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COVER REVEAL Regeneration by Louise Lyons

I have the very great pleasure of hosting Louise's cover reveal. I am a huge fan of Louise's work so it's a thrill for me to get involved, and the cover is amazing, don't you think?

Release date: January 15, 2017

Genre: Gay fiction, science fiction, MM romance

Length: 75,000 words

Cover design: Simon Searle


In the 23rd Century in the galaxy of Sigma Kappa, Kim Fortune was the first surviving experimental enhanced human—a regenerate. Aged fifteen, he escaped the lab and years later, his failings as a regenerate and the suspicion of regular humans, leave him lonely and lacking in self-worth. Stranded on an abandoned planet, the arrival of a stricken ship and its crew give him hope that he may finally find what he always longed for—love.

Christian Novak is a successful regenerate with all the intended attributes—including lack of human emotion. Despite their immediate attraction to each other, Kim's failing confidence, and Christian's inability to empathize are a recipe for disaster. But war, imprisonment, and danger throw them together, and after each saves the other's life, their feelings begin to change.

Can a seemingly unsuitable pair ever find love, or is a future together destined to fail?

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Author Bio

Louise Lyons comes from a family of writers. Her mother has a number of poems published in poetry anthologies, her aunt wrote poems for the church, and her grandmother sparked her inspiration with tales of fantasy.

Louise first ventured into writing short stories at the grand old age of eight, mostly about little girls and ponies. She branched into romance in her teens, and MM romance a few years later, but none of her work saw the light of day until she discovered FanFiction in her late twenties. Posting stories based on some of her favourite movies, provoked a surprisingly positive response from readers. This gave Louise the confidence to submit some of her work to publishers, and made her take her writing "hobby" more seriously.

Louise lives in the UK, about an hour north of London, with a mad dog called Casper, collection of tropical fish and tarantulas. She works in the insurance industry by day, and spends every spare minute writing. She is a keen horse-rider, and loves to run long-distance. Some of her best writing inspiration comes to her, when her feet are pounding the open road. She often races home afterward, and grabs pen and paper to make notes.

Louise has always been a bit of a tomboy, and one of her other great loves is cars and motorcycles. Her car and bike are her pride and job, and she loves to exhibit the car at shows, and take off for long days out on the bike, with no one for company but herself.

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Review Too Close by R Phoenix


Skylar Orion's life has been complicated ever since his mother abandoned him and his sister Evie. Making ends meet seemed impossible until Tate Chandler took them in -- his knight in shining armor who promised to make life about more than just surviving. But Tate is not the man he seemed to be, and even his whispered I love yous and generous gifts do little to soothe the pain he causes. Knowing he can't give his sister all that she deserves without Tate, Skylar stays with him, relying on bad puns and a worse sense of humor to keep up the charade. 

For his sister he will do anything, even if that means acting the responsible adult and going back to his old high school to meet Dexter Weston, the hot math teacher who can make even algebra interesting. Sparks fly between the two of them, but with his dependence on Tate, Skylar isn't free to follow his heart. He wants what is best for Evie, but can he pass up the chance to find love that heals instead of harms? 

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4,5 of 5 Stars

I had originally said I wouldn’t have time to read and review before Christmas. Then I read the blurb and thought…ooh that sounds like my kind of book. So I took it and intended to read it after I’d cleared the backlog of what I already had on my list. Then I took a peek. Big mistake. One peek drew me in and I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished

The last book I read was bloodthirsty paranormal/horror, but this couldn’t have been more different. I doubt, if I hadn’t read the other book first, I would have described it as a gentle love story because there is certainly plenty of angst, but that’s the way I perceived it when I read it in any event. It was an easy read and I finished it in a day. Okay, I stayed up until 2am to do so but it still counts. 

Technically, the book was tight, with only a few editing errors and a nice, smooth writing style. Although there was plenty of angst, it wasn’t as “in your face” as it could have been and I found myself wanting more, but I’m a big fan of torture and torment so there’s hardly ever enough of either. As I said, although I find this book to be sweet and gentle, others might have more difficulty with some of the abuse, which is mostly mental and emotional.

