Wednesday, 14 November 2012

In the Arms of an Angel - Together We Stand


And another Wednesday rolls around. Another chapter of ' Dust and Ash  by Tucker McCallahan read and I'm ready to post more of the adventures of Uzzi'el my current favourite fallen angel.

The sparking blue energy travelled quickly up Uzzi’el’s arm and covered his body. He looked surprised by what he was doing, but not as surprised as Gabri’el, whose wide eyes were like pools of darkness in a pale, shocked face.
“No,” he said abruptly, “not even for you, little flower.”
Instantly, a glittering dark energy rose from him and began to quench the blue sparks. Pasha, crumpled against the wall where he’d fallen, was stunned. When the energy had burst from Uzzi’el, something inside him had opened and he’d been flooded with fire that made him feel invincible, but strangely nervous. As soon as the sparkling dark began to creep out he felt cold, the energy turning in on itself.
Uzzi’el began to tremble, falling to his knees and Pasha could feel his panic. He was drowning and Pasha had to do something, but what? He was afraid to touch either of them in case he did more harm than good—to Uzzi’el or himself; he had a feeling nothing he could do would harm Gabri’el .
Then it came to him. He was feeling what Uzzi’el was feeling, so the reverse would also be true. He was still fizzing with Uzzi’el’s energy. As Uzzi’el had given it to him perhaps he could give it back. Would he need to touch him? He was inclined to think not, but then remembered the fantastic sensations that had flown through him when they did touch and so crawled slowly across the floor. Gabri’el ignored him— one advantage of being human and therefore beneath Gabri’el’s attention.
When he was close enough, Pasha reached out his hand and touched Uzzi’el on the arm, trying to will energy into him. The effect was instant and dramatic. An enormous surge of sparking blue energy literally threw Gabri’el off his feet. Uzzi’el, too was thrown backwards and landed on Pasha, sending them both  tumbling.
“What the fuck was that?” Gabri’el demanded furiously as he staggered to his feet. He loomed over Uzzi’el and Pasha who cowered on the floor. And then Uzzi’el stopped cowering. Shaking his head like a dog coming out of water he turned to Pasha, his blue eyes wide and shining. Pasha was hit by a wave of feeling that crashed over him and he very nearly lost consciousness. He was vaguely aware of Uzzi’el, pulling him close and he clung to him, like a rock in a stormy sea.
For what seemed like an age, Pasha rode the wave of Uzzi’el’s chaotic emotions until they finally settled into wonder, awe and overpowering love. Pasha stared up into his eyes and his world contracted into the two glowing blue orbs.
“Are you alright?” Uzzi’el asked breathlessly.
“Yes,” Pasha gasped. “What happened?”
“I guess, I… unlocked.”
“Yeah, I’ll explain later. In the meantime I have business to take care of.”
Pasha watched, still stunned, as Uzzi’el got to his feet and faced Gabri’el.  Gabri’el smiled slowly, seeing something in Uzzi’el that made a gleam come into his eyes. He reached out to draw Uzzi’el into his arms but was stopped by the vicious blow that caught him on the cheek and deposited him again on his backside on the floor.
“You bastard,”  Uzzi’el hissed. “You left me behind. You left me to them. Do you have any idea what they did to me?  To hell with your fucking revolution, I want nothing more to do with it. It was never my fight. I just want to take Pasha home and forget I ever knew you.”
“Do you think I wanted to?” Gabri’el retorted, getting to his feet again. “Do you think it was easy to come to Earth without you and do you have any idea how I felt when I realised I’d been tricked? I had no idea we’d been set up and by the time I realised it was already too late. I thought you were with me, Uzzy. I swear I thought you were with me and when I realised you weren’t it was too late and there was no way back.
“I knew you’d make it though. I had every faith in you and then, when Fiero told me you were here…. I’ve been searching for you, I swear it. I never stopped.” He’d been moving forward slowly, his hands in front of him as if he was approaching a wild animal who was as likely to attach as run. Uzzi’el eyed him suspiciously.
“I know you, Gabri’el. I know the way your mind works. Schemes within schemes and the only one who really matters is you.”
“That’s not true.” Gabri’el  slid his arm around Uzzi’el’s waist again and drew him close. The look that passed between them could have melted rock. “You matter to me, little flower. You always have and you always will.”
“I don’t believe you,” Uzzi’el said, but Pasha could feel his confusion, his resolve weakening. He could also feel the underlying sexual tension, the undeniable attraction that had him looking at Gabri’el in an entirely different way. He’d always been beautiful but now he seemed softer, less threatening.
“Believe this.” Gabri’el lowered his head to kiss Uzzi’el and Pasha experienced his surrender. He closed his eyes for a moment as his body was possessed by a delicious shiver of anticipation. He moaned softly and Uzzi’el leaped away from Gabri’el as if he’d been burned.
“No,” Uzzi’el said firmly. “No, I’m not going to be deceived by you again. How many times can you expect me to be hurt and keep coming back? You want me in your army then so be it. I’m no more convinced than I ever was, but just as resigned to its inevitability. However, I want nothing to do with you other than as my superior officer. Touch me again and I’ll rip out your heart.”
Gabri’el looked at him for a long moment. “You already did,” he said softly then turned on his heel and strode from the room.

Oh dear, Gabri'el's pissed as hell. On the up side Uzzi'el's back with a vengeance. Can Pasha handle an angel in full form?

Some more answers next week (I hope). In the meantime check out the other flashers


  1. I'm really liking where this story is going. I do feel bad that Pasha had to experience the kiss between Gabriel and his angel.

  2. Thank you everyone. I think you're going to like the new Uzzy. He's got a lot more backbone, as Fiero would say. He's back soon, too. And then of course, there's the scream downstairs.

  3. Such lovely layering of tangled relationships. I like the new Uzzi'el, too. Such vivid visual description pulls me straight in. :)

  4. I like the new Uzzi'el too. He's much more forceful when he talks in my head. He's pretty pissed too, which isn't a good thing when you have a partner who shares your feelings.