.”
Rune looked a little nervous but smiled and nodded.
Jeff and Jayden were in the kitchen. They were twins, both fiery redheads and both extremely gifted musicians, although Jeff tended towards rock music while Jayden was strictly classical.
“Hey, housie,” Jeff called, hearing Luke. “Where the hell have you been? Rob said you kicked out of uni so fast he thought your arse was on fire. Oh.” He’d appeared in the doorway and seen Rune. “Who’s this? I know we haven’t met before because I never forget a face and I definitely wouldn’t have forgotten that one.”
“This is Rune,” Luke said simply.
“Oh,” Jeff said again, his eyes widening. “Jay,” he called over his shoulder. “Luke’s brought Rune home.”
“He what?” Jayden appeared beside his brother and gave a low whistle when he saw Rune, who was blushing furiously and trying to hide behind Luke. “Well damn, and I thought he was exaggerating.”
“Hey, you two, leave him alone. He’s had enough for one day, without having to put up with you. It’s been a hell of a day. Were going up to my room. Don’t disturb us.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Jayden said with a wink.
Taking Rune’s hand, Luke let him past the two grinning men up the stairs to his room. As soon as he closed the door, Luke took Rune into his arms and held him close.
“God, this feels good.”
“Oh Luke,” Rune breathed, “I thought I’d never see you again.”
“If I’d know I’d have been with you from the start. If Rio hadn’t lied…”
“Rio lives on lies. Sometimes I think he even believes them.”
“Never mind; it’s over now.” He stroked Rune’s hair as Rune’s head rested against his chest. “I’ve missed you do much.”
“I’ve missed you too,” Rune whispered, then tilted his head to look up. “Kiss me,” he pleaded and Luke was only too happy to oblige.
Rune’s hands in his hair, his soft lips pressed against his own, the warmth of his body, made Luke’s head spin. He’d been dreaming of this moment so much lately he had a flash of fear that it was just another dream. But no, Rune was far too solid, too eager, too desperate to be a dream.
Luke let Rune kiss him for a while, then reluctantly broke away. “Hey, give me room to breathe,” he joked. For a moment Rune looked dazed then he smiled his slow, sexy smile.
“I’m sorry Luke. It’s just that I missed you so much and I’ve been so afraid I’d never see you again, I have to keep reminding myself it’s not a dream.
Luke chuckled. “Me too. It’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it?”
“That’s one way to put it.” Rune lay down on the bed and held his arms out to Luke. “Please hold me, Luke. It's all too much. I need to feel safe right now, safe and truly wanted.”
“I truly want you Rune. I care for you so deeply it hurts. When I thought I’d lost you I almost went insane. It was like a nightmare. First you being ill, and then not remembering me, and then Rio… I really thought he’d changed after what we shared when you were… Dammit, I should have known better.”
“Ssh,” Rune said, touching Luke’s lips where the words had become strained and angry. “Rio fools a lot of people. He fooled me and I really should have known better.”
“I’m not going to fall for any of his crap again. Do you think he’ll come back for you?” He’d voiced something that had been bothering him since he’d taken Rune from the house.
“Absolutely. He won’t let go as easily as this. He thinks I belong to him and he doesn’t like his belongings taken away from him.”
“You belong to no one.” Luke said harshly.
“I know. I truly do know, but Rio doesn’t. He’ll make trouble for you.”
“Nothing I can’t handle.”
Rune smiled again. “I have something you can handle.”
“Really?” Luke raised his eyebrows. “And what might that be?”
“Me,” Rune breathed as he moved closer and, once again pressed his body and lips against Luke’s

Yay, home at last where he belongs... for now.

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Wednesday Briefs - He Belongs to No One


So, here we are at Wednesday again and time to flash our briefs. This weeks prompts were

"Love means never having to...."  or the alternate prompts of:

use: peanuts, consideration, candelabra or

"I would have gone to .... except that I...." or

"Penny for your thoughts"  or

"Frankly, my dear, I don't...."