Skylar is such a sweet boy, doing everything he can, including allowing himself to be slowly unravelled, almost to the point of losing himself, just to keep his sister safe. At eighteen he’s all she has in the world after their mother abandoned them, and he never forgets that, shielding her from the reality of what he has to suffer to protect her.

Skylar’s only refuge is his garden – and his puns *groan* -  and one day he finds a tiny shoot that might be weed. For some reason he can’t bring himself to pull it out so he nurtures and cherishes it, even as his world falls apart around his ears. 

Things come to a head when Evie starts to fail maths. After meeting Dexter, the hot maths teacher, Skylar starts to want more from his life. After one ill-timed kiss Skylar’s carefully constructed walls start to crumble and when Evie finally leans the reality of what’s going on, she persuades him to run to Dex. 

Things don’t go well and Skylar’s world crashes around him, leaving him as destroyed as his precious garden where only that one little weed survives. Yet, like the weed, Skylar begins to grow under the tender care of Dex and Evie, and like the sapling, which turns out to be a baby birch tree, Skylar gets his new beginning. Not that it all goes entirely smoothly, nothing ever does.

If I have any complaints it that the very end of the book feels very rushed. I appreciate it would take a great deal of time to properly document Skylar’s recovery, because what he’s been through, and the injuries inflicted on his psyche are not something that can be easily healed and resolved. It would have taken time, care and a lot of words to do it service. I appreciate that. However, I think the sudden jumps from one week, to one month, to three months, to a year are too sudden and not developed enough. I did consider taking away a whole star because of this but the book as a whole is so sweet and funny it deserves the 4.5

There are some really bad puns (deliberately I hope) scattered through the book and the chapter headings are humorous, although I’m not entirely sure they all quite fitted. My favourite was “How do you keep warm in a cold room? Go to the corner, it’s always 90% there.”

Meet the Author

R. Phoenix has an unhealthy fascination with contrasts: light and dark, heroes and villains, order and chaos. She believes that love can corrupt and power can redeem. Her muse is a sadomasochistic slave driver who thinks it's terribly amusing to give her the best ideas when she just got comfortable and warm in bed, and she passes on that torture to her readers. She also tries entirely too hard to be funny, and she mercilessly inflicts her terrible sense of humor upon anyone who speaks to her. She'd love it if you'd say hello!

You can enter a Goodreads Book Giveaway for this book until 30 December

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Window Dressing by Lucy Felthouse

Out Now—Hot #lesfic Window Dressing by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)


Can Jessie work with a woman with the looks of a pixie and the personality of a dragon to complete the most important task of her career?

Shop-fitter Jessie is sent to London’s Oxford Street to work on a flagship store’s front window overnight. It’s the first time she’s completed such an important task by herself, but the plans and organisation are solid—it’s just a case of getting it turned around before the store re-opens the following morning. What she’s not betting on, however, is the woman in charge of the project—Edith. She has the looks of a pixie but the personality of a dragon, and it soon becomes clear to Jessie that the job isn’t going to be plain sailing, not with Edith being awkward and putting Jessie down at every turn. As the hours drag on, Jessie somehow manages to peer beneath Edith’s frosty exterior, and much to her surprise, she kind of likes what she finds. But will she abandon her principles—and potentially risk her job—for a one-off thing?

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With a sigh of relief, I followed the satnav’s instructions and indicated right, swinging the van into the side road off of London’s Oxford Street.

“You have reached your destination,” remarked the posh voice coming from the machine.

“Thank fuck for that,” I shot back, removing the device from the windscreen and wiping at the tell-tale ring it left behind on the glass with my sleeve, hoping to remove any temptation for potential thieves. No doubt they swarmed around this area, tourist Mecca as it was. I didn’t want them to catch me out.

I stowed away the satnav, switched off the van’s ignition, and grabbed all my stuff. Hopping out onto the road, I locked the van and pocketed the keys. Then, wiping my damp palms on my black work trousers, I approached the rear door of the shop where I was to work.

Come on, get a grip, Jessie! You may be new at this, but you know what you’re doing. You’ve got this.

I wasn’t totally insane to be nervous. I’d been working for the shop-fitting company for just over a year now, and it was great. I really enjoyed the work, the variety. But this was the first time I’d been sent out on a job by myself. It hadn’t been intentional, either—the job was last minute, and the client had made it worth my employer’s while. Normally there’d been a team of two coming here, but there was another big job, one that needed the more experienced fitters on board. Therefore I’d been pulled off that task, in order to do this one. Alone.

