Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesday Brief - How to Bind an Angel

Another Wednesday, another snow day when son off school, lucky bas...bugger. It's colder than a really cold thing that's been frozen in a freezer until it's frozen. (Yes, I've been watching too much Black Adder. Our television is broken so, until the delivery man fights his way through the snow to deliver the new one we can only watch DVD's.

The prompt I chose this week was a rainbow

Outside the shack was chaos.  Pasha appeared to be In the middle of an army camp set up on a deserted industrial estate. All around were derelict buildings and mounds of rubble on a vast concreted open area. Dotted around the area and at the edge of a nearby wood were strange, shimmering white tents and the general debris of a large and busy campsite.

Angels, some with wings unfurled and some in human form were fighting hand to hand on the ground and in the air. The area was dotted with the pathetic mounds of the dead and dying from both sides.

Pasha ignored it all. He was blind and deaf to the fighting and to the shouts that went up when he was spotted. There was a pain in his heart and the sound of screaming echoing in his ears and he was following them with nothing in his head but the burning desire to get to the source as soon as he could.

No one challenged him. No one tried to stop him. In fact, no one came near him as he walked straight for the woods. Behind him, the sounds of battle fell to silence.

Pasha didn’t bother to look for a path but plunged straight into the trees. They tore at his wings but he ignored the pain. It was nothing. Besides, the trees didn’t tear at him for long. They burned at his touch and turned to ash as he passed.

He’d only taken a few steps into the clearing when he began to hear the screaming with his ears as well as inside his head. He speeded up and crashed through the trees until he burst into a clearing.

The hated figure of Micha’el stood off to one side. The other angels who dotted the clearing appeared to be high ranking. Some of them were holding prisoners and all were staring at Micha’el and the three angels standing directly in front of him.  Two of them were holding the third strung between them. He was barely able to keep his feet. If they had let him go he would have fallen. It was he who was screaming.

At Pasha’s entrance everyone looked his way and the screaming stopped as Micha’el’s attention was diverted from Uzzi’el to Pasha.

“You,” he snarled.

Ignoring everyone and everything Pasha strode forward. As he approached, the two angels holding Uzzi’el stepped back. They released him and he fell to his knees. Although there were no bonds in evidence Uzzi’el’s arms seemed to be somehow bound against his body.

Micha’el, his eyes fixed on Pasha slowly smiled. He reached out his hand and held it palm down at shoulder height. Uzzi’el cried out and jerked to his feet as if yanked up by his hair.

“Let him go?” Pasha was surprised that his voice was so calm and even. At the sound of it Uzzi’el twisted his head to look at him. His face was smeared with dirt and blood, which also caked his hair. He was beautiful; glorious.

“No, Pasha. Run. Leave me.”

“I’ll never leave you. Never again.” His voice was soft when he spoke to Uzzi’el. When he spoke again to Micha’el it wasn’t soft at all. It was cold and hard. “Let him go.”

“Why on earth would I do that? I’ve waited for this moment for a very long time. Why would I give it up now?”

“Because I command you to.”

“Command?” Micha’el threw back his head and laughed.

‘Uzzy, Uzzy listen to me. I’m here. Our bond is strong again. Open to me. Let me in. I can’t defeat him. You can’t defeat him. But we can. Together we can bind him, but before we can do that you have to break the bonds that bind you.’

“You dare to command me? Archangel. Leader of the Angelic Hosts. Member of the Sanhedrin Malakim. You, a human?”

“I thought it would have been obvious by now, I am anything but.”

‘Get up Uzzy. I don’t know how long I can distract him.’

“I had noticed a slight change but you are weak. You have power, that’s undeniable, but whatever you are you’re weak and no threat to me.”

‘Uzzy, please. He’ll kill me if you don’t get up and join with me.’

“You’re over confident Micha’el and that’s why I’m going to win, why we’re going to win.”

“Do you honestly believe that?”

With enormous relief, Pasha saw Uzzi’el haul himself upright. There was a fluttering in the back of his mind, a weak connected.

“I don’t believe, Micha’el, I know. It was never a coincidence that Uzzi’el fell where he did. It was more than chance that drew me to that place at that time. We didn’t meet for the first time in that rainy country lane, we’ve been lovers for much longer than that.”