Luke broke every speed limit as he rushed to Manchester. The afternoon traffic seemed to conspire against him. Putting his phone on ‘hands free’, he rang Rune regularly, keeping him up to date with progress.
When he was about fifteen minutes away Luke answered a call from a hysterical Rune.
“He’s coming, Luke. I don’t know what happened but the show’s been cancelled and he’s coming home. He… he said he’s going to… He wants me to… to be… ready.”
“Ready for what?”
“He’s angry, Luke. Not with me, but he’s going to take it out on me. He wants me to… to wear… to put on the… the things…”
“Then do it. Do whatever you have to, to keep safe until I get there.”
“No, Luke, I can’t. I can’t let you see me like that.”
Luke groaned inwardly. He was torn apart. Should he beg Rune to give up his dignity? Could he bear to see…?”
“Do it, Rune. Whatever you have to do; do it. I’ll be there in ten minutes. How long will Rio be?”
“About the same. I… I won’t do it, Luke. I won’t. I can’t.”
Luke smiled at the strength stubborn rebellion brought to his voice, but his heart thumped painfully. “Then lock the door. Don’t let him in.”
“I can’t keep him out. He’s got the key.”
“Then lock yourself in your room, the bathroom, anywhere. Just please Rune stay safe until I get there.”
As he spoke, Luke swerved, trying to find a quicker way towards the city centre. He found himself tearing at almost fifty mph along a suburban street that was mercifully free of traffic. Provided he didn’t get stopped by police, his sat nav was telling him he’d be there in five minutes.
“Hold on, Rune I’m—“
He was cut off by Rune’s terrified yell. “Luke… Luke he’s here. I can hear him outside. I’m going to the bathroom. Please, please don’t be long.”
“Stay on the phone. Don’t hang up. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
Luke sped on as he listened to Rune’s ragged breathing. Then to a manic hammering on the door, along with a muffled voice.
“Rune? Rune, are you in there?”
“I’m on the toilet, Rio. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
“You’d better be. And why are the harnesses still on the bed? I thought I told you to get ready.”
“You did but I… I wasn’t feeling well.”
“Yeah, yeah… You’re not playing that one anymore. Get out and get ready. I’m going to have a beer and read the paper. You’d better be ready when I’m done.”
“O…okay, Rio.” There was a pause then Rune whispered. “Are you still there, Luke?”
“Yes, I’m here. Don’t worry, I’m close. Don’t be afraid, Rune. I can take care of Rio. He’s not going to hurt you anymore, never again.”
“But he… He’s so… Be careful, Luke, please be careful.”
“I can take Rio, remember?”
“I know but, please Luke. Rio’s crazy. I don’t know what he might do.”
“Frankly Rune, I don’t give a damn what Rio does. When I go home, you’re coming with me.”
“I want that so much, Luke.”
“I’m almost there. Get ready. Stay where you are until I call you. Keep the door locked.”
“Okay. Luke I… I’m scared.”
“Don’t be. I’m here.”
Luke restrained himself from hammering on the door. Rio might not answer if he did. When he heard the footsteps approaching, he balled his fists at his side but managed to stop himself from punching Rio in the face as soon as he opened the door.
“You? What the fuck are you doing here?” Rio looked shocked, but anger was close behind and Luke watched carefully, ready to put his shoulder into it if he tried to slam the door.
“I think you know the answer to that, Rio. I was clear about what would happen if you hurt Rune again.”
“But how…? He…” Rio pulled himself together and glared at Luke. “I don’t care why you’re here or what you want but you can turn around and walk away. Rune doesn’t want you, and neither do I?”
“How could I ever have believed you? How could I have been taken in by your bullshit? I believed you when you said he didn’t remember me, he didn’t want me. I believed you were going to take care of him. I’m an idiot and I let Rune be hurt again. I won’t make the same mistake again. Get out of my way and let me take him home.”
“He is home.”
“No, Rio. This isn’t his home. It will never be his home. His home is with me. Let me take him home.”
“Fuck off. I’ve told you before… Rune is mine. Body, mind and soul… mine.”
“Rune belongs to no one.”
“He belongs to me. Get out of here.”
Rio tried to slam the door and Luke, ready and waiting, threw his shoulder into it. The door burst open and Rio went flying backwards. Not giving him a chance to gather himself, Luke leaped on top of him and, after a brief struggle, had him pinned to the ground.
“Rune,” Luke shouted. “Rune, it’s alright. Come down, hurry. Get out to the car.”
Immediately, the bathroom door slammed open and Rune came flying down the stairs.
“You knew,” Rio hissed. “You knew he was coming.”
“How do you think I know where you live?”
“He… he found you? He called you?”
“He sure did. Not quite the broken spirit you thought he was, is he? You said he didn’t remember me, but he did. He remembered me and the way I made him feel… safe.”
“No, he wouldn’t have. He wouldn’t have done that. He loves me. He needs me. He’s mine. He’s all mine. You can’t take him.”
“He’s not, and never was yours, Rio. He belong to no one. He’s not yours. He’s not mine. He’s just Rune.

So, Rune is free and clear... for now. How on earth can he show his gratitude to Luke?