Adding more worry was the warning one of my colleagues had given me on finding out where I was being sent. “You watch out for that Edith woman, Jessie. She may look like a pixie, but she’s actually more of a dragon. She frightens the bloody life out of me.”

The warning ringing in my ears, I took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell. I could do this. I could. I’d made it all the way from Leeds to London, navigating busy motorways and the complete insanity that was England’s capital city, venturing right into the heart—the craziest of the crazy. 

Fortunately, by the time I’d hit the West End, the traffic wasn’t too bad, given that the shops were closing and rush hour had been and gone. There were still morons galore, naturally—honking taxi drivers, swerving, lane-hopping cyclists, oblivious rickshaw drivers, suicidal pedestrians—but I’d kept my cool throughout, telling myself I was so close to the end of my journey that I could almost touch it. Taste it.

And here I was, at the back entrance of the flagship store of the world-famous fashion chain, ready to change over its window display in time for when the shop reopened in the morning. I glanced at my watch, relaxed a little. It was ten p.m. Eleven whole hours until opening time. No problem, not even for a relative newbie like me.

The door opened a crack and a sliver of a dark face peered out at me. “Yes?”

“Oh, hi. I’m Jessie—from the shop-fitters? Here to work on your window display?”

The woman—the voice had given it away, as she was still peering through the crack between the door and its frame—eyed me up. The black trousers, black T-shirt, black fleece—the latter two bearing the name of the company I worked for, clearly weren’t enough. Turning her attention to the van behind me—emblazoned with the company name in huge letters—she now seemed convinced.

“All right,” she said, opening the door wider and stepping back to let me through. “Come on in.”


“I’m Jacqueline. Edith’s already in the window. She’s the one in charge.”

I nodded. “Okay—lead the way.” I followed Jacqueline through the dimly lit storeroom. I’d known instantly she wasn’t Edith, because she looked nothing like a pixie. More like a goddess. She had a curly black afro, curves you could lose yourself in for days, and a wiggle that would have turned me instantly if I wasn’t already into women.

Blinking as we emerged into the blazing lights of the shop floor, I continued in Jacqueline’s wake, adjusting my ponytail and fixing a smile on my face as we grew closer to the window…and Edith. She was the big cheese—when it came to the window design and execution, anyway—so I needed to make a good impression. Hopefully she’d give good feedback to my boss, and I’d get more projects like this in future. Maybe even a raise—a girl could dream, right?

“Hi,” I said as we came within a couple of paces of my soon-to-be workspace. “I’m Jessie. Pleased to meet you.”

After a brief pause, the pixie took the hand I was holding out and shook it. Firm, confident, but brief. She was no-nonsense, this woman. But I’d known that already.


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller) and The Persecution of the Wolves. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 150 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. You can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter at:

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Wednesday Briefs. After the Ball

I can't believe it's almost Christmas. Four more sleeps! I know some people say that Christmas doesn't have the same magic when you're an adult but I say to those people - bah humbug. Christmas is amazing. It's magical and enchanting and vibrant and joyous. Yeah, I've lost none of the magic and wonder of Christmas as I've got older

Anyway, I'm sorry to anyone who's following Demon, but I promise Tian and Castien will be back in the new year in more trouble than ever. However, I just couldn't miss the opportunity to write a Christmas story!

