Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday Briefs - The Dancer

Another weekly flash of the interesting (I hope) depths of my strange and twisted mind.  Todays chosen prompts are food and dance. Enjoy


A discordant, clash of sound, ended conversation drawing everyone’s eyes to the stage.
The sound faded into silence and nothing happened. The stage remained dark, but surely something was moving. Shadows; dark within dark, crawled across the stage and there were muted sounds of instruments being picked up and moved around. Then there was light.
The sudden change from dark to brilliant light made Luke recoil, hurting his eyes. He rubbed them ineffectually, while the rest of the audience erupted into applause. When he looked back, the stage was now occupied by a group of young people, dressed in leather, lace and feathers.
The world held its breath. The drummer raised his sticks. The breath held. The drummer lowered his sticks. The breath was released in a roar, as the music began.
The sure knew how to play. They were pretty to look at too, in a freakish kind of way. But where was the singer? The microphone in the middle of the stage was empty.
“Is there a…” Luke began to whisper to his friend, Sammy, but his words died when, after a breathless swell, the music died and changed entirely, becoming softer, almost hypnotic. A light came on, that cast the rest of the group into shadow and left the middle of the stage illuminated in a soft, almost misty, way. And then someone came.
The figure was slender and pale, pixie like, dressed in tattered scraps of leather and lace that didn’t cover very much. Again, after a collective gasp, breath was held as the figure began to dance. It was a strange dance, beginning as a series of leaps and spins. Gasps and sighs swelled and fell as the dancer soared and crouched.
Then the music slowed and so did the dancer. It was hard to tell, from where Luke sat, whether the dancer was male or female. The long hair that whipped and flew around them didn’t help. As the music fell into a low, hypnotic thrum, the figure stood in the centre of the stage and swayed. It seemed boneless, its body bending like a tree in the wind.
It seemed that the dancer’s eyes were closed. From the fact that the tattered ribbons covered nothing from the waist up, Luke had to assume that it was a boy. He was as pale and slender as a candle flame and seemed to flicker and move in much the same way.
The throbbing beat of the drums increased slightly in speed and the boy’s dance changed again. He undulated his hips and bent his spine, his body rippling in blatantly sexual movements that made him gasp. If he’d looked around, he would have seen lust in every eye around him. His were no different. He couldn’t believe what this boy was doing with his body and what it was doing to his. He clenched, feeling a delicious shudder pass through him.
While everyone was still squirming in their seats, the dancer strode over to the microphone and began to sing. His voice was sweet and pure, the notes of the song picking up where the dance left off. As he’d leaped and thrust with his body, now he did so with his voice. Again, that uncomfortable tingling in his groin, had Luke squirming uncomfortably in his seat, trying to control the inevitable swelling between his legs. He was aching to…
He looked up and gasped with shock. The singer’s eyes were on him, giving a look that sent a spear of pure lust, straight to his cock. Wow.
For the remainder of the first half, Luke felt as though the singer sang just for him, and he was caught, like a butterfly on a pin. Awareness of everything but the band and the incredible boy who sang, danced and spoke directly to his soul, dimmed and became inconsequential.
For a time, after the music ended, he sat, immobile, staring at the empty stage.
“Is everything okay?” Sammy asked, with a smirk in his voice.
“What? Yeah, yeah, of course. I’m getting a drink, do you want one?”
It was a relief to get up and move through the tables filled with people who were talking animatedly, in the slightly blurred way of people who had been concentrating very hard on something for a long time.
While he was waiting for his drink, he stared at the bar, running his hands through his hair.
“Hello,” a voice said at his side and he jumped, not having heard anyone approach. Turning, he was caught in a pair of pale golden eyes that squeezed the rest of the breath out of him.
“Hello,” he squeaked.
Full, coral lips, smiled. “I saw you looking at me. Did you enjoy the set?”
“En… enjoy?”
He watched, mesmerised, as long slender fingers reached out and plucked an olive from the glass in front of him on the bar. A small, pink tongue slipped between the smiling lips and lapped at the green orb, licking the sweetness of the cocktail from its surface. His mouth fell open as, very slowly, the olive travelled towards the round ‘o’ formed by the pretty lips.
First the tip of his tongue moistened his lips, then they wrapped around the olive, before parting a little further, to show the neat, white teeth which accepted and held it, while the lips closed again, behind it.
After rolling the olive slowly around his mouth for a while, the boy bit and chewed, then licked his lips again. Luke was entirely transfixed throughout the entire performance. When his hand reached out and touched Luke’s, gently, he gasped, coming to his senses as a bolt of electricity shot through him.
The lips were smiling broadly now, coming closer… closer…
“Oh,” he breathed as the slightly salty, olive flavoured plumpness touched him and sent sparks straight between his legs.
“Meet me after the show,” a voice whispered next his ear.
“Yes,” he breathed, but he had already gone.

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A J Jarrett


  1. Holy foreplay! LOL. Great job Nephy. I shudder at the thought of eating those olives but the visual you gave of 'him' doing it, yum! Nicely done.

  2. Wow! There will be more, yes? Please? :)

  3. Thank you guys. I enjoyed writing that. Hmm... I think it might be interesting to write what happened next. That dancer has a heck of a body and he knows how to use it. Well, depends what the next prompts are :)

  4. I like the ambiguity of the dancer when he first comes out--mysteriously sexy. Well played ;)

  5. Love the use of the olive. The describing of the beat of the music and the dancing singer was wonderfully done. Sucks you in. Loved the ending, I hope you bring them back next week!!

  6. Thanks loads for the reviews. I enjoyed writing this one. Hmm... I have a feeling that the boys are going to have fun after the show so you may very well get to see them next week, although, if we do things might not go as expected.

  7. OMG the tension!! Well written and well held!!

  8. Very nice. Great use of food.

  9. Thank you. I like food and I like seduction so... :)

  10. *Gasp*

    Let me say that again, lol... *gasp*

    Holy hell that how smokin' hot.