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Short Story Competition - Lightening Flashed


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Lightning flashed, its crazy light blinding for one moment the black cat who crept, soft footed over the white tiles, toward the man. Body twisted, blood running from the silver knife to pool beneath, the man was unaware Soft nose nudged the white arm where no pulse pumped blood through veins no longer blue with life. Another flash, a change and where before there was a cat, a dark man knelt weeping. “Why? Why did you do this. One day. Could you not have waiting one day? I was coming. I am here.”
Soft footfalls and a second car was there, its warmth pressed against his leg. He let his hand fall on grey striped head and it slid as the hair grew long and straight. An arm slipped round his waist and a head rested on his shoulder. Naked skin as pale as the corpse was soft against his cheek as he turned his head.
“He should have waited. It should have been me.”
“Quiet, my mate. It is done and your knife still unsullied. It is over. Take me home.”
The dark man stole one last look at the father who caused so much pain, so much torment. “It should have been me. My hand should have held the knife.”
Two cats on silent feet streaked from the house toward the forest line as lightening flashed.




I numbered each of the comments in the order they appear on the post.There were 15. I then had my son, who is 11 years old and got all excited. to give me a number between 1 and 15, which he did. I then decided it was sad to exclude those who made a comment but didn't make a suggestion, so I drew one of those as well my the same method. 




The prize has been sent (I hope) Being the tenchotwit I am there is a significant possibility something might go wrong so please let me know if it does and I'll completely botch up trying to fix it. :)

Thank you everyone for taking part in the Hop and for commenting on my tiny corner of it

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Hopped Against Homophobia

The Hop is ended but I sincerely hope that the message and the fight goes on. It certainly will from me.

First an apology. I have been sick these last few days and I haven't, as intended, visited lots of blogs and left lots of comments. I apologise for that. You can be sure that even if I haven't read and/or commented I fully support your messages.

The competition is now closed, although I don't know how to close a post to stop anymore comments being posted :)

I had intended to choose a winner based on the comment they left but they're all so good I'm having to revert to the good old name in a hat. If I survive the day I'll do it later today, if not I'll do it tomorrow when my son manages to ressurect me.



Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hop against Homophobia


  What is Hop Against Homophobia?

Click on the link on my home page to find a better explanation than I can give, but as far as I can tell it's a gathering together of a group of bloggers who have something to say on the subject of homophobia.

What is Homophobia?

I'm not going to attempt to define homophobia, for the purposes of this post let's just say it's a definition of someone who has a problem with people who have a different sexuality to them. And yes, gay people can be homophobic towards staights, bisexuals, transexuals, so they've got no reason to be smug and own the word.

What's My Opinion of Homophobics?

You have a phobia dude, get help.


If I have a phobia against flying do I have the right to stop aeroplanes taking off
If I have a phobia about beards (and yes, this is a genuine phobia) do I have the right to insist no one grows a beard?
If I have a phobia against clowns do I have the right to close circuses?

Then why the hell should I have the right to tell someone who they can and can't love?

My first reaction to homophobics is... What the hell has it got to do with you? How exactly does it affect your life? Okay, let's say you believe that gays will go to hell. So what? How does that affect your life? How does that hurt you? How does ot absolve you from being and asshole? How does it give you the right to destroy someone, to hurt them so badly mentally and physically they want to die, to deny them their place in society, their right to be treated like everyone else?

In what way are gays different to you? Are they more likely to hurt you? Can they get you fired? Can they take your home, your children, you car/boat/plane? Can they threaten your life/security/property in any way? No more than anyone else.

So what precisely is it that gives you the right to, for example, tell them they can't get married. Okay, Christians have the right to deny church weddings to anyone. Fair enough, it's their church, their building, their choice. But what about civil weddings? No, not civil unions... weddings. Just like everyone else.

Can you logically explain you objections? I think not.

I am the mother to a gay daughter and (possibly a gay son, who knows with him?) and I am bisexual. My POV is that love comes so rarely how foolish are we if we throw it away because it comes in the wrong box. Love is rare and precious and should be welcomed in no matter how it presents itself.

My Message to Homophobes.

Get a life and leave mine the hell alone. If you can't, get tretment.

The Good Bit

One of the requirements for participation in this blog is to offer a prize of some kind for something.

I don't write gay books. I write books that are exciting, confusing, thought provoking, shocking and a whole load of other things, that happen to have gay characters. Sometimes they are erotic, sometimes they have no sex at all. Sometimes they are tragic and sometimes they make you laugh... just like life really.

So, how do you win one ( or more if I decide your answer is worthy of it) of my books?