There was no denying the Christmas tree was beautiful. At least eight feet tall it still came nowhere near touching the ceiling of enormous ballroom. It wouldn’t even have touched the tip of the chandelier if it had been in the middle of the floor. Brady couldn’t see the middle of the floor, there were too many people; people he didn’t know, and to be honest, didn’t want to know. He should be circulating, and he would, but for a short, blissful while he tucked himself away behind the Christmas tree and pretended he wasn’t there.
One day he’d have a tree like this, smelling of pine and glittering with lights and baubles. Only his lights would be crooked and his ornaments mismatched, not perfect like this one. There was something about perfection that made him edgy. No, his tree would be a riot of colour, each bauble placed with love. It would probably lean to one side and the fairy would look drunk, but he wouldn’t care.
“What are you doing back here? I’ve been looking for you.”
Brady jumped, guilty about bringing his untidy thoughts into the carefully staged perfection of the Michaels family Christmas Ball. His racing heart didn’t slow much when he turned to gaze into the aquamarine eyes of the most beautiful man he’d ever laid eyes on. After six months, the first sight still hit him like the first time every time.
“Sorry, it was just getting a bit much.”
“I know what you mean. Just hang on a little longer. I have a surprise, then we’ll go, I promise.”
Brady nodded. As if he’d go anywhere without Alex; beautiful, perfect Alex. Alex laughed at him all the time, pointing out his imperfections, but to Brady even the alleged imperfections – such as his slight lisp, too-large ears and the birthmark on his neck - were perfect.
“My mother’s been asking where you are,” Alex said, wrapping his arms around Brady and burying his nose in the hair on Brady’s neck.
Brady shivered. “Your mother hates me.”
“She doesn’t hate you. Don’t be silly.”
“That’s why she’s been telling everyone we’re “school friends”? I didn’t even go to school with you. I went to the poor comprehensive in town, remember? You went to the posh prep school.”
Alex chuckled. “If only you knew how much I envied you.”
“Yeah yeah.” They’d been down that road, and Brady still didn’t believe him.
“Look, it’s not you she hates, it’s what you represent.”
“What? You mean the great unwashed?”
“Hardly.” Alex’s perpetual grin faded. “It’s us. Me and you. Our relationship.”
“I thought you said your parents were okay with you being gay.”
“My father’s fine, and my mother says she is, but what she also said was that she’s fine with it if it’s not “thrust into her face”.”
Brady’s jaw dropped. “She said that?”
“More than once. Sometime it feels as if she thinks I turned gay just to spite her and keep rubbing her nose in it.”
“Oh my God. I didn’t know.”
Alex grinned again. “That’s okay. My mother’s a cow. Being gay is just another thing to disapprove of. Trust me, there are many others. Come on. Talk to the old bag for a minute while I go set up your surprise.”
“It’s not going to be anything too…crazy, is it?” Brady asked, suddenly nervous.
“Me? Crazy? When have I ever done anything crazy?”
Brady was about to start counting them off when Alex jerked him to his feet and towed him through the crowd.
Mrs Michaels was holding court near the French doors, which were open to let in some of the frosty air. It was good after the heat of the ballroom.
“Here he is, Mother,” Alex said. “Try not to break him. I won’t be long,” he whispered to Brady, before slipping through the doors to be swallowed by the night.
“Ah, yes,” Mrs Michaels said. “This is…Brady, Alex’s friend…from school.”
“Delighted.” The elderly man who took his hand seemed, at first, as stuck up as Mrs Michaels but there was a twinkle in his eyes. His companion, and equally ancient woman wearing a lavender dress to match her hair, smiled at him.
“How long have you and Alexander been together?” she asked.
Brady opened her mouth to tell her, but Mrs Michaels intervened. “Brady and Alex have known each other since they were children. They’re inseparable. I’m sure they’d take each other on dates if they could, although I suppose the young ladies would tire of double-dating after a while.” She gave a polite and entirely false chuckle, glaringc at Brady as if it was somehow his fault someone had guessed.
“Young ladies, eh,” the old man said, stroking his rather impressive moustache. He winked at Brady.
“You went to school with Alex? Perhaps you know our grandson, Carlton; Carlton Greyling?”
“I…um…” Brady stuttered. Mrs Michaels who froze him with her glance.
“No, he doesn’t,” she snapped then recovered her composure. “Carlton is older.”
“Oh, of course.”
They were interrupted by a commotion in the garden. Lights suddenly flooded an area just beyond the patio. People drifted outside to see what was going on and moments later Brady almost had a heart attack.
The lights highlighted an honest-to-goodness sleigh, pulled by a prancing pony and covered with tiny Christmas lights.
“My lawns,” Mrs Michaels shrieked, but Brady ignored her. He had eyes only for the figure who jumped from the sleigh and advanced toward him. Alex wore nothing but skimpy red shorts and a Christmas hat, with a bright red ribbon in lieu of a belt. He had to have been freezing.
“I didn’t know what to get you for Christmas,” Alex said, gazing down at Brady from his two extra inches. “So I thought I’d give you me. You can unwrap me later.”
And then, in front of all the posh party goers, while his father dragged his complaining mother away, Alex kissed him

Now go check out the rest of the flashers.

