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Black Sheep Three - Fighting for a Future

Today, we have something a bit out of the ordinary. To celebrate the release of Black Sheep Three - Fighting for a Future, the Author, Kia Zi Shiru, instead of the usual - being interviewed by me - has turned things on their head and interviewed me, a great fan of her books, about the Black Sheep series

What attracted you to Black Sheep, why did you start reading it?

Well, first of course there's the fact there are hot goths in it. I read anything that has goths in it because I have a 'things' for them. Of course I only then stay with the story if it's good and once I started reading I was hooked. It was then the realism of the writing and the gripping story that had me interested and kept me interested.
Do you remember at which point the story was when you started?

I'm not sure. It was when you'd started posting on GA. I think there were only a few chapters posted when I first found it. It was serendipitous really

This is something I know and so do you but I think most people don't know, you've beta-read some of the earlier rewrites of the first book, what was the worst error I kept making

Gosh, I can't remember yesterday let alone years ago :) I'd say, looking back, it was sentence structure. Your grammar was always good as was your dialogue, which I particularly like, but you had some strange sentence structures, I suppose from English not being your first language. 

We all know that you love Vic the best of all the characters, who do you like the least?

I can't really say I dislike any of the characters. I enjoyed reading Anne's bits least but purely because they weren't Vic or Jack and I really like being inside their heads, even though it can sometimes be disturbing

What did you think was the best moment between Vic and Jack in any of the books?

Actually, I think it was the moment at the bonfire right at the very beginning. I don't think they ever had a moment that was quite so intense and so pure again.

What surprised you the most?

How can I answer that without giving away an enormous plot item? I shall only say the bit at the end of book 2. Also the revelations by Adam of the meaning of Vic's drawings of the boy under the tree.

What moment did you hate me the most?

When I read what happened at the end of Book 2 :) Also when I found out what Adam was doing. As if that poor boy didn't have enough to cope with :)

What relationship in the story do you think was the most interesting (secondary and other small character couples included)?

In one way it's Tom and Adam. Tom is the solid one, the one who's always there in the background taking care of things. In a way he's to Adam what Anne is to Vic the stabilizing influence, as far as either of them are ever stable.

However, the relationship that really fascinates me the most is Vic and Dave. Being a family lawyer the dynamics of abusive relationships have always fascinated me, to the extent that I wrote my own story 'Love In Chains' to explore it and see if I could better understand it. I do that in my writing a lot - live out certain situations and issues through characters to see if I can deconstruct and understand them. Therefore, I was extremely interested in the relationship Vic had with Dave and, more than anything, the way he kept going back even though it was that relationship that completely destroyed him.

One of the questions I keep getting asked but I have no clue: What actors do you think should play the main cast of Black Sheep if they ever made it into a movie?

Well Anne has to be Anne Hathway, not just because of the name but because I picture Anne Hathway when I'm reading Anne.

Steve would be Ewan McGregor without a doubt because I picture him as very Ewanish

Adam I think maybe Tom Felton, I've seen pics of him with dark hair and he looks lush

Tom, someone solid like Jeremy Sumpter

Jack would either be a young Jake Gyllenhall or (don't kill me) Zac Effron NOT like he was in his stupid teen films but he can actually act and look good. Also I'd love to see him gothed up

Who the hell would we have for Vic? Hmm. Maybe Jackson Rathbone. He's the only one who springs to mind who has that cuteness but a real edge and he has the most expressive eyes which I think Vic would have

Who of your own stories reminds you the most of one of the Black Sheep characters?

Well, elements of the story remind me of 'Love In Chains' ie the exploration of a destructive and abusive relationship. However, as for characters, hmm  I think Adam reminds me a little of Daniel in 'Dangerous Liaisons', and Jack is quite Riverish (River in 'Enigma') if that he gets drawn into a dark world and remains stable and supportive of his man, although I don't see much comparison between Vic and Silver.

Many thanks to Kia for the novel experience of being interviewed on my own blog.

So, on to the book

Black Sheep: Fighting for a Future

Jack is dead, Adam is back in the hospital in the worst condition he's ever been and
Vic believes it's all his fault. That he's the reason everyone's hurting and that there's only one
way to end it - to end his own life.

Then the doctor bears bad news, Vic’s own condition has worsened and his days are

This is the wake-up call Vic needs. Maybe he can, for once, make people happy
before he hurts them in the worst way possible. He hides his condition from everyone, not
wanting anyone to worry while he's trying to make them happy.

But time is running out. Will Vic see his wish fulfilled before the end comes?



I sit, looking around the room, waiting for Tom to be done with his placement so he’ll come over. It’s boring being on my own in the hospital. Normally I have my laptop or at least some books with me, but next to my bed there is only a bag with clean clothing, no books or anything to entertain me.
A soft knock diverts my attention to the door. Tom is standing there with a broad smile on his face and my laptop bag in his hand. He can be such an angel.
“They told me you’d probably be awake by the time I returned from my placement so I thought I should bring you something. How are you feeling?” The words keep coming as he walks around the room, putting my laptop on the table and leaning against my bed. His mouth smiles but his eyes are sad.
“How long have I been out?” I feel the stubble on my chin. “More than a night, I would say.”
“A few days. They did a couple of tests on you but they were scared your body wouldn’t be able to handle another attack in such a short time.”
“They drugged me.” It’s not a question, it’s a statement. “You allowed them to drug me because it was easier on you? Because they asked for it?” My anger flares and Tom cowers. That is wrong, Tom doesn’t cower for anyone like that, especially not for me. What has happened while I was out? Was the attack that bad?
Tom sits down next to the bed on a chair, just out of my reach, and sighs. “You almost didn’t make it. I was not going to take the chance that you’d die.” He shakes his head, the next words barely audible. “Not you. I wasn’t gonna lose you.”
“What do you mean?” I reach out, the pain on Tom’s face reflected in my own heart. I don’t know what happened in the past days but it must have been bad, really bad.
Tom looks at my hand and then at my face. He stands and pulls me in a close hug.
“I don’t know how to tell you this,” Tom whispers, his voice thick with tears.
            “Tell me what?” I’m scared, scared about what is going on, what has happened.

Don't forget that Black Sheep 3 - Fighting for a Future is preceded by Books 1 and 2 of the Black Sheep series.


Kia Zi Shiru is a Dutch girl studying English and Creative Writing in the UK. Amongst her interests she finds writing, reading, doing research and learning different languages (including but not limited to: English, Dutch, French, German, HTML, Java, PHP and Assembly). Her writing and reading habits include books with Young Adults, gay themes, strong female or minority characters and fantasy elements (more often then not all at the same time).


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