I thought about that, and it would be easy just to pick a name out of a hat, but what would be the point of that? So, to win my prize you have to work a little. Leave a comment on my blog telling me one thing, just one tiny thing that we, individally, whether we be gay, straight, bisexual, trangendered, or just ambivalent, can do to educate the rest of our society (ies) as to why we are no different to them and deserve our place among them... Come on guys surely you can think of one small thing.

A panel of myself, my daughter, my son and maybe my cat, will decide on the best answer and contact the winner within a couple of days of the competition closing on 20th May, so make sure you leave a point of contact.

What do you do now?

Click on the link  HERE  and read what all the other fine bloggers have to say on the topic, and what awesome prizes they are offering you to do so.

That's all folks

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Wednesday Briefs - Help Me

Here we are again on Wednesday and I'm flashing my briefs. This week Luke lives to regret he ever trusted Rio

The next few days were a nightmare for Luke. He wandered through life as if in a dream… a bad one. His time with Rune had been brief but so very bright. Rune had been like a comet, blazing into his life, burning away the crap and changing everything. Nothing was the same. Nothing was right.

He’d heard nothing from Rune or Rio and had no idea what Rio had told Rune about him. It didn’t really matter. It wasn’t as if he was ever going to see Rune again. That thought hurt every time he let his mind touch it. Never again would he look into those strange shifting blue/gold eyes. Never again would he run his hands through the wild white hair. Never again would he… 

Gritting his teeth, Luke shook his head and tried to concentrate on the lecturer. He’d spent too much time away from school to be able to afford any more and so, here  he was, trying to concentrate on the teacher’s words when all his mind could hold was Rune.  Rune’s smell, Rune’s touch, Rune’s… But it was over. There would be no more Rune.

He’d thought the pain would fade with time, but it had been almost a week and nothing was changing, nothing was fading, nothing was getting better. Rune had got under his skin and it was going to take a long time to work him out again. Every time the phone rang or someone knocked the door or called his name in the street, his heart lurched, wondering if maybe… possibly… 

Luke jumped when his phone began to sing. Why had he used such a stupid ringtone? He had a certain fondness for jazz but maybe not in a philosophy lecture. Why hadn’t he turned it to ‘silent’? Everyone turned to stare at him, and his fingers groped to turn it off. He glanced at the screen to see an unfamiliar number. With a shrug he slipped it back into his pocket and tried to concentrate on the rest of the lesson.

When he switched his phone back on, there were six missed calls and a couple of voice messages, all from the same, unfamiliar number. Mildly curious, but expecting someone trying to sell him something, he rang his voicemail and waited impatiently. He almost dropped the phone when he heard Rune’s voice.

“Luke? Luke, please pick up. I know it’s your number, I rang your house and they gave it to me. Please pick up Luke. I need you. I need you so much.”

With a pounding heart, Luke listened to the rest of the voicemails, which were silent, until the last one, which had been left only fifteen minutes ago. 

“Luke. Oh God, Luke… Please, please answer the phone. You’ve got to answer the phone Luke. Please… please help me.”

In a complete panic, Luke redialled the number and it seemed to take forever for Rune to answer.

“Luke? Luke is that you? Please say it’s you Luke, please.”

“Yes, it’s me. What’s wrong? What’s happened?

“It’s Rio. He won’t… he won’t let me come back. He won’t let me find you. Please, Luke, he’s hurting me again. Please help me.”

“Rio’s hurting you? But… but he said… Rune, do you remember me?”

“Remember you?” Rune sounded shocked and confused. “Of course I remember you.”

“You didn’t remember me. When I was at the hospital. When you woke up, you didn’t remember me. You wanted Rio.” As hard as he tried, Luke couldn’t help a note of accusation creeping in.

“You were there? When I woke up, you were there? But I… I don’t… Rio said you’d skipped. He said, as soon as you knew I was… that I might… He said you didn’t really care, that I couldn’t expect you to, not after such a short time.”
“Oh fuck. I’m going to kill him. I… I was there Rune, I swear it. The whole time. I never left your side. Ask any of the nurses… they knew. I was there every step, every minute. I watched you dream and I watched you wake and you… you didn’t know me. What could I do? Rio swore he’d tell me if you remembered. He came to see me the next day… to tell me you’d like to see me but you didn’t remember me. I couldn’t… I couldn’t face it…”

“He told me you’d said you didn’t want to come, that you… you were glad I was better but you didn’t think you were up to taking care of me and didn’t want to see me anymore,” Rune whispered.