Merry Christmas

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Disasterastic by Cia Nordwell with Review

Just $2.99!

Blurb: Sawyer is too busy to worry about something as frivolous as Christmas. College is hard, but he’s focused on getting into law school. Kable is studying to make the family business, Del Buon Gusto, into a successful chain restaurant. When a party debacle at the restaurant gives Kable a chance to get close to Sawyer, he’s shocked to learn Sawyer’s a Christmas Grinch. He's determined to change Sawyer’s mind, but their dates are one debacle after another. It might not be possible to make this into Sawyer's first Merry Christmas after all.

What a waste of time. He could’ve been home starting his paper or even watching a movie if he wanted to slack off.

Fed up avoiding questions of family traditions and travel plans, Sawyer strolled away from the crowd in the dining room and headed toward the tree. He nodded and smiled at a few people but didn’t stop. Everyone else was enjoying the appetizers that had just come out, but he’d already had dinner before he left home, since he’d expected to work. He could pass more time pretending to examine the ornaments or watching the snow drift down now that the storm finally hit. He’d just have to wait a little longer until he could politely make his escape.

“You don’t like eggnog?”

“What?” Sawyer blinked and shrugged the hand off his shoulder. He took a step to the side. He’d been focused on the snow, watching the puffy flakes float down to coat the sidewalks and road. The grassy verge along the road was already completely white. He hadn’t even heard Kable approaching, which was odd because he was normally impossible to miss. He was just as loud and energetic as his dad.

“Your cup is still full.” Kable gestured toward the red cup in Sawyer’s hand. “Usually when you don’t drink something that means you don’t like it.”

“It smells gross, and I definitely don’t think a dairy product should be this thick and still be drinkable.” Sawyer’s filter was gone, just like it usually was around Kable. He got so nervous, he always ended up saying whatever came to him. It wasn’t like he was trying to hide that he was gay—everyone already knew that—but he hoped his crush wasn’t as obvious. He’d had enough embarrassment for the evening.

Kable laughed. “Then why’d you take it?”

“It seemed like the thing to do.” Sawyer rotated the cup between his palms, disgusted by the way the glop reacted. Surely it couldn’t be safe to drink the stuff.

“So, is it just dairy-based holiday drinks you don’t like? Or is it something more? You haven’t had a single thing to eat, and you’re not exactly dressed for the party.  There’s so much fun to be had from dressing up for Christmas parties.” Kable waved a hand in front his chest. “Like this.” He was wearing an awful sweater with reindeer prancing around a Christmas tree that had bedazzled ornaments decorating every puffy bough. Not even something that hideous could detract from his dark-haired, blue-eyed handsomeness... but really, Sawyer shouldn’t be noticing that at all.

Sawyer scoffed. “I’d rather be here in my underwear than wear something like that.”

“Or your uniform?” Kable gestured toward Sawyer’s black slacks and plain white shirt. “Is it just that you don’t have another outfit?”

“Of course I have other outfits! Why would you think that?” Sawyer snapped. His face was hot and prickly; no one else had mentioned his clothes, even if they noticed he was wearing his work uniform. It’s not like he was wearing something inappropriate, like shorts and a t-shirt.

Kable cocked his head to one side. “If you had something else, why didn’t you wear that?”

“You’re nosy, you know?” He was always asking questions and getting into everyone’s business. The others didn’t seem to mind. Kable was Mr. McArthur’s son, and he worked the occasional shift at the restaurant when they were short a waiter even though he was in school full-time to get a business degree. He was friendly, sometimes too friendly, and made Sawyer uncomfortable with his casual intimacy. Kable was always patting him on the back or arm when they spoke, and Sawyer liked it a little too much.

“Yep.” Kable grinned. “But wait, don’t tell me! You never come out for a drink with the rest of us, not even for coffee, and you’re always studying those books on your breaks. I’ve never heard you even talk about doing something like going to a party. You thought you were here to work tonight, didn’t you?”

Sawyer grit his teeth. “So what? Your dad just said he wanted us all here.”

“And you didn’t put two and two together?” Kable gestured toward the room.

