Thursday, 15 November 2012


Today, I have the great pleasure of interviewing two of my favourite characters, Erik Von Nordgren and Asher Berkley from the soon to be released Upstaged – Opening Act.

If only you could see what I could see. Asher has always had a somewhat…unique, dress sense. I have to say, I love all the leather.

So, now I’ve cooled down with a drink of water, let’s begin.

1 Where and how did you two meet?

Asher:  My sister way playing bass for this dodgy grunge band I went to pick her up one day and the singer was this guy...typical american big brash, couldn't sing for toffee. He was being a complete ass so what could I do? I kissed him.
Erik (snorts): Yeah and you totally threw me for a loop. But in a good way.

Asher: Yeah right You shit ‘em. If I could bottle the look on your face I'd make a mint

Erik (laughs) I think Billy would've sold the first bottle. I was shocked to my core, but damn it was a great kiss.

Asher: Of course My kisses always are

Erik (rolls eyes): that they are... you sure make the impression, don't you?

Asher: What can I say? I'm a freak But a damn sexy one.

Erik: I second that one. (Awww…. Erik moves in and kisses him. These guys are so cute together) You're my sexy ninja freak. Who can sure dance too. So can I after you taught me...

Asher: Ummm no I am NOT taking responsibility for that. It was Billy who taught you all his erm moves. Although you do make a pretty good pole sometimes.

Erik: What can I say? I'm as graceful as a dead goose

Asher:  Haha. I've seen dead geese who are more graceful, more crunchy too, and they smell great when they're just coming out of the oven Not that I'm saying you don't smell good

Erik: You love my smell, and my....lack of grace... I'm good off the dance floor

Asher: Not as good as I am

Erik: Then you'll have to teach me more

2 Did you know from the start you were going to be together?

Erik  (laughs):  Oh hell, no.

Asher (snorts): I thought we'd be fighting forever

Erik: Are you kidding? The guy was a jerk. Sure, he was kind of cute, I suppose. Know it all... show off. He was just a big kid, I had to tease you mercilessly

Asher: You stole my clothes, arse If anyone was a show off it was you

Erik: Oh right, you kept one upping I had to keep it even

Asher: Like you had to try to flatten me at the Ninjitsu lesson

Erik: And then you end up twisting my shoulder. It's still sore from that little move

Asher: You asked for it

Erik: Well, to answer the question, obviously that was a no but we are now... after about a dozen more fights

Asher: He tried to kill me

Erik (groans): Here we go again. I did not try to kill you. Billy was there. He saw it.

Asher (crosses his arms and rolls his eyes): You threw me in the pool, almost drowned me and tried to give me brain damage. Wait a minute. Hang on. Shit, you DID give me brain damage. That's how I ended up with you.

Erik: I'm not quite in my right mind either... that's how we're still together after you socked me in the eye

Asher: You deserved it. You were being an arse

Erik: But I'm your arse...aren't I?

Asher:I guess so.

Asher elbows Erik and they end up kissing again

3 What were the highs and lows of your relationship?

Erik: High was definitely our first real kiss

Asher: Shit, there were so many of them. It's been like a roller coaster

Erik: Monster coaster

Asher: For me the lows were ending up in hospital but even more realizing Erik had no intention of dancing with me at prom. That just about killed me

Erik (pauses): I regretted that as soon as I'd said it. Did you know Billy slapped me hard for even saying it?

Asher:  Really? No, I didn't know that. Billy was always the one with good sense. I don't know how you'd have made it this far without him.

Erik: Always. He's a good kid.I wouldn't have. I wouldn't have you, that's for sure.

Asher (rests his head on Erik's shoulder): The absolute high point though, was the song No one's ever written a song for me before

Erik:I needed to do something... just for you, and to show I meant it

Asher: It was amazing

Erik: It was like being naked on stage, but it was worth it

Asher: I wish you had been naked on stage

Asher nibbles his ear

Erik  (kiss) Maybe one day

4 Is there anything in particular you regret about how things have gone with you two?

Erik: That I was a stubborn jerk.

Asher: That he was a stubborn jerk.

