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Blog Tour - Gaming and IRL Boss Fights by Alina Popescu

Title: Gaming and IRL Boss Fights

Series: Famous on the Internet, Book Three

Genre: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance

Length: Novella (38,000+ words)


An internet famous geek. A sexy landlord who hates him. An unlikely duo with slim chances of beating the romance game.

Simon Cromfield’s life seems perfect from the outside. His gaming channels made him an internet celebrity, he has great friends, and he’s just moved into a luxurious apartment. Yet his gorgeous landlord did a one-eighty turn and decided he hates Simon, his family thinks he’s a total failure, and some of his fans act like they own him.

Branden Dahlman has enough on his plate. He doesn’t need that pest, Simon, who became the bane of Branden’s existence on top of a large estate he never wanted and a family that drives him insane. As he unleashes his resentment on Simon, the sexy bastard insists on proving Branden wrong about everything.

In an unlikely turn of events, when Simon hits his lowest, Branden is there to support him. But will this new-found thing between them last when the pressures of Simon’s world come crashing in?

Gaming and IRL Boss Fights is the third book in the contemporary gay romance series Famous on the Internet. If you like geeks, binge-watching online content, and enemies-to-lovers tropes, then you will love Alina Popescu’s online celebrity protagonists.


Okay, I have to start by saying that I’m reviewing an ARC as part of a blog tour. If you don’t know me, you won’t know that I have absolutely zero qualms calling things as I see them, whether I buy the book or I’m reviewing for a blog tour.

Neither knowing the author nor being part of a blog tour has had any effect whatsoever on the fact that I absolutely loved this book. No, that was the way the author brought to life the trials and tribulations of the professional, gaming, You Tuber. It’s strange to think there are whole generations out there who have no idea of what a professional You Tuber is, and I suppose I should be one of them. I probably would have been if not for the fact that I’ve been an mmorpg gamer since the whole thing started in the stone age, and my son is also a massive fan, as well as a fan of You Tubers.

I particularly like You Tubers because their videos and stream are short, and I can fit them in between working, during snack or procrastination time. I have my favourites who I follow closely, both gamers and more general (yes, I do love Dan and Phil).

This book brings the world to life on the other side of the camera and shows both the sheer amount of work that goes into it and the massive rewards, only part of which are financial.

History is full of mothers who think their children do not have “proper jobs”. Actors and actresses, artists, musicians…the list goes on. You Tubers are the new generation of deadbeats who live in the shadow of the “proper job brigade”. Thankfully, they’re not taking any more notice than their predecessors.

The characterisation is wonderful. I loved Simon to bits. He was such a hot mess. And I want a friend like Salma. Hell, I’d love to be a friend like Salma. Branden, I have more reservations about. Don’t get me wrong, he’s well written but he’s a complete dick and I didn’t warm to him until the end. Considering the way the alpha male (not in the shifter sense) he was by far the brattier. That being said, it all worked out in the end.

I have to admit that being a gamer myself coloured my opinion of the book as I found it totally relatable. The con, in particular, brought back some good memories. However, I don’t think that a background or any knowledge about gaming is required to fall in love with this book and everyone in it.

Gaming and IRL Boss Fights is part of a series “Famous on the Internet” but it can totally be read as a standalone.

Buy your copy of Gaming and IRL Boss Fights today to join the game.

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The Famous on the Internet Series

Book One – Br0th3rly

Tristan’s love life has one simple rule: his brother, Trevor, is off limits.

To fight his relentless love for Trevor, Tristan left for college at sixteen. A new city, building a new life for himself, and making new friends were not enough to give up what he considers sick, twisted feelings. Tristan even started an anonymous blog to cope with his love for his older brother. It made him famous on the Internet, but it wasn’t enough to get over his obsession.

Every time he goes home, a quick glance at Trevor brings it all flooding back.

When commitment-phobe Trevor introduces his serious boyfriend on one of Tristan’s rare visits home, things get a whole lot more complicated for the adoring kid brother. How far can Tristan run this time before he runs out of places to hide from his feelings?

Disclaimer: the main characters in the story are not blood relatives, the two boys were only raised as siblings.

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Book Two – Travel and Spice

Famous travel blogger returns home to have his life thrown off balance by his high school crush.

Dante Sandford is at the top of his game. He’s paid to travel the world and share his spicy stories on his blog. He’s still young, gorgeous, and confident. When Dante’s high school reunion knocks on his door, he’s reminded of everything he’s lacking. More so when his old crush, Tommy Clancy, makes a pass at him. Or when the hot romance blows in Dante’s face because of his lifestyle.

Tommy has always been the hottest man in Riverbrook. Possibly the world. He’s stunning, smart, and the kindest soul Dante has ever known. He’s also read Dante’s blog along with all his steamy encounters. No wonder Tommy doesn’t trust Dante for anything more than a casual hookup.

Dante returns to hometown Riverbrook to face his past of bullying and feeling like a misfit. He instead ends up dealing with the reality of being a travel blogger: relationships are close to impossible. That won’t stop Dante from trying to convince Tommy his short-lived flings are not by design.

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About the Author

Alina Popescu is an author, traveler, and coffee addict. She has published several paranormal, science fiction, urban fantasy, and contemporary series, many of them having reached the Amazon bestseller lists for their genres. Her stories often fall under the LGBTQ fiction and romance subgenres.

Born and raised in Romania, Alina has been writing for most of her life. She’s an avid consumer of stories in all their forms. She’s fascinated by myths, folk tales, and other creators’ visions of the future. She finds her inspiration in books of all genres, movies, and the occasional TV shows or anime binges.

Alina is a proud geek and needs her fast internet connection and assortment of gadgets more than she needs air.

For a free taste of her writing, visit her website at, subscribe to her newsletter and get a free copy of her military gay romance, Mission: Protect the Ex.

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