“I did once I got here. He said he was throwing a party for friends and family. What else was I going to think?” Sawyer was getting tired of Kable’s questions. He lifted his before Kable could notice his scowl and figure out he was getting to him and made the stupid mistake of taking a drink.

“Oh, ew.” Sawyer desperately wanted to spit out the eggnog, but there was no polite way to do so. He forced the mouthful down, swallowing repeatedly in an attempt to get rid of the liquid still coating his tongue. It was as horrible as he thought it would be. He stared at the cup in disgust. “People actually drink this... on purpose?”


There is only one word to use to describe this book – adorable. The characters are adorable, the situations they get into are adorable and oh the lengths Kable goes to give Sawyer a good Christmas are utterly adorable. I absolutely adored the book.

The editing is flawless, apart from a few tiny mistakes that I, as a grammar nazi, spotted but no one else probably will. There is one small issue in that if you’re reading on a kindle app on PC the scene breaks seem to disappear.

The characterization is magnificent, as usual. This was one of the things that first drew me to Cia’s work and she has never disappointed. All Cia’s characters, including the supporting cast have individual and unique personalities from which she never deviates. It is quite clear from the start that Kable is bubbly and loving while Sawyer is repressed and bordering on OCD. The way these two interact is fascinating.

Sawyer has grown up with parents who do not celebrate Christmas, which they consider to be nothing more than crass commercialism. Neither do they – and therefore Sawyer – eat food that is not healthy and nutritional. Therefore *gasp* Sawyer has never tasted nougat or cracked caramel toffee, or cocoa. He doesn’t even drink coffee.

Through a series of surprise dates, all of which have at least one disaster involved – from baby spiders hatching in a Christmas tree to almost breaking an ankle on skates – Kable introduces Sawyer to the spirit of Christmas, one sweet thing at a time, although the toffee eating came at a price.

To see these two explore some Christmassy activities and find the magic even in a crowded shopping mall was truly magical and I held my breath to see what was coming next.

With every experience, Kable and Sawyer grew closer, their love growing gently and blossoming one petal at a time. The epilogue almost had me in tears.

This is a must-read for Christmas. If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit then you need more help than Sawyer.

Author Bio:

The number one question folks ask Alicia when she shares she's a MM romance author: "Why gay fiction? Why write men when you're a woman?" and her answer is: "Why the hell not!" Alicia Nordwell is one of those not so rare creatures, a reader turned writer. Striving to find an interesting story one day, she decided to write what she wanted instead. Then the voices started... Yep, not only does she talk about herself in the third person for bios, she has voices in her head constantly clamoring to get out. Fortunately, with the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided for her own sanity to keep writing.

Now you can find her stories both free and e-published. When she’s not on the computer typing away, she's a wife and a mom of two in the dreary, yet ideal for her redhead complexion, Pacific Northwest. Except for when she disappears into one of the many worlds in her head, of course! She can also be found quite often at her blog, where she has a lot of free fiction for readers to enjoy or working hard, or maybe hardly working, as an admin on under her online nickname, Cia.

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Santa For Hire by Asta Idonea

Santa for Hire

Asta Idonea

1 December 2016

Dreamspinner Press

Short Story/MM/Contemporary

Heat Level: 1

Dumped by his ex on Christmas Eve two years ago, Oxford Street department store manager Richard Barrett now hates the holidays. Things go from bad to worse when the store's usual Santa is too ill to reprise his role and the firm sends cocky but handsome Blaine Ryder to take his place. The attraction between the two is clear, but Blaine is an incorrigible player who reminds Richard of his ex. His idea of a relationship is a quick roll in the hay, and his advances have Richard running for the hills. It might take some special intervention for both of them to realize they can change enough to have a chance at a holiday romance.

Audio Excerpt:

Dreamspinner Press: 
Amazon US: 
Amazon UK: 


The awful moment had arrived. Not long ago he’d felt there was plenty of time in which to prepare, to steel himself for the agony ahead, but somehow the dreaded hour had snuck up on him. What had one day seemed far off was already here the next.

Richard Barratt took a deep breath. He tugged at his collar and straightened his tie. He brushed off the already spotless arms of his suit jacket and glanced down at the perfectly tied laces on his leather shoes. Then, unable to put it off a moment longer, he pushed open the swing door and emerged onto the salesroom floor.