“I’d never say that, Rune, never. I thought he’d changed. I thought he really cared about you. I thought he’d look after you, that you’d be better off without the complication of someone you didn’t remember.”

“But I did, I do.  I don’t know what happened in those first minutes. I was scared, confused, I didn’t know what was happening. Rio was there but you weren’t. I… maybe I was still out of it at the very beginning but I did remember you Luke, I did remember. I thought you didn’t care.”

“I’ve never stopped caring.”

“Then help me. Please, Luke. I was praying you’d still care, just a bit. Praying you wouldn’t turn your back on me. When you didn’t answer--”

“I was in a lecture. I didn’t know the number. If I’d known it was you I’d have run. Tell me where you are. I’m on my way.”

Luke could tell Rune was crying as he gave an address in Manchester, about sixty miles away. Luke scribbled it down on one of his school books.

“Stay put and stay safe. Do whatever you need to do to keep safe, understand?”

“I’ll be alright. He’s not here. He’s dancing tonight. He won’t be back until late. Please hurry Luke. He’s getting worse and worse all the time and I’m scared.”

“I’m coming for you, Rune. I’m coming.”

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Interview with Maria

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I have a total love affair with the work of Artist and Writer Maria (Mandartania). She is a breathtaking artist and the sweetest, nicest, most creative person you could wish to meet.

Maria's art is everywhere in this blog so go on a meander and find it. You won't be sorry. Without further do I introduce you to... Maria

·         Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you consider yourself to be a writer? An Artist? A generally creative person?

I consider myself to be a storyteller. I create worlds and people in my head and I want to tell their stories through art. I believe drawing and painting is as much storytelling as writing is. I used to write – a lot – before my art project took life. Now I feel I get to channel my inner world better without words.

·         Tell us about your painting project… what was intended

I started drawing and painting my muse (androgynous male supermodel Andrej Pejic) in late January. I originally planned to do at least one drawing a day of him for 12 months. I wanted to see what happens both to my skills and to my inspiration if I focus on one subject this intensively. 

·         And how it turned out

Expensive! I have bought art supplies with every penny I got extra. I want to learn and try out new things. I want to share my project and get feedback. So I started posting my stuff anonymously in different forums online and – in Facebook with my real identity.

The project x quickly turned out to be a weird, self-feeding obsession. I kept pushing out art three-four times more than I planned. The manic phase lasted two months during which I think I did improve, I could draw Andrej’s face eyes closed. I tried out different techniques and mediums, I had a blast! Then… then I started to struggle. I got sad and mad and lost faith in what I was doing. I wasn’t sure if I was bored with my muse or if I was projecting my inner misery at the art project. My colourful works went black and white, my muse stopped smiling.

Now, he’s smiling again, I have started painting other people too on the side to keep things interesting and I don’t push myself to draw daily if I’m tired.

I also found out I really am drawing more out of me than of the real person behind my muse. It really has become a form of self-treatment to me.

·         Apart from Andrej who is your favourite subject to draw/paint (living person)

I also love to paint Edu Beber, Stav Strashko and Jaco Van Den Hoven. They all have so interesting facial features. Yet they all fit in the Androgynous category that intrigues me to no end.

·         What is your favourite medium (you can choose more than one)

Inktense pencils, watercolour, charcoal

·         How long does it take you to complete a painting/drawing?

I always work on A3 sheets, I’m fairly fast, one painting or charcoal drawing takes about one hour, max 2. Pencil drawing is like a punishment to me, those can take up to 3-4 hours if I aim for high resemblance.

·         What is it you love most about painting/drawing?

Expressing emotions, creating connection between myself and my muse. The fluttery feeling inside my chest as I draw.

·         Do you think you form a connection while you are painting someone between yourself, the actual painting and the person you’re painting

Absolutely! I believe all living things are connected through some spirit. I think I put part of my spirit inside my art; I do believe the process creates something more abstract too. Maybe that will reach my muse too, somehow. I hope. 

·         What are your favourite paintings and why?

Of my own art or of my inspirations? In my own work I can’t pick a favourite. It changes every day. I’m a huge fan of Gustav Klimt and Frida Kahlo. Also this artist called Ourattrition is a huge influence to me.

·         Where would you like to see your art going in the future.

I want to keep doing what I love. I want to improve. I want to strengthen my signature style, right now it is in her baby shoes.

·         What about your writing? Any thoughts on producing an illustrated book

Yes! I do have plans, but I know I need to improve a lot and find a suitable medium to combine with the story idea. 

Is there anything else you’d like to say.
                Thank you for your support and encouragement!