Both Micha’el and Uzzi’el looked puzzled.

“Don’t you remember me, Micha’el? It was a long time ago. A very long time ago, when you ripped my soul from my body and cast it to earth. You tried to do the same thing not so long ago but this time you thought it was a human soul. It never was.  You wanted to know how an angel could take a human as soul mate? The truth is, they can’t. I never was human. I just didn’t remember.”

“Passa’el.” Uzzi’el’s cry had Micha’el spinning towards him. As he did so Pasha sent a spear of pure love at Uzzi’el and all barriers to their true connection burst. All three of them were consumed by a blinding rainbow of light. Bonds of love and joy flew between Pasha and Uzzi’el. Bonds unbreakable by death or separation, bonds freely given and freely accepted. Bonds than twined into an invisible rope that snaked around Micha’el and held him in an iron grip. When the blinding light died Micha’el was on his knees,

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  1. Hail, fellow Blackadder fan! And gosh, this was damn beautiful. Powerful. Everything you laid out in the beginning chapters now makes sense. I now believe Pasha and Uzzi'el will triumph. They're so awesome together how can they not? :D

    1. You make it sound as if I actually planned this from the beginning :) I'm pretty much a sucker for happy endings so i figure they will probably work something out. I doubt Micha'el will have a happy ending though :) Thank you so much for your kind comments

  2. This was so worth the wait! I really loved the way you described their newly initialized bond. Thank you for sharing another great chapter. Now, if we only didn't have to wait till next week to know what happens next...

    1. The weeks roll by fast enough as it is. When they're marked like this they seem to simply fly :)

  3. wow, what dramatic imagery! I love the way you use the prompt this week, and the way you tied the whole story together with Pasha's explanation. Great update!

    1. Thank you hun. You know how much I appreciate your reviews. I had great fun with this chapter and next time I get to torture Micha'el what could be better :)

  4. I’m grinning like a fool here. Go U’zziel and Pasha! Their love will triumph above all else, because it’s pure and freely given and centuries old. Oh, Nephy, I can’t wait until next week!

    1. Me either :) i'm going to torture Micha'el. What fun. although he's a slippery character, even worse than Gabriel

  5. Although I have never commented, I come to this site weekly and I am never disappointed. I am so LOVING YOU RIGHT NOW!!!! I am moved by your work because it pulls a reader in and you are rooting for characters who may not understand themselves. You reveal them to us and to each other so craftily that I am awed. You are an amazing writer and it is a pleasure to dive into your literary work. Well done!! The arrogance of some folks (Micha'el & Gabri'el), just like real life..., their wants in their mind justify their actions and to hell with everyone. To hell with their imagined affections and to hell with those who they are jealous or envious of. This is an imaginary world but it's so based in fact on so many levels. Thank you for creating a realm where fans can strangely relate, cry and cheer for. Well done. I am going back into oblivion. But I had to tell you that I LOVE YOUR WORK AND I AM MOVED BY YOUR CREATIONS!!!! May you always be able to find a way to express your imagination. You are a wonder and it is a pleasure to discover you. Best wishes and positive thoughts always sent your way!!!! Now I am going to jump over to your fellow flashers. You keep wonderful company. BYE!! MUCH LOVE!!

    1. thank you SO much. I'm really glad you enjoy my writing. It gives me such pleasure to know i give pleasure in at least a small way to others. Writing is like breathing to me and I have such a great time writing it almost feels like I'm a fraud to accept praise. I mean who gets proud for being able to breathe well? :) I'm conceited enough to love it though. So thank you again. My characters are very real to me so I'm glad i manage to make them come alive for my readers too. Have a great year :)

  6. I'm totally engaged in the story and then there is this line - Now go check out the other flashers.
    I blinked and went WTF! Want more.

    1. Haha. Should I leave that line out? i think not. I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

  7. I love the new commanding Pasha and that they were lovers in another life.

    1. It was another life for Pasha but the same one for Uzzy. Angels tend to live a long long time, unless they have their souls ripped from their bodies, really not a nice thing to happen. i would almost like to see it happen to Micha'el but I think Uzzy and Pasha are too nice to do that horrible thing. :) Next week we get to see our boys fight. Phew!!! *fans self*