Overnight, while he failed to get a wink of sleep, crews had been hard at work. The Homeware department of Langley & Giles’s Oxford Street branch had been transformed from the pristine section he managed like a well-oiled machine to a hideous winter wonderland. Christmas had been infiltrating the store for weeks. The cards had started appearing downstairs in Stationery as early as September. Wrapping paper and labels had followed in October, along with Christmas puddings in the high-class Food Hall on the lower ground floor. And now the rest, signaling six weeks of Christmas-cheer hell.

Richard couldn’t understand why it had to be his section that bore the brunt of the deluge. Surely Toys and Games would make more sense. Christmas was all about children’s presents, after all. But upper management had been firm. Toys and Games required more space at Christmas, not less, and Homeware had the best layout to accommodate the monstrosity that formed the centerpiece of their annual Yuletide displays: Santa’s Grotto.

Author Bio & Links

Asta Idonea (aka Nicki J Markus) was born in England but now lives in Adelaide, South Australia. She has loved both reading and writing from a young age and is also a keen linguist, having studied several foreign languages.

Asta launched her writing career in 2011 and divides her efforts not only between MM and mainstream works but also between traditional and indie publishing. Her works span the genres, from paranormal to historical and from contemporary to fantasy. It just depends what story and which characters spring into her mind!

As a day job, Asta works as a freelance editor and proofreader, and in her spare time she enjoys music, theatre, cinema, photography, and sketching. She also loves history, folklore and mythology, pen-palling, and travel, all of which have provided plenty of inspiration for her writing.

Amazon Author US:
Amazon Author UK:



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RELEASE DAY! Enigma III Friends and Lovers

Don't Forget Books I and II Now FREE on Smashwords

·         “ Friends & Lover” Book 3 of the Enigma Series
·         Author: Nephy Hart
·         Publisher: Nephy Hart/Flying With Red Haircrow Productions
·         ISBN: 9781370250882
·         Genre: Gay Fiction, Contemporary Fiction
·         Available at Smashwords

Tagline: Problems have a habit of creeping up on you, and when you try to run they’re never more than one step behind.

Blurb:  Silver and River are healing, but both are still struggling to reconcile Silver’s life before his time at the Theatre De La Vie, with after. It doesn’t help that Ariel keeps coming around and causing trouble. When he encourages Silver to collect Ben from school he unleashes a can of worms that could easily have had fatal consequences.

Synopsis: Silver is trying hard to settle down again with Ben and River after the events at the Theatre De La Vie, but he isn’t the same person anymore and River is having a hard time dealing with the changes. One of the hardest things he has to cope with is Ariel, Silver’s new best friend, who makes Silver act like a teenager and causes trouble wherever he goes. When that trouble touches Ben, it sparks off a chain reaction that almost ends in tragedy.
In the meantime, Ariel has his own fallout to deal with. After finally finding someone to whom he might give his heart, he very nearly loses him by…well by being Ariel.
With his family life in tatters and his best friend lurching from one disaster to the next, Silver needs to be stronger than he’s ever been. The problem is he’s not feeling very strong at all. In fact, there are times when he thinks it would be so much better if he just went back to that place inside his head where he was safely shut away from the world, and that place is getting closer all the time.

Other books in the series:

Enigma, book 1 of Enigma:
“When nurse-in-training River Caulfield improbably finds love with Silver, a mysterious patient at the Care House where he works, he’s faced with a dilemma that his career may be threatened because of their attraction. Yet when dangerous elements from Silver’s past catch up to them both, he realizes there is much more at stake than his professional dreams. Their very lives may be forfeit!”

Fighting the Man, book 2 of Enigma:
“River had always known that living with a freed sex slave, even one as sweet as Silver, was never going to be easy. It gets a lot harder when his parents are killed leaving him to care for his young brother. When Social Services get involved he has a choice to make. Unfortunately, he makes a choice that leaves the relationship in jeopardy as much as the master who returns to claim his former pet.”