Erik: Very funny
Asher (grins and elbows him again): Seriously I was just as bad, I behaved like a kid sometimes

Erik: I wish that I'd been out and comfortable, been able to kiss him and hold him out in the open, like I wanted. You were definitely a kid at that party.... I hated that

Asher: I kept running away. Don't talk about the party that was a nightmare

Erik: Yes it was

Asher: Did you know I spent ten minutes throwing up in the bathroom?

Erik: Shit! no, I didn't know that

Asher: I just wanted to go home

Erik: I just remember we fought again and I went home alone

Asher: I didn't

Erik: I know that too, but we've moved on from all of that

Asher: I'm not ashamed of that. But I am ashamed of the way I treated Vince

Erik: I know you're not... it just got really complicated after that. I felt bad for Vince too. Yeah, he's a nice kid.

Asher: Yes he is

Me: Do you think that if it hadn’t been for you and Erik you’d have made a go with Vince?

Asher: No. He’s a nice kid, way too nice for me. I’d just have kept screwing him up like I did the first time, and that had nothing to do with Erik.

They both get quiet

5 What do your parents think? Friends?

Erik: Shit...mine knew already, at least Mom did. My friends knew, too. Way before I did. Billy was the one keeping me sane through all of this

Asher: Who gives a shit what my parents think?

Erik: All our friends were there for the ride though.

Asher: I think they're all just pleased the drama's died down

Erik; Oh bigtime I know Billy is happy now at least. He's got his own happiness and your sister does too I'm glad to have their support, all of them now

Asher: I could always count on Daisy to keep me real. I don't know, maybe it's something about being twins but she always seems to know the right things to say

Erik: She kept me hoppin for sure-- between her and Billy...but I respect her even when it's not something I want to hear 

Asher: You better had You're going to get battered around the head if you don't And not by me

Erik: She's a spitfire, for sure, and I don't doubt that for a second.

6  What do you see in your future if you plan beyond today?

Erik: College. The band. Life and things continuing on with us, always

Asher: I've got a place to do fine art

Erik; He's an amazing his work

Asher: I’ve found a job during the holidays at a gallery. Art's my life-- well apart from this buffoon.

Erik: Music is my life, apart from this.... high maintenance ninja

Asher: High maintenance? No way You're the high maintenance one

Erik: Ha! pot, kettle!

Asher: You're a diva, admit it

Erik: Only if you do

Asher: Okay I admit You're a diva  ( he laughs) You're my diva

Erik: You're my guy....forever

Asher (beams) And you're mine. Forever

7   What are your favourite:


Erik: Blue … Asher’s eyes

Asher: Black  like that's a surprise

Erik: Shocker


Erik: Die hard!

Asher: Voodoo Moon

Erik: Never heard of it


Erik: Grunge! Always

Asher: Loads of stuff… except grunge. Eew

Erik (snorts): I'll turn ya

Asher: At the moment it's Black Veil Brides


Asher: Viper

Erik (takes his hand): Viper. That was a great afternoon

Asher: I ran away again

Erik: Shocker. I ran to you.

Asher: You made me come back

Erik: I had to....I couldn't let you get away again

And who could disagree with that?


  1. Damn Nephy! You make me love these guys too much and I don't actually have the money to buy the book yet... Can't you just wait a week before releasing? :P

    They are adorable though :)

  2. Damn now I really want to know more about these guys' story. Will buy the book in several months *sigh*.

    I think you had me at artist and musician...

  3. Awww,never mind. Just tell all your rich friends how great we are :)If either of you are mindful to write an honest review I might be able to wrangle a review copy :) Email me if you're interested

    As for Asher and Erik. Asher, being my character, is of course perfect. He's snarky, has blue streaks in his hair, is an amazing artist and always says what he's thinking, especially when it's dirty. Hmm... does he remind you of anyone :)

  4. To represent my American boy, Erik....the brash, bold, bumbling at times, and brooding blond is also quite the catch. He's gorgeous, but wow does he stick his foot in his mouth way too often! :)

  5. lol I once wrote a piece with a character named Asher

  6. Asher is currently my second favourite name :)