Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Briefs - He Belongs to No One


So, here we are at Wednesday again and time to flash our briefs. This weeks prompts were

"Love means never having to...."  or the alternate prompts of:

use: peanuts, consideration, candelabra or

"I would have gone to .... except that I...." or

"Penny for your thoughts"  or

"Frankly, my dear, I don't...."

Luke broke every speed limit as he rushed to Manchester. The afternoon traffic seemed to conspire against him. Putting his phone on ‘hands free’, he rang Rune regularly, keeping him up to date with progress.
When he was about fifteen minutes away Luke answered a call from a hysterical Rune.
“He’s coming, Luke. I don’t know what happened but the show’s been cancelled and he’s coming home. He… he said he’s going to… He wants me to… to be… ready.”
“Ready for what?”
“He’s angry, Luke. Not with me, but he’s going to take it out on me. He wants me to… to wear… to put on the… the things…”
“Then do it. Do whatever you have to, to keep safe until I get there.”
“No, Luke, I can’t. I can’t let you see me like that.”
Luke groaned inwardly. He was torn apart. Should he beg Rune to give up his dignity? Could he bear to see…?”
“Do it, Rune. Whatever you have to do; do it. I’ll be there in ten minutes. How long will Rio be?”
“About the same. I… I won’t do it, Luke. I won’t. I can’t.”
Luke smiled at the strength stubborn rebellion brought to his voice, but his heart thumped painfully. “Then lock the door. Don’t let him in.”
“I can’t keep him out. He’s got the key.”
“Then lock yourself in your room, the bathroom, anywhere. Just please Rune stay safe until I get there.”
As he spoke, Luke swerved, trying to find a quicker way towards the city centre. He found himself tearing at almost fifty mph along a suburban street that was mercifully free of traffic. Provided he didn’t get stopped by police, his sat nav was telling him he’d be there in five minutes.
“Hold on, Rune I’m—“
He was cut off by Rune’s terrified yell. “Luke… Luke he’s here. I can hear him outside. I’m going to the bathroom. Please, please don’t be long.”
“Stay on the phone. Don’t hang up. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
Luke sped on as he listened to Rune’s ragged breathing. Then to a manic hammering on the door, along with a muffled voice.
“Rune? Rune, are you in there?”
“I’m on the toilet, Rio. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
“You’d better be. And why are the harnesses still on the bed? I thought I told you to get ready.”
“You did but I… I wasn’t feeling well.”
“Yeah, yeah… You’re not playing that one anymore. Get out and get ready. I’m going to have a beer and read the paper. You’d better be ready when I’m done.”
“O…okay, Rio.” There was a pause then Rune whispered. “Are you still there, Luke?”
“Yes, I’m here. Don’t worry, I’m close. Don’t be afraid, Rune. I can take care of Rio. He’s not going to hurt you anymore, never again.”
“But he… He’s so… Be careful, Luke, please be careful.”
“I can take Rio, remember?”
“I know but, please Luke. Rio’s crazy. I don’t know what he might do.”
“Frankly Rune, I don’t give a damn what Rio does. When I go home, you’re coming with me.”
“I want that so much, Luke.”
“I’m almost there. Get ready. Stay where you are until I call you. Keep the door locked.”
“Okay. Luke I… I’m scared.”
“Don’t be. I’m here.”
Luke restrained himself from hammering on the door. Rio might not answer if he did. When he heard the footsteps approaching, he balled his fists at his side but managed to stop himself from punching Rio in the face as soon as he opened the door.
“You? What the fuck are you doing here?” Rio looked shocked, but anger was close behind and Luke watched carefully, ready to put his shoulder into it if he tried to slam the door.
“I think you know the answer to that, Rio. I was clear about what would happen if you hurt Rune again.”
“But how…? He…” Rio pulled himself together and glared at Luke. “I don’t care why you’re here or what you want but you can turn around and walk away. Rune doesn’t want you, and neither do I?”
“How could I ever have believed you? How could I have been taken in by your bullshit? I believed you when you said he didn’t remember me, he didn’t want me. I believed you were going to take care of him. I’m an idiot and I let Rune be hurt again. I won’t make the same mistake again. Get out of my way and let me take him home.”
“He is home.”
“No, Rio. This isn’t his home. It will never be his home. His home is with me. Let me take him home.”
“Fuck off. I’ve told you before… Rune is mine. Body, mind and soul… mine.”
“Rune belongs to no one.”
“He belongs to me. Get out of here.”
Rio tried to slam the door and Luke, ready and waiting, threw his shoulder into it. The door burst open and Rio went flying backwards. Not giving him a chance to gather himself, Luke leaped on top of him and, after a brief struggle, had him pinned to the ground.
“Rune,” Luke shouted. “Rune, it’s alright. Come down, hurry. Get out to the car.”
Immediately, the bathroom door slammed open and Rune came flying down the stairs.
“You knew,” Rio hissed. “You knew he was coming.”
“How do you think I know where you live?”
“He… he found you? He called you?”
“He sure did. Not quite the broken spirit you thought he was, is he? You said he didn’t remember me, but he did. He remembered me and the way I made him feel… safe.”
“No, he wouldn’t have. He wouldn’t have done that. He loves me. He needs me. He’s mine. He’s all mine. You can’t take him.”
“He’s not, and never was yours, Rio. He belong to no one. He’s not yours. He’s not mine. He’s just Rune.

So, Rune is free and clear... for now. How on earth can he show his gratitude to Luke?

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  1. Yay I hoped it would all work out! But I have a feeling all is not safe and happy yet...

    1. well, I don't think Rio will just roll over and die. But first....

  2. Oh, please tell me there is another chapter!

    1. Lots of other chapters. For one thing, Rio's not done and first Luke has to welcome Rune home :)

  3. Yay! I'm so happy for them! Let them have some fun before they have to deal with butt boy!

  4. *snicker at Julie*

    Yay! Rune wasn't as weak as Rio thought he was! Hehe, hope it's a good welcome home!


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