About the Author

Formerly known as Nephylim, Nephy Hart was born into a poor but loving mining family in the United Kingdom, Nephy grew up in the beautiful and history rich South Wales Valleys, becoming the first in her family to attend university. As a lawyer practicing Family Law for several years, the profession allowed Nephy to learn more about human nature at its worst and best moments, and develop empathy and a view of life not limited by social standing or background.
Tapping into the heritage of her people that throughout Earth’s ages welcomed the wandering bard into the hearts of their villages as keepers of lore, Nephy trained as a Druid and brings the richness of her Celtic past and spiritual training to enrich and elevate her writing. Since a child Nephy has been fascinated with other worlds, which exist within and alongside her own and has reveled in creating worlds and characters for others to enjoy.
Despite lack of family support, Nephy continued writing privately and eventually found the Gay Authors website. With the positive response and a warm welcome received, she found the confidence to pursue her passion to a greater degree. Feeling gay fiction was a woefully neglected corner of the market where readers were all too often presented with what amounted to erotica, Nephy strives to write quality gay fiction where sex and sexuality is not the central premise. Instead, concentration is given to character and narrative development through storytelling that goes beyond the physical.
Nephy still resides in Wales, UK, and enjoys writing, reading, art, and taking part in medieval reenactments.

Also publishes with:

Wayward Ink Press: “Project X”, “Stranded Anthology” "Shade's Champion" "Lab Rat" "Ari"
Cool Dudes Publishing: “Draven’s Gate”
Featherweight Press: “The Face in the Window”, “Memories of Forgotten Love”

For more information, or if you’d like to contact the author, please visit her websites or write to

Flying With Red Haircrow Productions

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Gifts (Status Quo #1)

For those of you who love the Ripples in the Status Quo stories, a new series is about to begin. Exactly one year after the release of Ripples, the novella Gifts, starts a new cycle and spins us in a different direction.

To celebrate, Ripples will be Free today and tomorrow, on Amazon and Gifts will start life at only 99c (Also on Kindle Unlimited)

Recoil features different characters than Books 1 and 2 and can be read out of order, Gifts starts of an entirely new spinoff and the characters will return in Book 2

Title: Gifts (Status Quo #1)
Author: R. Phoenix

Before Imriel Conti was condemned to a life of slavery, the sheltered young witch had never been with anyone. Now that he is in the hands of Draven Foss and Callia Odessa, a sensual and controversial power couple at the pinnacle of supernatural society, all of that is about to change. Coveting him for his accursed but prized gift, they take him into their household, where he finds his morals and innocence equally compromised.

This novella contains explicit M/F and M/M/F scenes. All characters are 18+.


The first time I read the book, I had an issue. Was it a good book, well written with interesting, well rounded characters? Yes, absolutely. Was it gripping, explosive, sexy, hot and highly erotic? Totally. So what was the problem?

The problem was that I haven't read the other Ripples in the Status Quo book. Gifts left me feeling as if I'd been dropped into a section of a book. It was a fabulous section, with stunning characters and great sex (M/F and M/M/F) but I was confused about what was happening at the beginning and left completely unsatisfied at the end.

Although, that is the only occasion when I can use the word unsatisfied with this book. The sex is blazing hot. I particulary like that it's "different". It's a power-play, it's a deep insight into what the characters think, and when they're wrong, and it's almost literally mind-blowing (for the character). I usually read only M/M, but this woman was no wilting rose. She was very much in charge and it was great to see the way she played her boys.

Of course, now I know it's a spinoff from another series and the start of a new one, it all makes sense. I will definitely be looking out Book 2 because even though it's a very short book and it stops before I would normally expect a book to be really taking off, these character have got their hooks into me and I CARE about them. I want to know what happens next. One of the characters I love, one I want to hate and the other is sexy as hell and straddles both worlds.

I totally recommend this books to fans of the RISQ universe. You will definitely not be disappointed with a sublime short that will have you by the short and curlies very quickly.

Meet the Author

R. Phoenix has an unhealthy fascination with contrasts: light and dark, heroes and villains, order and chaos. She believes that love can corrupt and power can redeem. Her muse is a sadomasochistic slave driver who thinks it's terribly amusing to give her the best ideas when she just got comfortable and warm in bed, and she passes on that torture to her readers. She also tries entirely too hard to be funny, and she mercilessly inflicts her terrible sense of humor upon anyone who speaks to her. She'd love it if you'd say hello!

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