Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Interview with The Von

You've heard a lot of waffly by us about the boys (and Daisy) in the band but we thought it might be entertaining if you heard right from the horses' mouths. For better or worse. we decided to interview The Von

I know you probably get asked this a lot, but how did you guys get together?

Erik  It was all kinda karma ya know, Billy's been a drummer forever, so we kinda hung out and did the duet thing, then Joey showed me up on guitar, and it just all kinda fell into place

Billy: I've always been drawn to music, and my best friend being a singer, it seemed totally right. We hung out and like he said did the duet thing; and Joey and Daisy totally rock on their strings.

Joey: I met these two a couple years ago in the freshman talent contest. We'd hang out and kinda mess around, but didn't get serious until pretty recently. Daisy just joined.

Daisy: What can I say? We uprooted from a small town in the UK to this crazy place and I was kind of lost. Then I met Joey and my world lit up. (She drapes her arm around Joey’s neck and they bump foreheads)  He introduced me to the sweetest guy in the world and his kind-of-dumb, but rocking best friend and the rest is history. I love to play and to get to play with my best friends is like a dream come true.

So, why grunge?

Erik: Oh man, that's been my thing from the second I heard it. Kurt Cobain, dude. He was the bomb! I'd watch that video like a million times and got it all down by heart. Such a wreck.

Billy: Totally, I watched with you sometimes. The drummer was awesome.

Erik: Man, the vocals hit me bang on. So yeah, I've loved it from second one.

Billy: which got me into it, and here we are...grunge band reboot

Joey: I’m along for the ride. I’m not a particular fan of grunge, I love all kinds. (Shrugs) It’s all cool.

Daisy: I’m playing the long game. I’m going to get Erik singing pop before we end. (cracks up laughing at the expression on Erik’s face) Psyche!

Erik: Ha! Damn....Zeppelin? That would've been sweeet. Dude. Metallica? Any of those older classic rocks bands. I'm not sure about opening...

Billy: Dude, you are so a throwback. (rolls his eyes) no way. Alternative, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, hell I love Zeppelin too, if I could be like Bonham

Erik: I'd absolutely do anything with Nirvana

Billy: Natch. Me, I'm open. Hell, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert.

Joey: I'm down with that. Just lemme play guitar like Jimmy Page and we're alll good.

Daisy: Ah man, I’d kill to perform with Flyleaf, but I’ll take Katy Perry or Gaga. Maybe one day I’ll get to perform with Lily Allen but I’m not taking any of these scruffy dogs with me.

Erik: Hey!

(Daisy laughs and sticks her tongue out at him.  Erik punches her lightly on the shoulder)

Joey: Hey, hands off the lady, dude

(Daisy hugs him and kisses his nose.)

Daisy: Down boy. I love that I’ve got my very own guard dog
Joey: (Kissing Daisy on the lips) Woof Woof.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Erik: Aw man… I’d say Brad Pitt. That Thor dude, too, Chris Hemsworth

Daisy: I have to agree on Chris Hemsworth. He’s smokin’ hot, but he’s funny too. A nice guy, not just pretty.

Erik: Gotta love that Nicole Kidman too. Her style rocks. I wouldn’t say no to a bit of that.

Daisy: (slaps his arm) Keep it clean, meathead. Besides, you're seeing my brother so I'm keeping my eye on you.

Erik: (rubs arm) Aw… okay, okay, whatever.

Billy: Sweet. For me I like redheads like me, so Dohmnall Gleeson, Ewen MacGregor

Joey: My Daisy is the only girl I see.

Daisy: (kissing Joey) Aw you’re so sweet. I’m so sorry, honey, but if Andy Biersack turns up and starts singing to me you won’t see my arse for dust. I know, I know, Black Veil Brides are Asher’s taste not mine, but wow that voice. I’m sure I could get him to sing just about anything I want. (She winks at Joey who mock pouts then grins)

What’s your dream?

Erik: Huge crowds of raving fans and filled stadiums!

Billy: Shocker! I'm good with huge crowds of fans too, the drummer is usually hidden, so I'm up for a little recognition. (gets elbowed in the arm) ok

Joey: Aw man, I'd love signing autographs, big cheesy smiles for photos, living the dream life with my buds and my babe, a lot of recognition. (smiles)

Daisy: For now I’ll just take being settled and happy. It’s been a tough couple of years and I just want to take a breath and play. Although…if things happen I’ll be just as happy to unsettle again, as long as it’s for the bright lights and big time.

Well, thank you everyone for answering so…er…honestly. It’s been very nice to meet The Von. Congratulations on your launch, and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of you very soon.

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